Maxis 4G LTE Bloggers Blaze

Monday, December 16, 2013

A bright sunny day on a beautiful Sunday morning is definitely a recipe of a great day. With clear blue sky and smooth traffic, made my way to the Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze event held at The Curve. Upon arriving on site, the rows of cars were parked in coordinate line and there were lots of balloon with some unusual sticker on it which we would later find out what it is.

clip_image002On Standby
Surprisingly arrive just on time as the registration commences. Well thank goodness had skipped the thought of breakie before head on over as there is light breakfast prepared and moreover, there is coffee (Required for optimal performance after waking in the morning).

clip_image004Where it all begins
clip_image006Bloggers warming up

What better way to start the event with Ben from FlyFm helmed as the emcee of the day and one couldn’t help shake off the voice his other persona as the Dong Krappi Dong Dong. Didn’t muster enough courage to shout Dong Krappi is in da house (Though the thought ran through several times) but manage to get a quick shot with him.

clip_image008Yeah buddy ^.^
Anyway in the registration, we were pre assigned team and would have to elect a Team Leader after the members assemble. I got drafted into the team named Pirahna (Ya, the legendary carnivorous flesh eating fish) and elected as the team leader. Also we’re armed with the Samsung Galaxy Note II 4G enabled and a passport that would capture all the challenges required.
clip_image010The Armament
clip_image012Shakkido getting the details down
clip_image014Team Pirahna, Assembled

A quick brief of the event that will consist of travelling, some house rules and most importantly, have a great time.

clip_image016Ben, from FlyFm getting the deets
We have Fernie Jasmine, Head of Brand Maxis elaborate on the event concept. Essentially Maxis 4G LTE Bloggers Blaze is a challenge with a 4G tech twist. It is to demonstrate the coverage and speed of Maxis’ 4G LTE speed by associating with activities containing elements of speed, adrenaline fueled and high energy levels. There will be series of challenges that require both physical agility as well as the super-quick Maxis 4G LTE connection which we will soon find out.

clip_image018Fernie Jasmine, Head of Brand Maxis explaining

Quickly we moved onto the main event where everyone has been waiting for. Prior to that, a quick snap on the teams which the energy fills the air to win the prizes that Maxis has installed for the winners.

clip_image020Go BLOGGERS!
Here we came to know the purpose of the sticker on the balloon as Ben explained. Given the various team competing, the balloon sticker is comprised of QR code that has the address inscribe into it that would show the location of the challenges awaits. A quick stop on the Play Store and download the app to scan the QR code which happens in mere seconds, thanks to the super fast 4G connection. However the catch is while some balloon has the real sticker, the rest is decoys to throw the team of the time and unfortunately our team had fallen for the decoy once too many times.

clip_image022Fernie flagging off

clip_image023The QR code (Scan this and you’ll know why)

Probably after spending quite a fair amount of time (It’s getting rather late), we were given the route to the first challenge. Our team quickly hopped into the car and drove off like speedy Gonzales (Like literally but within reasonable limits). A quick scan on the code leads us to our first challenge which is at Sunway Lagoon.

clip_image025The First Challenge

clip_image027The First Venue (*Screenshot taken from another device)

The Samsung Galaxy Note II comes preloaded with WAZE navigation and with the super fast connectivity of the 4G, we plot and navigate our course to the venue challenge. The challenge drop us the hint to park at the lowest basement as this would lead us directly to the challenge course. Upon arrival, we are greeted with the counter and require completing the mini challenge. The mini challenge would require all 4 team members to play the game called Drag Racing as part of the time challenge. A quick stop to Play Store and download the app which is done in a jiffy as the blazing fast connectivity of the 4G that is very impressive, given we are in the cyber age where super fast connectivity is very crucial.

clip_image029The Mini Challenge

clip_image031With Blazing 4G fast speed, we zoomed by the challenge
After getting completing the challenge, we proceed with the main challenge that takes place at the Go-Kart track. The objective, complete the lap as fast as possible. All participants are given a lap to adapt to the track and subsequent 3 laps to complete it. Unlike the usual one seater, we were given the double seater.

