Souvenir from Europe

Friday, February 14, 2014

Well well I think I am slowly picking up all my job on hand and feeling better now…. Definitely feeling happier though still feeling stress at work….. To think of have you ever wish you have a job where you have interest on? For me I constantly think what if I am a makeup artist? or a model? or a Tour Guide??? Well that’s just day dreaming…

Let’s get back to the awesome souvenir mum got me during her Europe Trip!!!!!! Most of the item she got me was from UK and the Louis Vuitton bag off course from Paris where else right? While chocolate are from Switzerland and Belgium!

I have not got time to try all the chocolate mum brought back…Also I am having sore throat so I dare not eat any chocolate at the moment…But they look really delicious from it’s packaging especially those standing ones……..

Europe Haul1

Well well well I triple remind mum to get me stuff from Primark, UK because the cloth there are dirt cheap and yet look good!!! Too mum don’t have enough time to get me more item from Topshop and makeup from drug store but I am glad she able to get so many things in 3 hours considering the long queue during sales…

Europe Haul2Super love the middle top with leather combination!

Europe Haul3The skater skirt and the dress look more pretty in actual!!

Europe Haul5This is my favourite item!! The boot look so edgy yet casual!! Love the chunky heel of the boot!

I was really shocked when mum told me she bought me the Louis Vuitton bag… I am not really into big brand even though I love them a lot but I have never own one..The reason behind is I love variety in all my fashion pieces and I am not that rich to own even a few of LV, Gucci or Prada…. Thus, I rather spend the same amount on traveling. My last Europe trip I didn’t get one for myself so when mum book her trip to Europe I tell mum the design, pattern and size that I am looking for so she could help me buy one. I told her it’s not necessary to buy as it’s still too costly for me but if she see the design that I love then please take the bag from the display and bring it back to me!!!

Europe Haul6

It come with LV signature monogram.. This is Pallas which has just launched in Malaysia I think comes in 5 colour and the colour difference is only on the top edge and internal leather. It look really classic and elegant with the mustard leather lining on the top.

Europe Haul8

The slim short handle match well with the bag size as it does not look more appealing than the monogram but compliment it! It has an adjustable strap where you can carry on shoulder length or just above your thigh!

Europe Haul9

The interior compartment made of suede leather definitely melt one heart the hand reach to it. It has three side compartment where I put my keys and mobile phones!!

Europe Haul7

I checked the price and it’s about RM 1000 cheaper when mum purchased in Paris compare to the store in Malaysia! This is one chic bag for day outings and casual meet up!! This design also look young and fun. If you want it sling you can purchase additional strap at the store.

I can’t wait to do OOTD post for all these item and also I received an super amazing swap from Austria…I wish I have 72hours a day then I can finish drafting all my pending post!!! Till then enjoy your day and start planning your Vday if you have not!! Few more hours before it arrive and do join my Vday International Giveaway too!!!


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