101 Shopping Tips

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Seriously shopping is like a sickness every girl have and damn it this sickness don’t seem to be able to cure overtime..The only medicine for it is to shop more and more….. So over the years I go crazy over new arrival, flash sales and crazy deals…. So today I am going to share some tips on how you can get to save some money (by getting lower priced item or by not shopping on things you don’t need) and get the best deal on all the thing you love to buy!!!

1. Wait for Sales/ Reduced Price

For clothing and shoe you got to wait for sales period like during mega sales and festive seasons. I think by now most girls should know about this but let me share with you another tips. You have to look at the whole stores….Some store will have a special corner, basket or rack where the past season item will be on sale or will be sell at a lower price. These special corner is available even on non sale period! Some of the shop that have these dedicated area are Uniqlo, Debenhams, Promod,Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Mark & Spencer, Payless and many more.

DSC08471Special corner in Uniqlo

For makeup and skin care, I seldom see clearance corner so just have to wait for the sales. One of my favourite sale are Buy One Free One from Etude House!! In order to get the latest update on the sale, I suggest to like their FB page where you will be the first to know the upcoming sales or promotion for that particular brand you love!

imageInstant updates from Lasenza FB Page

Sometime online shopping for skin care and makeup can be real cheap… One thing though, you have to be careful with the online store that you going to purchase..Some sell fake product and some only sell a few item with cheaper price but other are much more expensive so you will be mistaken that all item are cheaper. As for me I don’t shop so much online because I love to touch and feel the item I bought. So what you can do is, go to the store and take a look at the product you want to buy and note down which brand or colour you want to buy and then purchase it online to get a cheaper price.

imageShop at Hermo.my just few minutes ago because these Bio Celulose Mask are on great sale!! almost 70% off!

Another way to get a reduced price is to join those FB group where people sell away the prizes they won from contest! Just search in FB search bar and you will be able to see some of the group listed out… Try typing your country in the search bar too so you can buy item available in your country.

2. Think twice Before Buying

Well the 1st tips is useful but can be disastrous too if you could not control yourself. SALE are gimmick to make you buy more and often buying things you don’t need or don’t wear. Oh and some item are on sale all year long so no reason to buy them unless you really love that item... OH another gimmick is they mark up their price and then put it on sale so actually it's the same price like the one before sale!!

So, when you see something you like don’t buy immediately! Think whether you have the same range item already? i.e if you already have the some colour tone of the eyeshadow, you don’t need another one or if you already have a few lace dress please you don’t need 10 lace dresses!! What I will do usually is walk away and continue looking at other store, if by then I still thinking about the product then I will probably purchase it unless if I already have a very similar item!

3. Shop with Friend that aren’t Shopaholic!

The chances for you to buy more if you shop with your crazy shopaholic friend is very high..Why? because they will nod head and tell you to buy whenever you ask them…Sometime when you see your friends buying you will be influence to buy too! Then you will again end up with impulse buying...

4. Set a Shopping Budget!

Give yourself a monthly shopping budget and stick to it!!! Oh yes try not to have so many cash in your wallet. I realize I will tend to spend more when I have more cash on hand! Not sure about you as that happens to me every time!


also list down the things you want to buy so that you will only allowed to buy the thing you need not the other pretty and sales item!

5. Look for Warehouse Sale

Some brand will organize warehouse sale to clear off their product so they can bring in new season item. Item at warehouse sale can be dirt cheap but beware of the condition, and expiry date of the product. Pay extra attention when buying in warehouse sale. Make sure you check every single item and most important is the expiry date!!


6. Shop with Credit Card and Member Card

Some credit card offer instant rebate when you swipe your card and you can also collect point to exchange with product or voucher for more shopping. Also if you have the member card of the store i.e Isetan member card where they offer many promotion and events for members…Some even offer birthday gift to members like Sephora! Just like credit card you can also collect point for exchange of product!


So these are the tips I collected over years of shopping….Do you have any shopping tips too?Come share with me!!!!!! Hope you girls have a pleasant shopping and with these tips you can have more saving and shop wisely for the coming new year and for Chinese of course happy shopping for Chinese New Year!

*** Sales make you save a portion of money but if you did not buy it you save full portion of money! Hope you get what I trying to say here!!

I wish you a early Happy New Year!


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