Fashion Culture Fairytale Series Debut Box Review + Giveaway

Monday, February 17, 2014

When I hear about this new baby in town I know it going to be lovely and fashionable!! The theme for the month of love February, the Fairytale box is a perfect theme for this Valentine Day. Remember Taylor Swift’s song Love Story? Somehow I thought of that song when receive this box… Do you dream of having fairytale love story of your own? Live Happily Ever After with your Prince Charming?


Plenty of beauty box has landed in my country, Malaysia the sample size, the full size and the one with bag…All sorts I would say… Fashion Culture make a hit by being the first Fashion subscription box in Malaysia. The best thing is it come with in trend fashion and beauty product that's specifically curate to suit everyone taste (yes you get to choose the style that best suited you). A 2 in 1 box that surely will satisfy your greedy heart!
Product Description
Theme: Fashion Culture Fairytale Series (Queen of Heart)
Price: RM58 per box inclusive of delivery to anywhere in Malaysia
Where to buy:
Content: One Choker, One pair of Earing, One Bangle, One Ring, One Mask and One Nail Polish
How does it work?

Each month you will have 3 theme to choose from. You can select either one of the theme that best suits your taste or if you like it buy all three!! In March, the theme will be Travel series..So which is your choice?? Are you the adventurous type or the laid back type or just into everything fashion??? Or Pick all!

Fashion Culture Travel Series

You want to know what’s inside the box before subscribing??? NO NO FC will not reveal any of the content so the surprise element will be well kept!

Fashion Culture Surprise

Each box will only cost you RM 58 inclusive of shipping to everywhere in Malaysia!!!!


What’s Inside Queen of Heart Box?

The pure white box arrived my door step a day after the delivery notification email sent to me. Delivered by Pos Laju, the box comes in perfect condition without any damage and the box is still in one piece without any dents or dirt. The box design is simple with plain white and Fashion Culture logo in the centre of the lid. I have no comment on the box but I do like it if it’s of a more sturdy type! If you are subscriber of Mivva Box, this box quality are very similar to that.

Honestly, I am more Queen of Fairies style before this but lately I into dark, classy and bold colour..Maybe I am bored with my white, cream and pastel colour collection!! So I chose Queen of Heart which portray the famous Queen B personality!! Powerful and sexy!!!!!

Wrapped in a black tracing paper with a white ribbon knot show simplicity that I like…. I never expect the content can be so good when I look at the simple packaging… I think they did a good job by keeping the best for the last.

Fashion Culture1

Each box contain this mini FC Zine which super adorable and informative!!

Fashion Culture2

It contains manicure DIY tips as well as beauty tips too. They said in future there will be more content in the FC Zine as for now it has about 4 pages of content.

Fashion Culture

After untying the ribbon the first thing that I saw in the box was the lovely Tears of Rose Vintage Choker…. It’s so classic and so sexy and the black lace give a very mysterious feeling tooo!! Only thing is the choker was rather tight for my broad neck.

Fashion Culture3

Basically there is total of 4 accessories and 2 beauty product in the box. The Royal Ruby Heirloom ring designed to match the choker as it has the same red stone as the choker. The Black Heart Queen Earing can be easily match with any dress for the night and I love that it made of tough steel instead of the flimsy steel.

The Sun & Moon Duo Bangle was rather disappointed. I don’t quite like the shimmery sticker alike used to decorate the bangle. It look classy and shinning from far but close up the finishing just not as good as the other accessories!

The two beauty product featured in Queen of heart was TT Snail with Sakura Repairing Mask and Bloop Red Colour nail polish. I tried the mask earlier, pretty moisturising but repairing I think I will need to apply few more sheet to see the effect. As for nail polish I have not tried yet but I believe it will look good!!
If you like to purchase the individual accessory it will be available for purchase soon at their website. They are still working on this so please bear wit them for a little bit.
I did a simple OOTD to feature all this accessories and I love the outcome!!! It look absolute seductive and sexy while maintaining the entire look really classy!

Fashion Culture13_副本
Dress: New Look
Heel: New Look

Fashion Culture8_副本

I love the choker a lot because it look very vintage and I been wanted a lace choker for a long time but I have not seen one I really love!!!! and this choker look super stunning!! Just love it!!!

Fashion Culture12_副本
Black Heart Queen Earing: Fashion Culture
Tears of Rose Vintage: Fashion Culture
The Royal Ruby Heirloom: Fashion Culture
Sun & Moondust Duo Bangle: Fashion Culture

I adore the theme they create every month. It’s so fun to discover each theme and I feel like buying all the box! The idea of having different accessories in each box is brilliant too…My box and your box may not be totally similar but there will be item which both me and you might have. The FC Zine is so interesting to read.. The story that they put behind each accessories is simply beautiful! The additional tips in the FC zine is very useful too…The quality of the item was all good and for RM 58 I feel it totally worth it as the choker can simple cause more than RM 40. Only set back was the bangle where there is more room for improvement there. I have no issue with their website and delivery. It’s all good and I think I might be getting the Parisian Box in March…

Giveaway Time

So Valentine Day is over but I love you all everyday not just on Valentine Day. Thus to all of you lovely darling, I am throwing another giveaway. How to join? Simple just complete all the task in the Rafflecopter app.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Alright good luck everyone!!!! Stay tune for more giveaway!!

For more info please checkout below link:

Instagram: @fashionculturebox

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