Happy 15th Birthday Lunasol + Daily Giveaway

Friday, March 28, 2014

Few weeks ago I was at Kampachi celebrating Lunasol 15th Birthday where we were all taken through a journey to experience refinement of Japanese art and culture performances through time to experience the key philosophy behind Lunasol.

p/s: Do read till the end for giveaway details…

Lunasol152Guest Registering at the Japanese inspired counter

We were there early so we took some picture together!

Lunasol151Our beautiful picture with bright smile

Lunasol, originate from Japan has been in the market for good 15th years old allow user to create stunning look with simple application from their wide range of make up selection. This is the key success for Lunasol who truly understands what it takes to be beautiful. Lunasol combines refined traditions with modern technology and design for a ranged of makeup products that allows a woman to create a graceful, feminine and elegant persona. That is why we were then being walked through few station of different Japanese traditional art and performance.


The first station  is Ikebana where fresh flowers, leaves and cut stems is arranged beautifully in a vase. Japanese believe that by arranging the flowers beautifully will give the flower life. Take a look at this beautiful and vivid colour flowers…

The next station is my favourite…Gift wrapping using Cloth, this tradition is called Furoshiki!!! Wow so beautiful… The cloth was initially used to carry cloths. Later it was use to carry and wrap almost all kind of item in various shape. Wrapping a gift show your respect to others on the gift giving occasion.


I even try to wrap myself….Look at the bag shape wrapping I make, matched my dress leh!


then there is the well know Japanese Origami station. i think this station need no further explanation because everyone should know this well!!


and finally a graceful performance using Koto, a traditional Japanese music using a  instrument made from wood with 13 strings that will produce beautiful music.


Did you notice the stunning Kimono? I never try one wish I could wear them on one day!

Lunasol means Moon (Luna) & Sun (Sol) plays on the concept of light and shadow, response and motion. Applying makeup is a ritual that lets a woman awaken her beauty within. With innovative formulas, Lunasol breathers life into skin as the makeup melts to accentuate a flawless complexion, drapping your face in light and shadow for a brilliant radiance and perfect dimension.


Guest were then introduced to many of Lunasol Best selling product throughout this entire 15th years…. The one that caught everyone eye is this limited edition Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette, RM 368. It consist of different beige tones which creates a natural & flawless finish. This palette featuring six beige coloured eyeshadows including reproduced & existing popular colour to create a complete three-dimensional and beautiful look on the eyes; Micro Finish Pressed Powder in Sheer Beige that allows you to blend into your skin for even texture & added radiance; the duo blusher in Pink Beige for healthy flush; Liquid Lips in Pink Beige to add pop of hue on your lip ; and High Stylized Mascara SV in Black for extra volumized lashes.


The purple palette in below picture is so pretty too!!


After the tour, all Guest were usher inside the hall for the official launch. Mr Masahiro Yamasaki, CEO of Kanebo Cosmetic was invited on stage for a short speech. He said “15th years is truly a landmark for a brand. We are delighted to celebrate this, but also to celebrate the many years we’ve work closely with all our friends today in bringing the brand to where it is now”


Another graceful dance performance where the dance paint the face on the wall while she dance!! Truly an eye opening performance!


We were then treated with array of delicious Japanese Buffet…. All the sashimi is soo soo delicious!!!! Such an amazing party and Lunasol product is remarkable. I can’t wait to try them on too, stay tune for Lunasol palette full review later on.


and finally is giveaway time!! There is two giveaway organized by Lunasol and you can win big prizes!


The first one is very simple, just head on to http://bit.ly/lunasolMY15 and fill up your details. Lucky winner can win  products daily for 15 days beginning from 25th April till 8th April 2014. There will be different product to be win everyday so you gotta stay tuned to the FB Page & Giveaway Tab daily to find out what's the product of the day!

The Second giveaway is massive!! The grand prize is a trip for two to Japan! WOOOWWWWWWWW!! I wanna win this myself too!! Let’s compete!

How to win:
- Spend RM400 and above of Kanebo products and receive ONE stamp
- Collect 10 stamps
- Submit your completed Kanebo Passport (with 10 stamps) to a Kanebo counter near you and you'll be entitled to join the Kanebo Passport lucky draw
* Earn BONUS stamp when you purchase any of the Anniversary items
** Terms and conditions apply: http://goo.gl/CwdFAi
Don't forget to add in the link to the Lunasol Daily Win tab (http://bit.ly/lunasolMY15)

Lunasol is available at 40 Kanebo Outlet in major departmental stores and salons in Malaysia. For more info please refer www.kanebo-my.net

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