Christmas OOTD

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Just came back from new year outing with bunch of Butterflies…. still having hangover from last night party!! I’ll post that later.. For now I would love to share with you what I put on this Christmas. So this year Christmas was a little bit different because I celebrate with bunch of friends and my love one…Before this I just celebrate with Thomas or family..just a simple dinner..

This year I have Xmas Potluck Party with the Butterflies and with my Krabi Krazy Klub! So I thought Christmas is the best time to wear sweater and socking with my heel!
So here is the first Christmas Look!

Pink Sweater
Sweater – Promod
Skirt – H&M
Heel – New Look
Stocking – Sock World
Belt – Boutiques Times Square
Necklace – Diva

Honestly, I fell in love with wearing stoking over heel..They make my feet more comfortable..It create cushioning effect!! Also it look adorable especially if you chose those stocking with sweet lace and lovely ribbon on!


I really love Christmas but for some reason I don’t fancy neither red or green in my wardrobe! So the closest colour that I have for Christmas is pink and orange and maybe white (snow ma…)? LOL…

On the actual Christmas day I wore this Peachy Skort and I think a lot people think it look pretty…I see guy and girls turn head while I walking pass the shops in Gardens… *feeling proud and happy!hehehe

Peachy Skort

Top – Cultivation, Isetan
Skort – Shop in Bangkok
Heel – Payless
Bag – Night Market

This is my one and only skort and I love it so much…..I got this skort from a plusize shop in Terminal 21,Bangkok. The quality for the fabric is very good and comfortable!! The cutting is very good for someone that are slightly big in size as it look very flattering on me.

Peachy Christmas7

You know I am a lazy bum when come to ironing..I usually send them to dobby to iron them!! Because of this I love to buy top or bottoms that need no ironing…Usually chiffon material is chilling, comfortable, flattering and need no ironing!! So yeah this top save me from ironing and make me looking good at the same time!

Peachy Christmas12

The bag was a great bargain I got from a night market near my house…It cost me RM30++  if I did not remember wrongly… While the studs pointy heel are another great buy one free one haul from Payless!!!!!!! I gotta say this is my favourite heel because it is so comfortable that I can wear it for whole day shopping!

Peachy Christmas8

So that’s what I wear last Christmas.. Which one you prefer to see me in? The skirt or the skort? What about you? Did you wear something green or red for Christmas Celebration?


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