My 2014 Chinese New Year

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hello I’m back from my hometown and finally get to rest up abit before I get back to work…Tonnes of work awaiting for me….As much as I would love share with you all the item my parent bought for me from their recent Europe trip, my last weekend wasn’t a pleasant one or I would say my Chinese New Year (CNY) was a tragic this year? There is a lot of things running through my mind and this post will be a little bit emotional and wordy as I had a really really sad weekend…

I bet you have read about last update on how my first day of CNY begin right? Despite how bad my cny begin I thought it had ended and will be turning into a good one because I won a laptop few days ago so I thought oh see my luck is coming back….

Despite that when I resume work at office it was really terrible…I wish I can share with you about it but I think it would be better to keep to myself and pray that it would be over soon….. Well everybody had their on issue and problem at work so not a big deal after all…

Last Saturday as I thought I could finally go for Lou Sang with all churpers because I had not lou sang throughout this entire cny period. Lou Sang also known as prosperity toss is a typical celebration among the Chinese during CNY where we will tossed variety of crackers, strips of vegetables and strips of raw fish (now salmon sashimi is commonly used). We believe it will bring good luck and prosperity to the person who tossed the mixture and the higher the toss the better… I was all happy and dressed up really pretty and we drive to GAB factory but few kilometres before we arrive I receive a phone call from my parents… They arrived home after their super duper long Europe Trip and she bought lots of dresses for me…
The second thing that came out from her mouth was where am I now? I replied on the way to a event. Mum said you have to come back now because my grandfather was hit by a motorbike and was admitted to General Hospital. So, yeah no more lou sang and I cancel all other meet up with friends for the following day and applied day off from work too….

At this moment when I am still drafting this post I still hope the fact that I did not lou sang will not affect my luck this entire year… To be honest I am not very religious kind of person..but human always tend to think or believe to this kind of belief especially feng shui when they faced any problem or misfortune in life….
So, when I arrived home we rush to the hospital but we were few minutes late that we were not able to catch a glimpse of my grandfather because he was sent back to my hometown hospital after the scan. Dad was really sad that he couldn’t be there earlier and we get ready to go back to my hometown the next morning…
I woke up with worries because I afraid we will miss another chance to see him and I am right…Mum knock on my door and told me grandfather had passed away…. It was a really sad year for me and my family especially my dad… I see he standing still and saying how regret he is not able to see him before his last breath….

I am not sure how I will faced the next few days with all these bad news both for my family and my work too….I prayed that tomorrow will be a better day and that my year will be a better one… Luckily, when I came home I managed to Lou Sang with Charmaine, her boyfriend and sakae staff…. So I guess that will bring luck to the coming months??? I can only pray for it!!!!!!! Let’s hope everyone will have a prosperous year ahead and Happy Valentine Day to all of you. Do join my International Vday Giveaway too click here to join.


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