Beauty Review: Neuzell Juvenescence (Serum)

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Hello pretty ladies…Still collecting Angpau or still in long holiday? (money in red pocket gave by married couple to all single guy/girl during Chinese New Year) Today I will be sharing my experience using this mighty Neuzell Juvenescence (Serum).


This all in one Neuzell Juvenescence is said to be able to act as a Serum, Mask and Exfoliant.
Product Info
Product Name : Neuzell Juvenescence (Anti Aging Serum)
Net Weight : 50ml
Price : RM 398 (Get RM20 rebate at using this code: NEUZELL14 )
Where to Buy : Hi-Shop Online Store (Malaysia) & Neuzell Official Website (International + Free Shipping)
Skin Type : Suitable for all Skin Type (For oily skin you might need to apply thicker or apply more nourishing moisturizer on top)

It is specially formulated anti-aging Skin Renewal Tri-Action Treatment which is able to produce the following 8 Youth Revitalizing Effects.

Main Ingredients

Made in Swiss it contains the rare Swiss Apple stem cell and other active ingredients too.


Like many other prestige skin care they are free from parabens, alcohol and mineral oils.



I am not sure on the full size packaging because the one I got is sample size. From Google and Neuzell website it look like it come in a glass bottle with pump dispenser. No comment on the packaging as it’s hygienic but it is in plastic it will be easier to handle but look less classy… I love to see glass bottle but love using plastic bottle because I can be clumsy at time… Haha #firstworldwomanproblem.


Texture & Scent

It has colourless gel type texture. I feel that I need 2-3 pump for my entire face by using the sample size maybe if it’s full size the pump dispense more serum in one pump. Even 2-3 pump still quite hard for me to spread evenly on my face. It can be drying if using this alone even for my combination skin. As for scent, when first applied on my face it doesn’t has any scent but few second later it has some sort of sourish scent which might not be comfortable to others..For me not so bothering because it is not strong and once I apply my moisturiser on, my moisturiser scent masked the serum scent.

How to Use
Cindy’s Thought

I got this serum from HiShop few weeks ago and they are nicely wrap in bubble wrapper and enclosed in a super huge box… I find it a waste to use such a huge box just for such a small item. Well, that doesn’t bother me because I love collecting boxes!!


As for result wise, after using it for few day I do feel  my skin look fairer and more radiant. As days pass my face become fairer and smoother. It’s quite visible which i am very happy for that. As for moisture level I think it’s rather dry as compare to some other serum. I will need to top up with moisturiser to ensure my face is hydrated.


As for using it as mask and exfoliant I can’t quite differentiate the difference as the layer thickness applied is similar only waiting time is different. Even I have to massage it when using as exfoliator but the after effect not really visible. I prefer to use it as serum instead.

After the mask I only see brighter skin and nothing else.


For exfoliator, I don’t see any dead skin really removed. My nose still filled with black heads well maybe I am biased to exfoliator with micro beads.. I felt they are more efficient in removing dead skin.


Conclusion & Rating
Here is my rating after using Neuzell Juvenescence for about 2 week as serum.


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