Review: BRTC Perfect Calming BB Remover

Monday, January 06, 2014

Hello girls….It’s been some time since I last write beauty product review and been writing lots of food and travelling related post and also fashion coordinate too….Lately I have more feel writing those but now I am back with more beauty product review!! Today I will be reviewing BRTC Perfect Calming BB Remover.

Honestly I wasn’t very impressed when I first got this BRTC BB Remover and after first use still it doesn’t change my mind.. I don’t know why maybe I love the remover I am using that time. Nevertheless, I still continue to use see if I would like it and bingo now i put aside my previous remover and only use this one!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Read on and you shall know…

First this brand is really new to me and I have never heard of it before…. and the fact that I have tones of remover about 4 full size and few more deluxe size…Can you imagine that??? Okay as usual let me introduce you to this brand BRTC.
Product Info
Product Name : BRTC Perfect Calming BB Remover
Net Weight : 200ml
Price : RM 55
Where to Buy : SaSa Store Nationwide(Malaysia) BRTC Website (International)
Skin Type : Normal to Combination Skin & Sensitive Skin (I think might be suitable for Oily skin as it is non oily at all)
BRTC came from Korea and they have an online store in USA too.. No worries for us in Malaysia you can purchase them from SaSa store. Their main selling point is non other than the special Blue Phyto Complex from the Blue Flowers of Lavender, Cornflower, Borage, Chamomile (the building blocks of all BRTC products) to soothe and moisturize today's modern skin.

BRTC claimed that all their product are produced using natural formula which is safe for the skin and will not cause any stimulation.
Perfect Calming series are formulated to suit every type of skin even those with sensitive skin. Like the name suggest it is calming and soothing when used on our skin. All perfect calming series products contain Atovax certified by Eco Cert Natura. Also to confirm it is safe for sensitive skin, the skin irritation test is also completed. This perfect calming system give the following effects to skin:
  • Extensive moisture for dry, irritated skin.
  • Soothing Blue Phyto Complex patented ingredient concentration.
  • Balances moisture and oil!
  • Moisture base contains more than 24 plant ingredients.
This remover named Perfect Calming BB Remover, like all of you are thinking now it must be for removing the BB cream….Hang on…. that is not the meaning of BB here though the BB derived to Blemish Balm and it actually means BB cleanser that cleanse thoroughly and at the same time ensure your skin does not cause overdrying.

Main Ingredients


Comes with a glossy box with most of the information stated there with both English & Korean Language. Come in a see through pump bottle with a cap on top to cover it. 

BRTC BB Remover4

I don’t like this type of cap as it is not travel friendly because will de-cap when I tossed it in my bag and there is no lock on the pump so most likely the product will leak out if I tossed it in my bag. However, I love the see through bottle because I can estimate when I should by a new bottle unlike those covered bottle I will only know when I about to finish the product then it will take me few days before I have time to repurchased it again.
Texture & Scent

A clear gel a like texture which is smooth and very easy to lather. It has the pleasant floral scent, loving it..

How to Use

1. Press one or two pumps on you palm

BRTC BB Remover7

2. Add waters and bubble well.

BRTC BB Remover8

3. Then massage it all over your face like how you do with your facial cleanser and then wash off with waters.

BRTC BB Remover9

Cindy’s Thoughts

BRTC claimed that the Perfect Calming BB Remover is a Oil-Free Multi-Cleanser that doesn’t clog pores or cause dryness.”
As I mention earlier, I don’t quite fancy this remover but after the second use I fell in love with it… It’s really easy to use and it dissolve foundation and any waterproof make up really fast and effectively. The fact that it is two in one (make up remover + cleanser), so it does not require to cleanse again with facial foam.

BRTC BB Remover

I love this perfect calming series because it help to calm my irritated skin after putting on makeup and it does not cause any oiliness during or after using the remover. Surprisingly it also does not cause over-drying to my skin. It’s even more effective and convenient compare to water remover and yes it is oil free too! However, it claimed to remove dead skin cell but I can’t really feel that just yet…I have been using it for almost a month now, I will update this post if later on I discover it helps to remove dead skin cells ok?

Also I love that I can just use my hand to apply this remover on my face, save my money as facial cotton is not required. Further more, cleanser is not required so another saving factor here. Now removing makeup is so easy and fast because only require one step as it act as cleanser when in contact with water. Perfect for busy girl like me!!
Since the BRTC BB Remover say it is suitable for sensitive skin, i thought perhaps can be use on eyes area too…It removes all waterproof mascara and eyeliner well but it’s a bit dry after rinsing with water… Also it’s a bit hard to clean the water line with this remover because my eyes will tear though the remover is not smarting but I think to clean eye it’s better to use facial cotton soak with eye makeup remover.

Conclusions & Rating


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