Me Being a Plus Size!!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This topic just run through my brain earlier while I stuck in jam and i thought hey this is a great idea to share with you my feeling for being plus size especially in Asia country!!! I am not complaining because I am grateful that I am what I am today without any disabilities and still have a job and great family and yes a lovely boyfie. I just want to share with you what i have gone through being plus size or in general being fat!

p/s: this is purely my feeling, it is not meant to pin point anyone.

Never once in my life I ever have a slim body size…not even during my school day and I was born a chubby baby too….If you are my close friend you probably heard this from me or you might have read it somewhere in this blog…. Hence, no one knows better than me how it feels to go through all the critics people put on me since young and all the hassle I gone through looking for cloth when I was a kid.

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Well, if you are plus size or slightly bigger in size compare to your circle of friend probably you can relate to what I am about to write…. As a kid, whenever I go to relative house they would ask my mother did she let me eat a lot?? Why your daughter doesn’t look like you??? My mum is very slim i think she prolly size S when she is young!!! What i think is WTF why must I reduce my food portion since I am not over eating? I don’t eat a lot except buffet la (that’s the main purpose to go buffet “ to EAT it ALL” Even till now I will not, yes WILL NOT reduce my food intake just because I want to be slim!! Indulging in my food is a enjoyment in life without it, my life will be doomed!! Some people are born with low metabolism rate and that’s me which mean my system doesn’t convert the food into energy as fast as fast as other … Some girl are just lucky they born slim and no matter how much they eat the fat just grow a little!!! and yes for me getting fat is darn f**king hard but to cut down my sizes or exercise it take forever!! I know i'm a lazy bum...But hey if you think it through eating a 1 slice of cheese cake is way easier than running for a kilometres right??? yes i know those who are really thin they think eating or getting fat is hard!! They just can't take in much food!! Sorry thin girls I still think it's easier to eat then going exercise so yes being thin is f**king hard...and that's like number 1 problem for all woman!!

and for that "I am fat" problem almost every slim girl tell me she is fat and she need to diet and cut down on food!! I know every girl want to look like those model in size zero but to tell me you are fat just make me want to laugh at myself!! If you are fat than what am I?? Should I just kill myself?? and then she will reply “look at my tummy!!” gah my tummy is triples yours!! SHUT UPP! 

**p/s: sorry I'm not being mean to you slim girls but I heard countless phrase "I am Fat" from slim and thin girl when they are really thin!

When I was in high school my body size does affect me a lot.. I don’t much friends and you can see those pretty girls will be in a group then the nerdy one another group and me probably belong to the not so pretty group. Guys like to make fun of my size and they like to call me FAT!!! Seriously I fucking hate when people call me that!!! I know that for a fact that I am fat but pleeeasseee would you respect me as a human and call my name instead?

Another huge problem is buying cloths that suits my body size!!! Thank god now there is many Europe brand open their store in Malaysia but they are ain’t cheap (Topshop, H&M, Promod, Bershka, Dorothy Perkin and etc)!!! Yes being plus size means you need to spend extra bucks to get the size that fit you!!! When I was a kid I always wear adult cloths because kid size is too small for me!!! Size is one issue, the design and cutting is one problem too!! There is many design that I could not wear like spaghetti stripe or sleeveless dress because of my flabby arm (even thought I still wear occasionally, I use my hair to cover my arm). Those body hugging dress is not a great option for me too unless they are made of heavy and thick material!! Thick material will make one look slimmer because it will hide away the loose flesh from showing out. I love crop top a lot but most of them does not suit me because of my 5months tummy!! LOL…So I only stick to a few design that flattered my body! If you want to see more of my outfit if you happen to be plus size too you can always click my fashion tab of search #cindypluslook!!! Buying cloth in Asia is the worst like places in Thailand & China omg their sizes is so small…Out of 10 shop non is selling my size! Can you believe that???

Even though i gone through all the things i mentioned above but I still love my body as it is…. I still feel beautiful and I am proud of myself. I am glad that my friend and family love me for who I am not how I look! I am happy I still have curve!! Yeah i think I have sexy curve…. (shameless me). Just be yourself, don’t have to diet or exercise just to impress anyone! Between, I am not encouraging anyone to not exercise and continue eating without limit. In my opinion, Fat doesn’t mean not healthy but obesity is NOT healthy!!! So be Healthy & be Happy!!!

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For me, I will still eat my food like normal and go for some exercise when I love to!! I don’t go exercise just to slim down but to keep my body in healthy condition. I don’t deny I will do thing to look slimmer but even being at my current size I am a happy woman but if I was born with slimmer body that will be a bonus!! For other girls who share the same luck as me here are some of the amazing quotes for you to love your body more!!

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So are you a plus size too? Share with me your good and bad experience being curvy a.k.a plus size! Till then have a good day!! Everyone is beautiful in their own special way!


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