Thank You for being the Companion of my Life Time!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Seasons passed, leaves wither to make room for the following season that would colour the park in bright hue of hope which brings us to a story that brought faith and hope together in the journey.

clip_image002Season Change

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It begins in the arrival of a child that fills the room with the crying that brought tears to the excited parent. And yes that child will be none other than me, Thomas. However the journey of growing was a whole lot difficult that my parent had originally intended from the bundle of joy. Countless hours and days of sleep deprive which add with the emotional fit that gets tossed into the mix and patience was drawing to a near limit of implosion but nevertheless, my parent persevered through with tenacity and believed I will grow up to be everything that they had hoped for.

clip_image004Moments of serenity
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Soon after my dad had passed on leaving me and my mother alone, we have to face the harsh cruel world all by ourselves. Life was hard and insecurities of sorts emerge to threaten our life. Despite facing adversity, my mum brought me up with lots of love and care, persevering through it all. No matter rain or shine, she wake up early every morning, walk to the bus stand and head to work to earn enough to keep the roof above our heads and cooking up meals for the day, though she is exhausted from work.

clip_image006Someday over the Rainbow
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Thank you mum for doing so much for me and being the ONE who supports me on everything I do. My mum is one tough woman just like HTC ONE being tough on its exterior zero gap aluminium body, multi-tasking and juggle between the household chores and raising me but no matter what difficulties she faced, she will face it with a smile.

clip_image008Glitter of Hope

For a long time, I wish that I could take care myself and find my other half so you don’t have to worry about me anymore. I wish that this boy will grow up soon, to earn money and in return to take care of you and give you a comfortable life.

clip_image009Tears of nature
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Fast forward to present, I finally had grown up and met someone special whom I holds very dear to the heart who could take care of me, who would look after my mother when I am not able to. She is the other half that I have been looking for all this while. She encourages me to pursue my dream and to have the courage to shape my destiny with my own hands, just as how my parent had always intended. Her existence had brought light into my life and illuminates my path.

clip_image011The Courage
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Cindy is my companion for life just like the Samsung Galaxy S4. She is as fun and loving as Samsung Galaxy S4 that she surprised me with gifts and made those special moments to keep me felt love all the time. Every moment is captured in her Samsung device where then she inserts into her blogpost to record down those moments and encased in the memories to follow.

clip_image013The Light of Love surprise
clip_image014Surprise Bday Dinner at Steakhouse Kl, read full write up here
She is the extension of the other half of my life which the other half is being with my mother. Together, they make me whole again.

clip_image015Sunset of Moments in Love (Full blog post click here)
As an engineer by profession and blogger, she juggles between work and blogging, multitasking while staying connected to social media and taking care of a big kiddo like me, she is definitely one of a kind just like the mighty Samsung Galaxy S4.

clip_image016The Pursue
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Through the journey in life, the colours that spread along on the canvas in reality of life have been coloured by never ending love and support by both my parent and my love. No matter how hard I tried to look through the words but nothing seems comparable by the tremendous amount of love, and effort given.

clip_image018Bright sun of hope, love, and courage

With these simple words, I would like to say a big Thank You to my parents especially my mom whom had painstakingly raised this little rascal singlehandedly as my dad is up there watching over us, and also especially to my lovely girlfriend whom is the blog owner which she have no idea that I’ll be doing the post though I could almost imagine her priceless reaction when this goes up live but more importantly, I can’t thank you enough for being so supportive in every aspect that set deep in my heart for your unconditional love.

clip_image020Colours of Love

The both of you would complete me entirely and without you, life would be mundane and a grey landscape of monotone colour.

clip_image021Colours of life
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A Heartfelt Thank You Mum and Hun for being ever so supportive and putting up with my antics that might be annoying but nevertheless both of you had stood by and made me into better than I could imagine on my own while creating those moments that would forever be etched into the heart, mind and soul. Thanks to Digi & Nuffnang for this amazing Sale and Contest that have been a calling to express the heart of mind in words and to continue moving forward and better than ever!


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