Beauty Review: Evolu Decrease Eye + Lip Serum

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I wanted to get my hand on this product for very long!! So today I will be reviewing Evolu Decrease Eye + Lip Serum. I fell in love with Evolu after I went to their launch few months ago!! If you have not heard of Evolu yet, you can read about them here:

I love product made from natural and organic ingredient and Evolu has everything I love! I have never used any eye serum and serum for lip? never..So I was a little bit excited to try this out!

Just a brief introduction, Evolu is a brand came from New Zealand using natural ingredients and simple formula that are custom-designed to nourish and restore balance to the skin's natural mechanisms. For details of Evolu brand you click the link above where I had write about it in my previous post.


This high-performance overnight treatment addresses lines and wrinkles in the eye and lip area and delivers visible results with on-going use. This serum contains extracts of tiger nut and marine wakame algae which help reinforce the resilience of the dermis, strengthening connective tissue at deep levels. Another moisturising content, the shea butter help to store moisture in our skin and also help defence against visible signs of aging. Evolu's potent Active AgeDefence Complex delivers a powerful infusion of antioxidants.

Evolu eye lip serum7

Product Info
Product Name : Evolu Eye + Lip Serum
Net Weight : 15ml
Price : RM 278
Where to Buy : Skin Topic Nationwide (Malaysia) & (International)
Skin Type : All skin type

Main Ingredient

It contains extracts of tigernut tuber, wakame algae,  shea butter and Active AgeDefence Complex. I did a little Google on tigernut and wakame algae as I never hear about them yet. Tigernut tubers contain high protein which helps to repair and reinforce our skin dermis layer.

evolu tigernut tuberpicture courtesy of google image

Wakame algae on the other hand is a type of brown algae which increase collagen production and this help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin especially around eyes area.

evolu wakame algaepicture courtesy of google image

As for shea butter, a very common ingredient to retain moisture in our skin ensuring skin always look smooth and no dry patch.

For full ingredient list refer to below picture:

Evolu eye lip serum9


The outer packaging is quite normal nothing special but yes the box quality are good not the flimsy type for sure. Box itself has all the info you need to know about the product.

Evolu eye lip serum9

I always love this type of pump bottle because it’s easy to dispense the product and it’s hygienic. It’s more perfect when the size of the pump is accurate enough to pump the right amount of product I need for my face but sadly not in this case.

Evolu eye lip serum13

The bottle come with a convenient cap push lock which is very easy to lock it in place and it does not came off easily.

Evolu eye lip serum6

I only need about half a pump for both my eyes and lips. It’s very concentrated but easily spreadable so a tiny drop will be sufficient.. I always end up pumping too much out and I layer my eyes and lip with more serum…. It can be a waste especially when the product is very expensive and eye serum is always an expensive investment.

Texture & Scent

It has a very mild plant scent almost scentless I would say… As for the texture it has a consistent milky gel alike texture… It’s very concentrated but yet very easy to spread on the skin so you only need little bit the serum for the entire eyes.

Evolu eye lip serum textureCan you see that it's highly concentrated?

How to Use

Very simple just like how you apply your eye cream and lip balm. Like I say half a pump is more than enough unless you have super huge eyes and thick lips LOL! For eyes just use your ring finger to swipe from inner corner of you eyes to the outer corner. While for the lip using circular motion start from one corner to another end. Refer to below picture for details of the direction of application. For best result used it overnight when your body rest.

Evolu eye lip serum1

Cindy’s Thought
I have never used any eye serum before. You can still apply eye cream on top of the serum. For me I think the serum alone is good enough. So far I am loving this eye serum especially the non sticky texture even though it’s oily prolly it’s very nourishing but I don’t feel sticky or greasy… One thing I love about this cream is it does not sting my eyes.

When apply on my eyes I felt very moisturising and it does not cause any discomfort like some eye cream does. As for effect I love how it work on my lips. I seldom have chapped lip after using this. For eyes wise the my eye dark circle only lighten by around 20%? Some lines on my eyes look less visible too..

Evolu eye lip serum result
Evolu eye lip serum result1

For lip, it sure help to hydrate my dry lip and for some reason my lip appear to be more pinkish compare to before…Maybe my lip absorb all the protein from the ingredient in the serum.

Evolu eye lip serum result 3

As much I love the texture of this product but I think it’s quite expensive and the pump dispense quite a lot of serum every pump… I think it can’t last me more than 3month… Now I am using it for about 3 week now..I can’t really see how much serum left. Well eye product are never cheap don't they?I will continue to monitor on its performance I might repurchase this Evolu Decrease Eye + Lip Serum if I have not found any cheaper option that produce same result.

For more info checkout the following links:

Evolu Official Website
SkinTopic Malaysia Official Website


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