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Monday, December 23, 2013

December is the month of celebration, not just Christmas and new year but all my friends to be specific my schoolmate decided to get marry in December too!!! I seriously have a big issue here because it’s been so long since I last met them and I definitely need to be at my best…. I screen through available options, buying new dress? errr…I don’t have much spare cash for it because I spent a lot for Christmas and i need to save up some for the angpau money for the bride! Ermm I went to Payless since they have Buy One Free One but still the new heel doesn’t makes much different! OH yes I know a hairdo right?? That is a must and I done it but just felt something missing…
DSC08437Decided to ask some friends for some suggestion.. whatapp my babe and she suggest me to try  mrlens contact lens…. I am a bit sceptical because never wear a wore a contact lens before and heard some people say it’s quite uncomfortable to wear it…Since my babe recommend it I decided to checkout the website…


It’s easy, so I just type mrlens in google it come out at top!

The MrLens online shopping store is very user friendly so even you are first time online shopper you won’t face any problem completing your order at all!! Ok with just 10 simple steps your contact lens will arrive on your door steps.

Chop Chop..Before we move on to the shopping part a brief introduction of MrLens. MrLens is the the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe. Now MrLens is expanding it’s territory and has arrive in Asia that includes Malaysia! MrLens dedicated to provide you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. Some of the brands and products that MrLens carry are contact lenses, cleaners, sunglasses, perfumes, Gillette® razor blades and Oral-B toothbrush heads.
Now back to our shopping!!!! First step is to sign up! Oh Look you can be rewarded by referring friend too!!! Oh Tammy (plusizekitten.com) has blog about MrLens affiliates program too!! So shop your way and get rewarded at the same time!




So there you go with just 7 simple step I receive my lens within few days after my order is confirm. The one i order is apparently out of stock, so they gave me a call and change my order immediately. I love spontaneous action like this instead of email as it may take days replying and explaining what I want. This is the service I hope other online store would have!! The delivery lead time is very dependent on which product you order and its availability. For more info on the shipping please click here. They ship the contact lens to me via poslaju which is basically cool..No major problem encounter and my lens arrive in perfect condition!

So are you ready to see my transformation? After wearing the lens?

colorvue glamour grey

Personally I love this Glamour range because of the Aztec design that help enhance the overall effect..As you see in my after picture, my eyes look so big and mesmerizing! It gave a glamorous finishing to my look which is perfect for my wedding dinner look!!

colorvue starburst violet

As for Starburst series, it suppose to make the whole party look like shining and starry feeling…Maybe because I have dark eyes, the violet doesn’t stand out! However, it does make my eyes look bigger and bolder but just not as great as the glamour range!

For both colourvue lens are quite comfortable even for first time like me! I wore it for about 6hours and I did not feel any dryness or itchiness on my eyes..

So why would I recommend you to purchase from MrLens??
  • Price is relatively cheaper then other reseller in the market! (and Sales is ongoing now!!! up to 50% off)
  • Their website is very user friendly… All button are clear and easy to find.
  • Wide Selection of contact lens
  • There is passport function to store all your order preference so you only need one click in your future reordering
  • Good customer service (my lens is out of stock they contact me immediately and help me change to another one and deliver it the next day)
  • Easy to contact them whenever I have any inquiry because there is contact number listed! Not just email!! *** Hate when the contact us is only an email..it take forever!
  • There is a Quick Refill express button! One click to refill your lens!
  • You get rewarded while you shop!
I personally fell in love with the lens even though I was quite reluctant before this. Now I can’t stop admiring these pictures.. Love my captivating eyes!!! and my friends seem to love them alot too because I keep receiving compliments from them!! Never know contact lens can make my eyes look so dolly and sweet!! Hell yeah now I can get them easily from MrLens without need to travel to shop.....Lately I hate travelling out because of the massive traffic jam!!

mrlens contact lens

So wait no more, go get yourself a pair of lens from MrLens today!! Click here to start shopping!

For more info please checkout these link!
Mr. Lens Website : www.mrlens.com.my
Mr. Lens FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/MrLens.my

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