CLEO Hit Refresh Party + Mini Giveaway

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Last week I went to the CLEO Hit Refresh Party and had tonnes of fun!! Actually I want to be there an hour early but I woke up late so I end up reaching there 10.30am and party should start at 11am. Well as usual Malaysia’s event or party never start on time…. Sometime I just purpose don’t be there early because I wait for nothing but I don’t blame them too because sometime I am late too due to my jam la, makeup la, work la, dressing up la well tonnes of reason. To those event that I am late I am sorrry for being late. I did try to be early some time but i failed some of the days…^^

Back to the party, it started around 11.40am and I was lining up quite front. People behind me is complaining why hasn’t it start…. and these people are the one who is hunting freebies and goodies all the time. I can understand some aunty age 40++ read CLEO and want to be in the party to have makeover and be pretty but seriously a grandma that probably 50 years old and above or prolly 60++ already still come to queue for the party. I am not saying the grandma is doing anything wrong since everyone with the magazine can attend and I guess guy can to because behind me there is a guy queuing tooo. FYI the guy and the grandma and some aunty are in the same group. It doesn’t really bother me because they are behind me but I pity those who have to queue so long because these people is taking up the spaces and maybe some even did not get to enjoy the party because it is limited to first 500 readers (not sure if the quota had finished that day).  What I think is don’t waste the goodies if you do not appreciate all the brands… They set up the booth to let people to try their product in the hope you will like it and will purchase it in future. I hope people don’t take this for granted and give this chance to those who really enjoy trying the product and DOES love to read CLEO.

imageCan you spot the people queuing? You can see it if you look closely.
Picture from : CLEO FB

So finally the CLEO staff call everyone to flip to the page so that we can get signature on all the booth we have visited. Basically this is how it work, limited number of people are allowed to go in to fill in the empty spot in each booths. We have to visit all booth and try all the product or service then get a signature. Collect all the booth signature then you can collect the goodie bag. I think this is really a great idea for everyone and very fair too. Good thing for me is I don’t need to queue at the booth without knowing if I am I am on the queue (because there is no line and the staff don’t remember who came first) as some time people will just come in to cut the queue and take your spot right away.…and some booth will be so full with people that I am not sure when will be my turn. So this time the queue inside the booth was kept minimal during the first hour then later on they let more people to come in because time is running out but still better than some other workshop of party I went. I saw some girl come into the booth from the barrier but im not sure if she enter from entrance then re-enter again via the barrier but if she did not queue and enter from front entrance then again it is not fair to those who queue for so long. Oh the fact that CLEO want everyone to visit all the booth in order to redeem the goodies is great. This ensure brands get to share to the readers their products instead of reader just came to collect the goodies and then headed home.

All the booth are powered by Mini Cooper where all product is show case on the car boot. So the first booth I went is the perfume booth!! Getting myself smelling good to kick start the lovely Saturday while I wait for other people to complete the hair do at L'Oreal Booth.

CLEO Hit Refresh13

Quite a number of perfume to try but non really capture my heart…I love the Marc Jacob cute bottle design but the scent was so so only. I was feeling sleepy as the night before I rushing work till late night so yes a cup of Latte Macchiato at Nestle Dolce Gusto booth is great! Not the best Latte but for the convenient to use at home I give it a thumb up!!

CLEO Hit Refresh11

Then I return to L'Oreal booth to try their hair chalk!!

CLEO Hit Refresh17

Due to time constraints we only allowed to try the colour on one strip! and I thought we can do a hair makeover like curl my hair or so but the electricity at the booth is having problem!!

CLEO Hit Refresh16

So L'Oreal hairstylist did not blow, curl or straighten our hair. Only thing they did was colour a strip of my hair with hair chalk and blow dry the strip.

CLEO Hit Refresh3

Well it’s not L'Oreal fault it was the electricity provider of Publika!! The hair chalk was really fun to play with. Better than the  hair chalk in powder form because it can last 4-5 wash and it is non transferable.

CLEO Hit Refresh4

This hair chalk has not launch the market yet but I think you can try them at Centro Hair Salon (not sure on the price though).

So I did a base makeup that day so I can try out Body Shop eye makeup!!

CLEO Hit Refresh1Before the Makeover

Lee Ching is the one who did my makeup. I told her I want bright colours and i tell you she did an amazing job!!

CLEO Hit Refresh5

Even though there are running out time they never skip steps!! Even I have my base make up on they still touch up my face with concealer and loose powder. Oh they also touch up my eyebrow and lipstick. I love how friendly and committed they are!! I love body shop but it’s been sometime since I last buy anything from them because there’s so many option available now but I will definite visit body shop soon!!

CLEO Hit Refresh15

Do you know my first make up brush are from Body Shop? and until now  it’s still in good condition and it’s almost 7 years now!!!

CLEO Hit Refresh7

They have about 5 staff to help you do makeup so the waiting time is pretty short!

CLEO Hit Refresh6

the last stop was the Manicure booth by OPI. I was extremely disappointed with this booth. Me and Samantha was trying to remove our own nail so we can help save some time but the staff just gave us some kind of dislike look…I was like hello??? I am trying to help..Never mind, when they paint my nails I feel they never put heart to it at all!! They just paint for the sake of completing it..I can see lines and base of my finger colour. Oh i was supposed to have my fourth finger with glitter end up one side on the fourth finger and another side on the last finger.


Well, i don't bother about it and remove it when I reach home!! It’s just a waste of my time, if you don’t want to do it properly then better just don’t do.

CLEO Hit Refresh12

CLEO Hit Refresh9

Overall I think this is a great party and pretty worth the time to join if you weren’t too busy and I think the goodies are great too… So here what I get that day!!

CLEO Hit Refresh19
Since I don’t use Yellow Nail Polish I think of giving it away to one of my reader!! So it’s really simple just leave a comment with your name and email address and tell me do you like to do your own manicure or do it at Nail Parlour? Reader will be selected randomly!! Simple and quick giveaway and will end on 15th March 2013. Good Luck!!

**Updates: Lucky winner is princess neverland

Till then have a great day peeps!!! Stay tune for more great blogpost!!


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