Fashion: Sock it Up with Cream

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello boys and girls…How you all been doing lately? I’m sure yall had a great Valentine day celebration as my FB feeds is flooded with amazing pictures and sweet status updates!! Butttt I am not going to talk about my Valentine Day celebration, I talk about that in another post for sure!!!

If you realize I always combine my makeup, fashion with the event I attended in one post… I felt it’s more related and fun to do so..Today I make an exception because to be honest I didn’t had a chance to flaunt my OOTD at the event because I went to hospital before it started…

You know I live in a Tropical Country and I am very envy those of you who live in country with four season and if any of you reading this you might think otherwise!! Most of you hate snow right??? We in Malaysia rarely wear socking with heel and boot? That’s like once in a blue moon because it’s really hot!!! But I love wearing socks because they make the entire outfit look sweet and lovely and do you know socks make wearing heel more comfortable? So you will see more of my outfit with me wearing socking!! Actually it’s not that hot wit socks on!! Checkout below some of the cute picture of outfit with socking I found in Google

This is super adorable!!look at the truffle on the ankle!!
photo by: style caster

3575842_page2This look so edgy and cool!!!
photo by: can’t find it back in Google so can’t link back sorry ^^
3578380_beachdaySuper fun polka colour mixture!!!!
photo by: Elle May
aquamarine-no-brand-sweater-dark-brown-vintage-bag-aquamarine-no-brand-heels_400This is super feminine and sweett….
photo by: Cirkisslife
Ok are you ready to see mine?? So that day I pick this creamy dress to pair with a white sock and black pump!! So as what the title say this outfit is about the sock and read it correctly ya is Sock NOT Suck okay?…This round I pick a simple socking without colour combination just stick to one colour. Next round I wanna try knee length socking and colourful prints! Let’s see my sock it up with cream look!!
As usual begin with my makeup!! I did a light coverage for my face and for eyes jus a quick swipe of brown and pink eyeshadow and finished off with purple eyeliner!

Lacey Lace2_副本

As for my hair, I was running out of time so I just take some wax and work some light wave but it’s all gone when I reach the place!! But i do love how my front hair section fall on my face!!

    Creamy Puffy Lace Sleeve Dress: Boutique in Bangkok

    White Socking: Daiso

    Lilac Quilted Bag: Boutique in Bangkok

    Pearl Necklace tie as bracelet

    Beige Bow Clip: Night Market

    Black Pump  New Look

    White Belt: Night Market

Lacey Lace6_副本

This lilac bag is on the go selection whenever I want to have a sweet look!! and the main highlight, the socks is not just plain white!!If you look closely you can see quilted design on the socks with some frills on the ankle portion! How do you like my look with socking??? Does it look weird? Leave a comment and let me know kay?

Lacey Lace8

More pictures….

Lacey Lace9_副本

The lovely bow to hold my fringe!

Lacey Lace10

That’s all from me today!! Happy Friday and hope you enjoy my fashion post today!! Let me know what outfit you like to see in future or any topic you’d like me to share!!! XOXO


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