Samsung Galaxy App: Sakae Sushi Deal

Monday, February 24, 2014

I am always a fan of Samsung product especially their smart phones!!! Samsung is always innovative when come to technology and there is this new Samsung Galaxy life app in town that provide tonnes of deals, apps recommendations and interviews that match your lifestyle. While I browsing through the deal these succulent salmon sashimi caught my attention!!! When i click in I realize it’s Sakae Sushi Money Fortune Salmon Yee Sang Deal where you get free salmon sashimi with any purchase of the Yee Sang. I wanted to have Yee Sang for so long simply because I have not get to Lou Sang this Chinese New Year yet.


I continue to browse through the new app to see what other interesting thing it offers.! I was impressed when I saw ASOS mobile app!!! I was what I am been buying from ASOS for years but never knew their mobile app existence?? It’s so brilliant by helping me to discover ASOS mobile app….


Samsung Galaxy Life app is your passport to exclusive privileges, app recommendations, sweepstakes, and expert interviews. There is plenty of deals and offers available on the first page…


If you want deal in certain area like entertainment you can select the variety of categories in the app!


I also discover this photography app, Viddy which can produce time lapse of my favourite sunset view at ease!! Interesting eh!!


Carrying your phone downloaded with Galaxy Life means you can have Daily deals with discount coupons, Selection and reviews of apps, Exclusive content from experts and Rewards at the palm of your hand…Just show to the staff to utilize the coupons!! Fast and easy!! That’s what we do when we were dining at Sakae Sushi few days ago.

We went in and order all our food as usual and we also order the free salmon sashimi that we redeemed using Samsung Galaxy Life app. You are not required to show the coupon during your order. You can order, dine and indulge in your food comfortable. When you call for bill just show the staff the coupon by clicking redeem.

p/s: Do not click redeem if you do not want to redeem it during that time because it is only valid for 1 hour upon redemption of the coupon.

The staff will then verify your redemption and will deduct the price of the free item.


and you are done!! Simple and quick…

Let’s back to the food I ordered in Sakae Sushi that day. Honestly been quite sometime since I last visited Sakae Sushi and their menu has lots of improvement and the salmon goodness in their Chinese New Year (CNY) menu is simply attractive and look so yummy on the menu! So we order all the CNY Menu before it’s taken down since it will only valid during CNY period.

Off course we ordered the Fortune Salmon Yee Sang, that’s the main objective isn’t it?? So happy to finally get to Lou Sang. It comes in two size Success (1-2 pax) RM 28.80 and Money (6-8pax) RM 48.80.

Samsung Galaxy Life Sakae Sushi3

This is the best Yee Sang I tried so far because it contains all my favourite seafood like thick salmon sashimi, seasoned jelly fish, scallop and on the side there is also sesame, radish, tanuki flakes and a unique plum sauce infused with citrus to coat all the ingredient.

Samsung Galaxy Life Sakae Sushi5

I finish 3 full plates of this Yee Sang while the normal Yee Sang I could barely finish one plate, this proof how delicious it is!!!!!!

If you want to enjoy this Yee Sang at the comfort of your home you can also order for take away and they are packed in this super convenient premium box…. It is perfect for takeaways, gatherings or as corporate gifts too.

Samsung Galaxy Life Sakae Sushi15

Surprise Guest came over to Lou Sang with us….teehee Mr Frog is so adorable!!

Samsung Galaxy Life Sakae Sushi10

Some of other food we ate that night!!


We all was overloaded with salmon goodness that night and it’s all thanks to Samsung Galaxy App & Sakae Sushi for the coupon that let us have more Salmon Sashimi!!! I think I will revisit for more salmon because I need more Omega 3!! Hahaha…Now you should go download the Samsung Galaxy Life App at Play Store by clicking here to get daily deals on your favourite restaurants, shops, hotels and many more


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