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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yesterday I was angry at myself and pretty sad when I realize I left my laptop at Shu Uemura…Oh gosh so careless!! Thank god I manage to find their phone number and the laptop is with them…Going to redeem from them later…. So I drive home feeling glad that laptop is safe but definitely not happy for being careless!
Upon reaching home I saw a parcel from Citilink and I immediately tear off the plastic wrapping and a lovely pink colour BeauBox!!! I am so so happy!!!!!! It definitely brighten my day…

Do you agree spring is the most beautiful season among all?? Wind blow, sun finally up again and flower blossom during springs. It brings a new start to some people after the dull and gloomy winter especially to the flowers and trees… Flower showing faces and leaves flickering on the branch when wind blows… Isn’t it beautiful?? In conjunction with spring season, beauty brands always take this opportunity to came up with colour theme and pretty packaging! This month BeauBox is Luxe Flora where you can see beautiful colours in the box!!!!!

BeauBox Luxe Floral7

I am not going to do a in depth review of the box as I am tied up at work currently will definitely update the in depth review soon!For now I really wanna show you guys what is inside the box!! So this time it came with a card instead of a scroll..

BeauBox Luxe Floral8

I got my first BeauBox hand delivered and this time is via CityLink delivery. I am super impressed with the padding used to secure the box and every item received in good condition!!!!!!!

BeauBox Luxe Floral1

I was pretty excited to know the content of the box and yes yes yes there is 3 makeup product in it and one oil remover!!!!!!!! The sexy blender is an extra for me not sure if other subscriber get it too!!!!!!!!!

BeauBox Luxe Floral2All item in the box!

What’s inside the box??

1. Reverence Oil – Able to remove all dirt and makeup while ensuring no pores clogging and natural oil is not stripped of from your skin.

BeauBox Luxe Floral3

2. Sexy Blender – Perfect tool to blend your BB cream and Liquid foundation

BeauBox Luxe Floral5

3. Stare Palette (Naughty or Nice) – Come in 6 vibrant colour complete with a darker mocha tones to line your eyes and sand colour as highlighter.

BeauBox Luxe Floral6

4. Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1Eyeliner & Shadow (come in 2 different colour) – Are you a frequent traveller? This is a must have for traveller as it is so convenient because it can be use as eyeliner or as cream shadow… Perfect for creating Smokey eyes…

BeauBox Luxe Floral4

p/s some subscriber also get Secret Flush a creme to powder blush/ highlighter

My favourite will be Reverence Oil & the Black Eyeliner & Shadow!! I am not quite contented with the colour of the palette and also the eyeliner because I love bright hues… To me the palette colour tone are more on the light side but good thing is it add up to my collection because I do not have many light colour shadow!!!!!!! Time for me to play around with lighter tones!!

My box value cost about RM 456 (exclude sexy blender) but subscription fee is only RM89 for now!!!!!! Super worth it right??? I never get any eye shadow palette from other box yet!!!!!! As for colour theme I prefer the first box but I love this box because of the eyeliner!! I cant wait to try them…So what do think about this box? Let me know in the comment box below kay??

Okay now who wants a free BeauBox from me?? It's simple just like Beaubox FB Page, once they reach 500 likes the giveaway will be unlock!!!!! So wait no more start liking now!!!!!!!! 

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