The White Birthday Party @ Garden Midvalley

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Holaaa…Before I move into the Carina Birthday party celebration at Garden Midvalley, I would love to share with you my thoughts and feeling today… It’s rather personal but if you feel bored then just skip the entire paragraph okay?

you can skip this entire paragraph…

“I feel really really happy today but at the same time I hate myself so much!! I am so angry at myself…My performance is dropping at work and i kinda loss the passion and motivation in my job… I am angry at myself and hate when I am not doing well on my work or anything in my life and that include my blog too… I need to find way to motivate myself at work…Tomorrow I shall try to focus and concentrate at work and do my best… Well, you wonder what are the happy things?? I won a new life book from a blogging contest collaboration of Butterfly Project & Mr Lens!! Woohooo I never expected this even though I am waiting for the result everyday because I really needed a new laptop!! You can read my winning entry The New Makeover with Mr Lens.”

Let’s get back to the birthday party shall we?? I met Carina from Angeline during WOW Music Festival last month!! Can you guess which one is her in the picture below??? She is someone that go crazy when partying and takes picture with crazy cute pose!!! It’s obvious is it??


Yes the one with black shade is her!! After that she invited me to her birthday party but more like a close gathering… I honestly love celebration like this because it is more personal and more close too… Unlike huge party where the birthday girl can’t really talk to everyone for long…
So this is what I wear for that day and also the dramatic black eyes I did for that day..

FOTDOverall makeup

Garden Bday Celebration4Close Up
Black Shimmer (miss Sparkles) from Too Faced & Metallic (Erika) from Lancôme, Purple (Bewitched) from MUA, fake lashes from Cherry, Glittering liner from NYX , Liquid Eyeliner from Inglot
Fuchsia pink lipstick from Avon & Plumping Lip Gloss from MUA
Primer from MUA, Foundation from Lancôme, Loose Powder from Antipodes, Bronzer from Jelly Pong Pong & Highlighter from MUA
I did this look because right after that I have another launch party at The Roof. This why I caption this post as whit birthday party because it's all white here, my dress, the furniture, the wall well almost everything with green leaves as backdrop!!

Garden Bday Celebration18
Lacey Crop Cover Up: Bangkok
Studded White Dress:
Flats: Payless
Pearl Necklace: Forever 21
Since the birthday party is in the noon and Garden is a place for some tea time so I thought just put on a lacey crop cover up to tone down my look! and I pair it with flats instead of high heel because it will make me look over dress and that will kill the whole look!
All the OOTD picture to credit to Queenie babe…She take pretty pictures!!! I post about this dress before but I just love it so much that I love to post one more time with clearer picture to show you guys how pretty this dress is!!

Garden Bday Celebration26Closer look of the dress

Can you see the back of the dress also has a love pattern joining with the thick elastic band? I love this dress so much because first it don’t need much ironing, then it’s super comfy cutting that hug my body really well and lastly the studs rock the dress while the love pattern makes the dress look so feminine and sweet.

Garden Bday Celebration21

Enough talk on my dress let’s back to this gorgeous girl, Carina birthday party! She ordered three slice of really delicious cakes…

Garden Bday Celebration11Carina Babe snapping her bday cakes pica!

Love how they decorate the cakes…. My favourite will be the chocolate banana cakes (in the middle)

Garden Bday Celebration10-horz

We sung her birthday song and Carina make her birthday wish…

Garden Bday Celebration12Make your wish!

Garden Bday Celebration13Blow it and your wish will come true!

The location for this birthday party is perfect as you can see the pictures turn out pretty good…unfortunately the service is not really good and food is just okay… and because it is sort of open concept the whole area is quite stuffy and hot especially during the day!!

Met some pretty girls too!! They all so slim and pretty!! Gosh I feel so old!!

Garden Bday Celebration14From left clockwise: Carryn, Queenie, Me, Jocelyn & Carina

Garden Bday Celebration15
Garden Bday Celebration16

Really happy to meet some new girlfriends here….Hope to see you girls soon!! Later I rush to The Roof for Launch of Stratosphere's Carnival Weekend. I changed to a Strappy Black Heel that night!

Garden Bday Celebration30

The wind make my dress look like can can dress….So cute!!

Garden Bday Celebration32

I enjoyed the view on the Roof!! It’s such a beautiful night!! Sadly, I am disappointed with the malfunction lift and the grass walkway that make heel pretty hard to to move around….

Garden Bday Celebration34

Well that all from me..Hope you enjoy the picture in this post, is your birthday coming up and Valentine is around the corner too..Have you plan how to celebrate them? Do you love huge celebration or just a small intimate ones? oh do tell me if you love my dress too!!!!! You have a great day and I have to get back to work now!!!!!!!! Tata….

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