Solution for Cracked Screen on Your Smart Phone

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Good morning guys, well not so happy for me... Some of you might have seen my status updates on FB recently on my S3 screen cracked… It happened during our romantic dinner to celebrate Thomas’s Birthday at Steakhouse KL and you can read all about SteakHouse food review here which by the way, an amazing dining experience despite the incident…

Yes, it was supposed to be a romantic dinner and I had planned it so long because I wanted to make him happy…But everything changes after he had dropped the phone, he was extremely sad and my heart is writhing in pain as primarily not because of the phone, rather I wanted to see him smile!!!

another thought beside wanting to make him happy because he is the birthday boy, I was thinking whether I should punish him? If you follow my blog you know he drop the camera 2months ago and now my phone.... So should I punish hime for his carelessness?? LOL jokes aside let go back to our topic!

clip_image002The Epic Fall

Initially we had planned to go Sunway Lagoon on the next day but because the phone screen would definitely need replacement, which we had cancelled it. Well I still hope that I can go Sunway Lagoon soon…Haih!!

Now back to the topic, after spending the whole night googling for viable solutions, here are some of the solution if your phone screen cracked… In my case for Samsung phone!

1. Go to Samsung Centre, they will get it done for you within 2-3 hour… Warranty for one month and they change the screen including the digitizer (the touch screen hardware). Using original Samsung Amoled Screen. For S3 it costs about RM 600 (which includes the front screen, digitizer & LCD as S3 series comes with the complete front). For subsequent models, the repair cost depends on the screen’s size and extend of the damage as it might affect the on board circuitry (It’s quite frail after one or two drop on hard surface).

clip_image003Front Screen (Complete with Digitizer and LCD)
2. Go to handphone repair shop (in Digital Mall) or you can google for other repair shop. It takes a minimum 3 days and they would only change the screen without digitizer (Depending on the severity and impact of the screen). I cannot assure whether screen is Samsung original. It would set you back about RM 250-400 for S3 (Front screen excluding the digitizer & LCD) provided the touch screen is still functioning.

clip_image004The Front Screen
3. Purchase the screen online with the repair kit (It is widely available in USA, you can purchase them via Ebay) and replace the screen provided if you are sure and confident with your skill as a small glitch would prompt the misalignment on the touch screen… The screen and the repair kit would cost about RM 100 ++ (Do it at your own risk)
clip_image005Front screen (with Repair Kit)
  1. I would not recommend this solution. If the crack on the screen is not that bad and you wanna save some money then you can leave it without doing anything…I have seen many phone user screens crack by spidey can weave and still can last for a period of time which by then you can purchase a new phone!!!
clip_image007A Smashing Sight
We decided on the first option because of the timing, it takes less than 3hour to do the replacement as the part are guaranteed original by Samsung and the workmanship is assured by Samsung specialized techies. In addition, they change the complete part regardless the damage, as minor misalignment could ruined the phone usage experience. Though it’s slightly pricey but the quality is assured!
Hope these solution and tips helped you which similarly I hope this won’t be useful for you because that would mean your phone screen had cracked!

Signing off tata..


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