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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Like people always say a new year, a new look!! So if you had read about my make over with Mr Len you must realize I got a hair makeover too..The curls and the new multiple yellow and brown tone and slightly fade off of pink on the inner tail is the new look for 2014.

All thanks to Butterfly Project & Secolo Hairdressing Salon, I got my hair makeover just before Christmas and right in time for the biggest celebration of my race Chinese New Year.

A little bit about Secolo Hairdressing before I share with you the hair makeover process. The salon comprise of the main colour element like white, black and gold in its salon interior design… When I first walk into the salon it gave me a very English feeling because of the washed off maroon sofa and then the pink umbrella hanging on the ceiling gave a very futuristic look to the salon. The pink umbrella represent Muriem a pink color range under No Three a famous Hair Product Brand from Japan. At the counter, it look all mysterious and the hair do section is very spacious… With slow jazz music playing, it’s indeed a very classical moment to have your done in Secolo…Sometime almost too classical and romantic that it reminds me of time when I was in England.

Secolo Hairdressing

Secolo has many year of experience in hairdressing industry and the founder Mr Ray Chan as receive multiple award in hairdressing category and promise to deliver an excellent hair treatment or service to every customer who will do their hair in Secolo. They put priority in customer needs and requirement on their preferred hair style and colour. Ray advocate the the Japanese-style hair fashion concepts where they emphasize on a pretty ladylike hairstyle that brings out the femininity in you!

Me and another 3blogger were invited to attend Pink Memories Event and all of us did hair makeover the day before the event. So what have actually done to my hair???

1. Relaxing (Straightening Process)
Since my original hair were not too curly relaxing is good enough to make it look straighten…Relaxing help to make my frizzy and slightly curl hair to look smooth, straight and manageable..

    “I love hair that are easy to manage to the extend where combing is not required even when I woke up!”

So Wesley start my hair with relaxing before proceeding to colour my hair… As usual the first step of relaxing always begin with applying the softening cream to soften my hair texture so that later the hair can be straighten.

Secolo5The heater help to maintain my hair temperature so that the chemical can penetrate into my hair uniformly.
After that, they wash my hair and blow dry it. Right after hair straightener is used to straighten my hair before they proceed to colouring.


Actually I was surprised that the relaxing can be completed in such a short time. This is the shortest time I encounter so far…Even in some salon 2 people is doing my hair at the same time but just not as quick as Secolo’s hairstylist. This is a plus point for busy people like me!!

2. Colouring

Next part is where hair stylist skill is being tested. He need to balance my black colour on the root with the rest of the colour on my golden brown colour. So the theme for this time is to make my hair look very natural but yet feminine…. It look like highlight but not as vibrant as highlight where you will not be able to see stands of different colour on my hair but a very smooth toning that will reflect under bright lighting… So if you want to see in details of my hair colour please continue to read kay?

There is total 3 staff and Ray the director will only be in the salon by appointment only. I feel proud to be able to meet him in person and that he did most of my hair colouring was really awesome. While I am doing my hair, I can see there is many incoming customer quite good business even on weekday!

I swear the hair colour done in less than 15minutes (exclude waiting time for the colour to penetrate into my hair off course). Both Ray & Wesley did the colouring… I have no idea how…I didn't even manage to capture a picture of them doing base colouring for my hair! Only manage to capture when Wesley dye my hair tail! I thought he going to take some time to do the tone part by part!

Secolo9Wesley applying purple to my hair tail…

p/s: my final tail colour is in pink because purple is too dull to Ray suggest to go for pink instead!

Basically Ray coloured my entire hair together with Wesley except the tail were all done by Wesley. Washing hair part is done by another pretty lady… This is the part I like about Secolo. I don’t need to tell her to please give my hair or head a lil massage after sitting on the chair for some time…She will just run through the hair shampoo and then she start to massage my hair and she does not scratch hard with her finger nails on my scalp because my scalp is very sensitive after the hair treatment..It will cause more damage with more scratches! The hair shampoo are from Muriem series and they smell so fruity…

Secolo24Hair Shampoo used to wash my hair and the conditioner
3. Treatment

There is basically 3 step in the hair treatment!


1st Step is Inner Cream: Effective adsorb to and permeate damage parts.
2nd Step is Bind Cream: Create Even base on any kind of hair.
3rd Step is Outer Cream: Create Silky shine hair.


When she is applying the treatment she will keep on massage my hair strands so the treatment is evenly spread and also can penetrate deep into my hair!


There is an extra step which is using the Nano mist machine to spray Nano mist onto my hair. It helps to ensure the treatment nutrition penetrate deep into my hair because these particle are in Nano particle size which is extremely fine so it’s easier to absorb by my hair.


So right after the treatment, again my hair is blow dry and then Ray came over to have a check on my hair color. He then do a final finishing to my hair style by doing a loose curl with straight ends… Oh, he also spray Muriem Hair Fragrance on my hair and hell yeah they smell so good….. Because it has peach note in it!! Gosh my favourite scent!!

Secolo21Hair Fragrance

Hair Fragrance? What?? Yes it work just like your body perfume and the texture is very similar to Hair Spray…. Imagine you just finish a steamboat or barbeque session with your friends and your hair smell like charred kuey teow, this fragrance can turn your hair smelling like you have just wash your hair!! If only they have hair spray with this scent I will definitely buy them!

I kinda love the curl he does and will try to do this myself too in future!!!

hair color by secolo 1

So this is how the colour look without any curls and without blow drying too…

hair color by secolo

After I put on makeup!

DSC08498Can you see the color tones? Amazing isn’t it?

After I curl my hair! This was pretty rush one…..Stay tune to my instagram for my picture of a properly done hair curl!!

and of course hair curl and makeup done by professional which had fetch quite a number likes on my FB! Many say I look more Korean now!! What you think?

mrlens contact lens

Honestly, I really love how Ray do the color toning..It’s so natural yet outstanding under bright lighting…If you are working and are not allowed to dye extreme color but wanted something new and different you should really give Secolo Salon a try!! I am very amazed with their hair colouring skill and the fact that they complete hair relaxing and colouring in less than 4 hour for my hair length!! That’s pretty impressive no??

After our hairdo we get to visit A Life Journey fashion store to pick our clothing for Pink Memories event the day after! Fuhh like a Popstar!!! Well you will have to stay tune on my one day PopStar experience!!! Here is a photo of the event!

Oh here is the pricelist in case you interested to make an appointment with Secolo Hairdressing Team!


Secolo Hair Dressing

No 45G, Jalan rampai Niaga 5, 
Rampai Business Park, 
53300, Setapak, WP Kuala Lumpur, 
53300, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-4142 9192

 Lot 04-50 4th floor Berjaya Times square,
1 Jalan imbi , 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-2142 9192

Till then stay tune for more awesome post from me!

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