clip_image033The Go-Kart Track

As we made our way to complete the 3 laps, the vibration drawn from the road and the engine, certainly rattle some parts of the body as feel slightly wobbly upon stepping out of the kart. (Due to unforeseen circumstances, the picture of our team was kept in the phone from Maxis and it was returned without exporting it out. Bummer L) We receive our next set of challenge.

clip_image035The Second Challenge

clip_image037The Second Venue (But Monkeyz? Oh boy..)
After all the running around, we made a quick pit stop (Even F1 needs to refill and tyre check, you dig?) to grab some light food before onto our next event. Using the given vouchers, we grab a bite from the Burger King and made our way to the car.

clip_image039Burgers for the hungry Fishes
Scanned the QR code and identifying the location in Wangsa Maju at the place called Mad Monkeyz which is about 25km from our present location. We made haste as our driver for the day, Shakkido navigating through the vehicle with help of the WAZE.

clip_image041The Fast and The Serious

clip_image043Smooth sailing across the expressway

As we quickly munch down the burgers, all of us in the car were discussing on what the challenge might be and we got it hard as a quick check through the net depicts the nature of the venue. Madmonkeyz is a indoor bouldering gym which pretty much gave us the idea on the next challenge.

Each team member is required to participant in two way challenge. First pair would head on up to retrieve the pole flag, located on top middle section of the boulder wall and the second pair would have to climb back up to place the flag back at its position. Sounds easy, with the emerging scenes from Cliffhanger with Stallone in tow.

clip_image045Easy does it..

Each team is given a timeframe within 6 mins and failure to do so, would be penalised an additional 20 mins. had gone up twice to complete the course as we were pressed for time and the arms does hurt a little as being the first timer, taking a swing like a monkey. (Go figure on the name)

clip_image047Almost there..

After completing the challenge, we head to the last challenge which takes place from the initial starting point. We were guessing the challenge should take in the form of food or drinks and we were right on the mark as we arrive in the sight of the first round in the final challenge which involving the gorging down a quarter size watermelon. The challenge requires participant to finish the watermelon with the hands behind as fast as possible and only the team leader is allowed to hold the watermelon. Now that is a challenge worth all the effort pulled in.

clip_image049Bloggers getting ready

clip_image051It’s MUNCH TIME!!

Soon after came the second round where the later team taking a go at it. Prepping for any eventuality, taking a breather before gorging down the watermelon.

clip_image053Buy these, tasty and juicy watermelon.. RAWR!!
By the time we’re done with the challenge, we are dead beat as fatigue sets in and lunch doesn’t appeal as much as a glass of ice chilled water to quench the thirst while cleaning up after the carnage inflicted upon those melons. After getting a good rest, it was time to announce the winners of the challenge for the Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze.

clip_image055Are you guys ready?

Later Yoges from Maxis came on stage to announce the winner though later relinquish the honour to Ben.

clip_image057Yoges from Maxis

Announcing from second place is Team Leopard whom scored themselves each with a brand new iPad Mini and the Maxis brand new 4G LTE device.

clip_image058Congrats, Team Leopard
The winner and champion for the challenge goes to Team Stallion whom each scored the super stylish and brand new units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Maxis 4G LTE enabled device. Great job to the team.

clip_image059Congrats Team Stallion for scoring some sweet prizes.

Though our team didn’t win but our initial pledge is that we have a great time and the experience is truly most memorable. We did however walk away with the goodies bag courtesy of Maxis.

clip_image061The Goodies
clip_image063The goodies to use

Being out and about for almost the entire day, it’s time to head back to rest for the coming week. Special thanks to the people of Maxis to organise such events which we would be looking forward for more to come and also the great people that participate in the event which have shown much energy and the determination to brave through the challenges.
Signing off for now, see ya.


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