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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Cupcakes are a small, dainty size cake served as a single serving. It’s portion controlled in the cup size which is lined with wax paper or foil for fast removal, and allow people to handle the cupcakes without getting their hands dirty which in turn makes it portable, open to lots of decorating strategies that would entice sweet tooth lovers, and tasty.

clip_image002Cupcakes Galore
*Courtesy of Mokky

I got these lovely cupcake had delivered by Jolene the baker of these adorable cupcakes just few days before Christmas! Indeed a very adorable eatable Christmas present! So what makes these lovely cupcakes different from others? The cupcakes are made from scratch, with all natural ingredients and no added preservatives which adds a plus point. Since there are no preservatives, it is advisable that these cupcakes may only be kept in the fridge for a week to ensure the taste is maintained.

clip_image004Lovely Cupcakes
Upon taking the first bite, I was smitten by delightful light and fluffy texture which complements the thin icing right on top. The taste is well balanced between sweet and overly sweet. Jolene, whom is behind the wonderful creation of art and also Rolling Pin, does both fondant and butter icing.

clip_image006Season Greeting Cupcakes

Those cute fondant icing designs depict on the cupcakes are crafted by Jolene and available for various occasions. The flavours available to date are vanilla butter cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes and red velvet. The flavours are equally as good though prefer the chocolate flavour, given its rich chocolate content in its base of the cupcakes.

clip_image008Red Velvet Cupcakes

Price varies according to the size of cupcakes, quantity and the type of designs involve. These cupcakes are ideal for various occasions or just simple indulgence as they roll love into their cupcakes. So go grab and try it for yourself today.

Instagram user: @rollingpin90
For booking enquiries:
Jolene @ 0173095020


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