Singapore 3D2N Trip Part 2: Rendezvous Hotel Club Room Review

Monday, February 24, 2014

Did you read my last review on Rendezvous Club Room Benefit? It’s time for me to share with you the awesome Rendezvous Club Room review.

Rendezvous Club Room 1003
Speaking about ART inspired, when I got into the room I saw this paper with a few pictures and clues that we need to look for all the cards based on the clue. Checkout below video as I put together the puzzle!!

Their welcome message is very creative too!! A photo frame with Rendezvous Picture and few chocolates arrange on top of it!! I thought it was just for decoration purpose and then I realize it’s real chocolate! A small booklet with inspirational art related quotes and my 3D2N itinerary!
Rendezvous welcome message

The next thing that caught my attention was the bed!! When you look at it seem nothing much special but look closely at it’s height…It is slightly elevated and they said that it can help promote better sleep at night… I seconded that because I cant hear my alarm next morning and I had a very rush breakfast! Look at the thick mattress, I need to  lift up my leg to rest my butt on the mattress. I had the most amazing sleep on this bed that allow me to have more energy for the next day activity!! Did you read about my crazy shopping in Singapore? not yet? check it out here. I shop in between every two hour gap after my activities or event!!!

Singapore Trip225

The bathroom is very spacious and I love hot shower… The shower is sufficiently hot but it could be better if the water pressure is higher though lucky thing it’s not too low either. I love the separate shower because I hate fixed shower head!! I love to hold the shower head and navigate around my head and body!! Do you enjoy the same?? They have another huge square shower head on top of my head where I use it after I apply my shampoo and all!! It’s weird but i love to navigate the shower head around before apply shampoo and after applying, just let the shower head stationed at one fixed spot and let it splash over my head and body!!!

Singapore Trip229

Not many hotel have this automated toilet bowl in the pass and so far I only seen twice, one in this hotel and another at Intercontinental Hotel. I think this is extremely useful in hotel because the air conditioner is on 24/7 which it can be quite freezing when the toilet bowl seat is not warmed up!! I love the height of the toilet roll handle too.. It is within reach unlike some others that are either too low or too high which the toilet roll would come out from it’s hook.

Singapore Trip232

Standard bath room arrangement with the mirror placed in the middle along the shower on the left and toilet bowl on the right. I love hotel that provide a small mirror for zoom in view!! Good for applying makeup but I hate to put my makeup bag near basin because it’s always wet. Maybe all hotel should consider a space where I can put my makeup or relocate the mirror!! LOL… Oh yes, there is a weighing machine to keep you on track so you don’t go on eating and sleeping nonstop!!

Singapore Trip230

It’s interesting to see FCUK body & bath range….They are not specialized in fashion? Well the packaging is simple and I tried the bar soap it’s very strong and others I have not try yet because I always bring my own travel kit around!! However, my friend did and he liked it!

Singapore Trip231

I had managed to tour around other club room during my stay and club room is located in 3 room level 9,10 & 11. If not mistaken, the furniture on each level is slight different such as the bed head board, sofa, paintings and etc. The room door has a matching print with the bed head board too.

Club Room Bed Head Board

One of the thing that catch my attention is  just right at the corner of the room the Deep Purple Vintage Sofa that comes in a thick and comfortable leather!! This is the best spot to catch a breath after a long day out before I head to shower!!!

Singapore Trip83

After shower, I throw myself on the bed and watch TV!! As usual the channel included are pretty normal like HBO, Starworld, MTV, Sportworld, Australia Network, Japan Network and many other more.
 Singapore Trip223

On the days where I have time to spare, I will surf the web and get updated social media sites… The one thing I really love is the WIFI connection!! The speed is fantastic and it not not limited to one device at one time and the connectivity is every where around the hotel. Even in the lobby washroom!!! Very convenient especial for those who on a business trip you need not to worry about Internet speed and connectivity!! The best thing is the working table and the office chair will provide a good place for you to work all day long.


Next thing is the wardrobe though I don’t use much because I am lazy bump I am too lazy to take everything out from the luggage but I love to hang some of my dress in the wardrobe and this wardrobe height is perfect for my lengthy maxi dress!!! Hair Dryer and Iron is provided too.. No need to borrow from the hotel !! Every room has one!

Singapore Trip227

The snack bar is pretty complete with coffee, tea, snack and water too… If you feel that it is insufficient, you can always visit the the club room and snack away without any charge!!!

Singapore Trip226

This is one of the greatest hotel stay in Singapore I ever had!!! The room is so comfortable and with the added club room benefit with complimentary access to the club lounge I feel more than contented!!!

Click this link to check on the various room and latest promotion available at Rendezvous Singapore & also the rates.

** Club rooms are priced from SGD 225++.

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