My Crazy January Shopping Haul in Singapore

Monday, January 20, 2014

The last six month I was banned from shopping because I shopped too much. My darling Thomas said I can only shop in January 2014….. Even though I did sneak out and did some minor shopping here and there but it never been so joyful when I can shop freely without thinking too much whether I need it or whether I have budget for it. January is the month where I am free to shopping but I still try not to go too crazy because I am still saving up for crazy shopping in USA… But but my not so crazy shopping went a little overboard I guess!!!!!!!!!!! Well who can resist sales and pretty things right?? I know I can’t resist such temptations!! I was jumping with joy when I got invitation to Rendezvous Relaunch Party in Singapore and shopping in Singapore has always been the most fun thing I love to do!!!!!!!

Today i decided to share some of the things I buy for myself in January as well as some other gift and product I receive in January!!!! It’s a little overwhelming that my new cupboard is full now!!!!!!!


So it started a day before the New Year..I went to Curve and both Debenhams & Blush have massive sale on their bra!! It’s about 70% off and can you believe I get all these for less than RM 150??

Had enough of bra I did another round of panty of shopping in Victoria Secret (VS)… I love everything about Victoria Secret!!I watch all VS fashion show and to own those pretty, sweet and sexy lingerie is my dream for so long!! Well pretty thing always come with a price tag and I can’t afford to own any Victoria Secret lingerie…. I saw Tammy post about VS sale and immediately I went to the store the next day!!!!!!! I am so happy to see the tag discount in the panties corner!! Almost 40% off the original price and they look so pretty and sexy…….. I only took 3pieces because I worried it doesn’t fit me well…. I ask the staff he said UK 14 fit nicely in L size!! So I trust him and make my way to casher!

imageRM 65.90 for 3pcs usual RM 110

Isn't these panties lovely??? I just tested in an hour ago and boy they are so comfortable and so so so pretty…I regret for not buying them when I’m in airport!! If you have not try any Victoria Secret panties before I urge you to buy one now…..It’s a must have for every girl!!!! The prettiest and most comfy panty I have so far! and the sales is still going on what you waiting for??

Well the VS haul don’t end here… I went to airport and because of the duty free the price just got cheaper!!! I bought a Cherry blossom set for Iqa at only RM 49.80…It smell like heaven!!!!!!!! Super regret for not getting one for myself!!

Victoria Secret Cherry Blossom SetCherry Blossom Set RM 49.80

When I arrive in Singapore my days there revolve around meeting new friends, eating good food, exploring art, partying and shopping like crazy woman!!! Literally, I used up every single minute in Singapore without any rest!! My leg still in deep pain as I am typing now!

So here are a quick tips on where to go for shopping (I usually hunt for branded stuff in SG because there are cheaper compare to in Malaysia during sale! I don’t fancy stuff in Bugis because KL has better variety and lower price for these item !!) You know the sale in Singapore are real sales!! The one in Malaysia are just starters!!!!!!!!!!
For Big Brand and Other Medium Range Brand go ION Orchard. These are some of my favourite store!
  • New Look ( Love to buy heels here but choose wisely some are quite hard and painful to walk in)
  • Uniqlo (They are much cheaper compare to KL)
  • Stradivarius ( because this is not available in KL)
  • Forever 21 (More variety & they are much cheaper compare to KL)
  • H&M (more sales but item almost similar)
I find that Plaza Singapura quite fun to shop too…Only on the Ground Floor because there is 2 new shop I discover.
  • Skincare: Belif from Korea (the most truthful cosmetic brand that inherit British medical herbal list)
  • Bath & Body: Laline from Israel ( all the beautiful soaps and body product)
  • There’s another shop opposite of Laline but I forget the name! The item are all from Japan…very unique item!
Somerset 313 are almost similar to ION but if you can’t find the sizes you want in ION you can try branch in Somerset 313.
Abercrombie & Finch, I’d say you must come here for the interior design and if you can afford the clothing you should get one too..They are really comfortable!!
Changi Airport is the best place to buy perfume and Charles & Keith!!! There are duty free! I find perfume in Changi airport are the cheapest compare to other airport I went and Charles & Keith in the airport has the similar sales like those in shopping mall with duty free the price is really cheap!!
p/s: there is more but I think I am going to share more in another post!

