Pink Memories with Secolo Hairdressing Salon

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Well well, have you already read about my graceful hair transformation at Secolo Hairdressing already?? Please tell me you did…but if you have please read about it okay??? (read about my hair makeover at Secolo Hairdressing here)I’ll be very happy if you do so…

If you have read it, then you must remember that I mention the next day we have to attend the Pink Memories event with Secolo Hairdressing Salon. So right after the hairdo, we walk to a Clothing Boutique in Sg Wang (a shopping mall) to select our outfit for tomorrow event… This is my first time experience to get to select clothing before a event…Just like a celebrity…

So it’s small shop located on the 6th Floor of Sg Wang on one of the path. This is another place where you can find lot’s of unique fashion items like bags, heels, top, dress, hat, accessories and many more. I love to shop there whenever I want to look for unique item. This “A Life Journey” have some rare pieces too!! I’m eyeing a few item from them while I choosing the cloths.

Secolo25Sarah photo bomb my picture and the girl on the right is Sunny the owner of the shop

Secolo26Both ladies helping us to find the best piece!!!!!!!! Feeling blessed (because I feel like there is designer helping me to select the cloth *dreaming to be celebrity LOL)

So the next day we have to be at Secolo salon like 5hour before the event starts why?? Because we need to get our makeup & hairdo done..There is makeup artist waiting for me when I arrived…. OMG this is so so so awesome!!!

So I am the first one to do make up means I have to be there super early… I reach around 12++pm. At first the lady makeup artist (i forget her name sorry >_<) then because my eye line is rather weird she just can’t balance my eyes double eyelid lines…


So Shiyo take over and apply the double eyelid sticker and voila my eyes look so huge and mesmerizing!!!

Secolo29Some of the makeup used, I love that they use the brands that I am familiar with no those brand that I have not came across before! 

Secolo33Shiyo drawing with eyeliner..

I have not try any double eyelid sticker before this and after looking at the after effect I’m sold.. I went to buy the sticker after that lol………..

Secolo32Left eye with Double Eyelid sticker, can you spot the huge difference?

Honestly, I am very impressed with Shiyo makeup skill and just realize he is my friend Joey’s senior! What a small world….

p/s: Been missing Joey, hope to catch up with her soon!!

If you need a makeup artist any soon for wedding or any occasion you can look for him at:

Shiyo Joo

I proceed for hairdo after done with makeup!! They make my hair top more volume and curl bottom half of my hair leaving the end straight.

DSC08295Hairdo in progress…

So here is the transformation of my look!!!!!!!!


So after that we change to the outfit that we have chosen the day before and then we will walking a simple runway to showcase our hair!

Secolo makeover
Beaded Jean Top: A life Journey
Black Sheer Skirt: H&M
Belt: A life Journey
Heel: New Look

Because I am walking so I don’t have the picture of me in action…Anyway here is the group picture of us after the hairshow… Managed to get a picture of Edazz walking the runway though..

picture credit to secolo hairdressing

imageFrom Left: Edazz, Me, Sunny (A Life Journey Boutique Owner), Jean, Sarah & Manne (Emcee)
picture credit to secolo hairdressing

imageFrom Left: Edazz, Me, Sunny, Shiyo, Makeup Artist (I Forget her name), Jean & Sarah
picture credit to secolo hairdressing

Also there are other celebrities who are invited for the hairshow too…

imageFrom Left: Christina, Sammi, Yumi, Evon & Amanda
picture credit to secolo hairdressing

and a selfie of all of us before we call it a night!


All guest are given a goodies bag that contain the Hair Fragrance and also a necklace from Foxy (From Canada).

imageWore the necklace to rave party the other night!

Special Thanks to Butterfly Project, Secolo Hairdressing, A Life Journey & Shiyo for letting me to experience being a celebrity for a night…. Mmmm actually not really celebrity but I do felt like because I get makeup, hairdo and also select my own outfit!!!!!!!!! Another final picture of my transformation..Do you love my new look??


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