Hair Review : Hair Now De Salon, Keratin Treatment + Hair Dip Dye

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I have been changing my hair colour like I change cloth daily…Okay not as frequent but I changed colour of my dip dyed hair almost every month for the last three month. Do you know how much damage can the colouring and bleaching could do to my hair? It’s heart breaking I tell you… My hair is extremely dry and weak….Every time I want to comb my hair it’s either tangled together or it’s too weak to a point it break… It’s such a pain to see my hair break… So I went to my regular Salon, Hair Now De Salon to ask what can saved my damaged hair… Florence recommend trying Keratin Treatment.

C360_2014-01-25-18-39-55-250Current Hair 

What is Keratin & Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a type of protein that originally contains inside our hair that strengthen our hair structure. Well, in fact it’s the main ingredient of our hair. Through chemical treatment, these keratin will be damaged and loose out from out hair. When our hair keratin lost, it will results in frizzy, dull and dry hair… Thus, this is how Keratin Treatment help to repair our damaged hair…

Keratin Treatment is a process to restore keratin to strengthen you hair shaft at the same time help to keep your hair straight for 3-6 months… It is more of a relaxing treatment where the straightening effect is not as strong as the rebonding and will not last as long too. It is said that it will results is frizz free hair, smooth and shiny hair and straighter hair too.

Keratin Treatment Process

Just before the keratin treatment, I bleached my hair because I do not want my original pink colour and wanted a more vibrant colour. So, Florence apply the keratin treatment cream all over my hair and without washing it off. Then, she blow dry my hair and use a flat iron to seal the keratin into my hair.
They use Keratin Treatment cream from Eugene Perma from Paris. You can also purchase the shampoo and mask from this range to maintain your hair condition after the treatment.

Hair Now De Salon1

So after, that my hair just have to leave the keratin cream that is blow dry and straighten for at least two days before I can wash them off…

Hair Now De Salon2Keratin Treatment in progress

What Cindy Think?

I have that idea of having smooth, shiny and stronger hair after the Keratin Treatment. However, my hair condition is really damaged and it did not came out like what I expected. This is a chronicle of all the chemical treatment I do on my hair.

6 Months ago : Colour + Bleach + Dip Dye
45 days ago : Color + Relaxing
3 weeks ago : Bleach + Dip Dye + Keratin Treatment

Right after the treatment before I can wash off my hair, each and every hair strand feel very thick and coarse (it is normal to feel so) because the keratin plug every hole of my hair (it’s the damage caused by all the chemical treatment I do on my hair). Do you know Relaxing treatment will also damage your hair althought your hair look smooth and shiny after the treatment?? After washing it, I feel my hair is much shinier but still very frizzy and dry. I don’t remember whether it’s only the dip dye part is dry and the rest are smooth and frizz free because I am so worry that all my attention focused on the dip dye portion where it is dry, frizzy and all tangled together.

So, I went Google and ask my friends about their keratin treatment that they did and even another friend who did keratin at the same place I did with the same product. All of them told me they have soft, smooth, shiny and healthier hair after the Keratin Treatment. So, I figured out it must be my hair problem because it’s too damage already… Good thing is after the Keratin Treatment my hair feel stronger as it does not break easily. I am happy that I don’t need to chopped off all my hair as this Keratin treatment help restore my hair nutrient and strength even after so many terrible chemical I have put in!!

Eugene Prema Curless Keratin Treatment

My Hair tone change to a lighter brown color I don't know why… and yeah if you look closely it is much shinier than before… I did not take any picture of my super weak after bleach hair but my hair never felt this strong before...




I went Google for solution for my frizzy and tangled hair and I have found solution for it. Now I am glad my hair is much healthier and smoother again and frizz free too.. I will share with you how I rescue my hair and also how to take care dip dye hair in another post. So stay tune ya…. I changed my hair dip dye color to pink & purple last week after recovering my hair just in time for Chinese New Year!! So fun to keep on playing with different hair colour!!


If you love to try out this Keratin Treatment just call up Florence for appointment and mention my blog name and you might get a special price for this.

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**Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review but I did get a discounted price in return for a write up of my experience with this salon. However, this does not affect any of my opinion written in this post.


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