Just so i thought I have enough of panty haul for the year or at least month, I saw this really sweet lacey polka panty from GAP!! They are only SGD 5 and it’s so soft and comfortable on my skin!!!! How could I resist?? Personally I never buy anything from GAP before but prolly I will in future because their quality is so good!

Singapore6Sweet Pink Lacey Panty, SGD 5

continuing my fashion shopping I got myself this pointy heel that I have been eyeing for when I saw it on Victoria Secret Fashion show!


These heel are absolutely sexy and gorgeous… I saw this heel while shopping in New Look ION, Orchard Road Singapore but it don’t look good on my feet…. So I opt for another more rock and elegant pointy heel with a thicker strap one!!!!!!!! The thing is it’s on sale and it’s selling at SGD 19.90 only!

Singapore1Look at these suede leather heel…There are the most comfy ones!

Oh I also got this really simple but gorgeous Cross Earing!! I’m a fan of cross accessories!! I have cross earring, cross bracelet, cross necklace and many more..


If you follow me, lately Im in love with studs and spikes..I know I am a bit late to join the bandwagon!! but but fashion never get old I think! As long as it look good one the person!!!!!
Tadaaaa got this spikey shorts from Forever 21 at SGD 15!!!!!! at first the tag show SGD 20 then when I pay at the counter it say SGD 15!!woohoo!!


I got myself another studs product ..These casual shoe…I dunno what this shoe called but I have been looking for one that feet my wide feet!!!!!!!!! This one fit very well and on 30% off..It’s SGD 36 after discount!!!! Such a bargain right?

Singapore2It look much much more pretty when it’s on my feet!!#OOTD post will be up soon!

Let’s move to my favourite haul in Singapore!! Bath & Body product!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, Im not really Bath & Body person until recent don’t know what gone wrong with me I start buying this yummy product from Lush!!!!!!!

Lush is having sale 30% off on most item except the hair mask!!!!!! I heard many people rave about it so I got myself one tub after much consideration when I’m in the shop!!!!!!!! It’s the last tub so yeah it’s sold out!!!!!!!!! Hahaha… I tried them already and loving every bit of it…Review will be up soon kay? I got little bit sad cos my bath bomb break into pieces but thank god another one are still in one piece! Since I don’t have bath tub at home I keep it in my wardrobe to perfumed my clothing while waiting for my next hotel stay with bath tub! LOL… The shower gel are limited edition from xmas and are now 30% off… I love the Rose Jam smell so yummy and it contains argan oil to moisturised your skin!!!!!!!!! Snow fairy smell as sweet as bubblegum candy!!!
Then I found this new Bath & Body Brand Laline from Israel… I got attracted by it’s beautiful store and beautiful packaging of the product!!!!! Saw one corner with slashed prices of SGD 9.90 for each!!! I got the dead sea salt scrub and the roll on perfume!!!!!! Then whole store is on 40% sale with any 3 ala carte item. So I got 2 bath bomb and perfume spray for only about SGD 10++ in total!!!!! Such an awesome bargain!!!!!!! I have not try anything from them yet but I believe they are awesome! The staff aso gave me stack of tracing paper for me to wrap my beauty swap box!!!!!!!!! God i walk out with a happy smiling face and literally feel like jumping up and down!!

Oh also got this Gel Eye Liner & 2 in 1 Eyeshadow Pen from Tony Moly for SGD 10 for both!! So worth it!! this is for my beauty swap!! hehehe…


Well before I end this post I would really want to say thank you to everyone who have been treating me so good this new year… I was blessed with all the below item and plus all the item I bought and that my cupboard is really full now!!!!!!!! So I am going to give away some to you my lovely reader!wait for the giveaway ya!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good night!!!!!!


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