Tiger Radler: Double Refreshment

Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy TGIF and it’s the day of the week that most look forward to which is to unwind and relax through the weekend. What better way to kick off with the latest addition to the array of beverages under G.A.B (Guinness Anchor Berhad), the new, Tiger Radler that is to excite with the double refreshment, double the party. The launch takes place at KL Live on 6th Dec 2013.

tiger radler 1The Front

tiger radler 2There are prizes to giveaway

From the entrance, guest is ushered through the arch with Tiger’s backdrop of the Tiger Radler to take some pictures before heading into the main hall for the event. So i had grabbed myself a picture or 2, since most had already done it so join in the fun.

tiger radler 3The Selfie of the Night
We continued to proceed to the main hall where the stage is set and the crowd was still growing. In blink of the eye, everyone have a bottle to go for the night and it was crowded.

tiger radler 4Main Hall

tiger radler 5No, it’s a dude, not Casper
(*Photo illusion due to camera acting up as the beer is refreshing)
After taking the first sip, find the Tiger Radler very refreshing as it lived up to its motto, Double refreshment. The all-new variant of the Tiger Beer which sees some interesting combination as the crisp and easy-drinking taste of Tiger Beer combine with natural lemon juice to produce a beverage that is undoubtedly refreshing that is great for night out if would like to smooth and easy on the drinks.

tiger radler 6Tiger Radler, Double the taste, Double refreshment
There are also booths for a quick photo capture on the Tiger Radler which participant chooses their preference of props to get snapped with.

tiger radler 8The Photobooth

tiger radler 9The End take of the Photo
There is also the Instagram posting which requires guest to snap a picture that depicts Tiger Radler, tag #mytigerradler, #TigerBeerMY, and #mydoublerefreshment and walk away with a T-Shirt of your choice (Printed or Design it yourself).

tiger radler 10The Colour similar to the theme
The emcee starts the evening with some feature highlights line up for the evening that is set to thrill audience and have a good time.

tiger radler 11The emcee introducing the night highlights

Later on we were treated to the opening act by a Malaysian that goes by Andrew Netto. Yes, the funny indian dude that opened for Russell Peters during his show in Malaysia and liven the entire hall. The crowd burst into multiple laughter with his quick one liners and political jokes. I had almost trip a few times with bottle as he made some funny references.

tiger radler 12Comedian – Andrew Netto
So what’s a party without music as we are in treat with our Malaysian music, One Buck Short that serenades some of their single hits. Slowly but surely, the Tiger Radler had slowly worked its magic to release and relax whilst enjoying the performance that is truly electrifying.

tiger radler 13Music Band – One Buck Short

There is also a showcase performance that highlights Tiger Radler’s main attribute colours while kept the audience glued to its visual lights performance and glittering bright colours.

tiger radler 14The “Ying Yang” of Tiger Radler

The performance goes on with another music band that truly rocked the stage with their music beats.

tiger radler 16Music Band on stage
With all those bottles that one can chugged down, it was time to call it a night and get some rest for the coming weekend. Great evening with Tiger Radler, double the taste, double refreshment.

tiger radler 17Cheers

So signing off now with the Tiger Radler in tow.

For more info checkout this link http://mydoublerefreshment.com.my/


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