Bag of Love for Men: UBER MEN Pre Valentine Gift

Monday, February 10, 2014


Valentine Day is right around the corner and most guys would be scrambling to grab a gift for the special someone which most could relate with the other would also probably scrambling for one. Anyway Cindy surprised me with a special gift that I received for as pre Valentine gift which was unexpected and I’m grateful for it. This is definitely the highlight of my day as I’ve never received such gift which comes complete with all the personal care.

The Complete Uber Men Care Set


It comes with the essential personal care that includes the deodorant spray, facial wash, moisturizer and hair styling clay. The set also includes a travelling pouch for convenience to place everything into it. With all those products, it would definitely prep the guys for the whole day and looking great.
So we start off with the, Uber Men Oil Away Power Cleanser. After a quick rinse with the cleanser, it leaves a slight tinge of refreshing cool feeling on the face and it smells great. It contains “Rhyolite Exfoliator” in the form of fine beads to gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin surface, leaving the skin soft and supple without dryness or tightness as some facial cleanser would. It can also be used as shaving foam which is very convenient as to reduce the rinse and reapply another product for shaving.

Oil Away Power Cleanser (+Toner effect)
The Moisturizer would be ideal for those travels out often which the hot and sunny weather could really be nasty on the skin. After applying it, I was pleased with its non-greasy formula which is attribute to its cum sunblock benefit and there is no residue after the application.
Moisturizer (SPF 30++)
A quick spray with the deodorant would leave you smell great before getting the perfume on. The smell is pleasant and would definitely keep those body odors in check while being out the whole day.
Deodorant Body Spray
Keeping up with appearance, the Matt Clay would definitely keep the styled hair in check which I’m impressed as it has the holding strength similar to hair gel and it is surprisingly easy to rinse off as I’ve tried others which would leave residue that would require prolonged rinsing to rid of the residue. The pleasant smell is added points.

3D Matt Clay
The last item in the regime before heading out would include a quick spray with perfume. Uber Men’s Attitude leaves a mild and subtle smell but evident presences in smell which is akin to cologne but lower strength and being EDT (Eau de Toilette), the smell last quite long after the initial application after work.
Eau de Toilette (Attitude)

I reckon this set is ideal for many who are on the go, looking good and smell great to bring out the confidence to face the day. This has indeed both thoughtful and wonderful gift as it fulfills the daily aspect on personal care. Thank you to my dear Cindy for this wonderful surprise and Happy Valentine Day.

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