[Review]Talika Shaping Serum & Talika Light Shaping Device: Bye Bye Flabby Tummy

Thursday, November 07, 2013

After the first phase of Talika Body Shaping Challenge, I have achieve a fuller bust and perky butt now is time to slim the area that have excessive fats. So are you ready to see the results of my part 2 challenge?
For a busy girl like me who don’t have much time to hit the gym or swimming pool this Talika Shaping Serum is like my life savior. It does not require much of my time to achieve a slimmer body. All I need to do is just take 5 minute in the morning and night to apply the serum on the area where I want to be slimmer and I put on the Talika Light Shaping device while I was working on my laptop.

Shape Serum and Light Shaping

Talika Shaping Serum: Introduction

Let me introduce you to this Talika Shaping Serum, the premier shaping serum inspired by Photo-Beauty Therapy. The Photo-Beauty Enzyme® (PBE) found in microalgae is like a miniature solar cells which helps to enhance the ability to naturally transform light into an energy source that restore skin cells and repairs damaged DNA. The Shaping serum is highly concentrated where it able to penetrate deep into skin to transform fat cells into cellular energy.

Talika Body Shaping1

Talika Shaping Serum: Ingredient

Beside the PBE, there is a few other ingredients that made this serum so effective.

1. Photo-Beauty Enzyme: activated by natural light or the LIGHT SHAPING,
this enzyme transforms light into cellular energy. Cellular energy helps
repair damaged DNA and thereby enables the cells to work perfectly.

2. Phytosonic: a blend of plants, including yellow horned poppy, microalgae
and caffeine. With an ultrasound-like effect, it breaks up even the
oldest fat pockets by preventing new fat from accumulating.

3. A combination of proline and lauric acid: for transforming released
fat into cellular energy.

4. Horse chestnut: a toning plant extract that helps eliminate excess
water, toxins and fat cells by stimulating the micro-circulation.

Talika Shaping Serum: Texture

The smooth and watery texture absorbs and sink in my skin less than 30 sec and it does not cause stickiness to my skin. Since it is serum rather than crème, it is highly concentrated and able to penetrate deep inside the skin to produce more effective results compared to crème.

Talika Body Shaping2

Talika Shaping Serum: How to Use

It’s simple, jus squeeze the amount you require from the tube and massage onto the targeted area. Keep massaging to warm up the area which will help the serum to react with your fat cells to transform it into cellular energy.

You can apply on underarm, belly, waist, tights or chin BUT not on your neck or forehead!!


Talika Shaping Serum: Actions

In the nut shell it is said that it will help:
  • Reduces adipose tissue. (-16.6% in 1 month / -20% in 2 months*)
  • Stimulates lipolysis. (+503%*)
  • Stops the oxidative stress caused by cellulite. (-2cm in 2 months*)
  • Slows down the storage of new fat cells. (-10% in 2 months*)
  • INSTANTLY drains muscles for an anti-orange skin effect*.

Talika Light Shaping Device: Introduction

This small hi-tech wave-emitting mobile device is said to direct the lights to breakup fat deposit. The ultra-flat design and futuristic lines is so elegant…so tiny just like a mouse (not mickey mouse okay?)! Using the ground-breaking “zero-button” technology and its vibration recognition system, the LIGHT SHAPING automatically activates on contact with the skin. It come with a charger where on the first use , you need to charge up to 8 hours to fully charge the device..same theory with new mobile phone and camera.

Talika Body Shaping3

Combining three wavelengths “eradicate” bulges and cellulite which may not be easily harvest from the daily lighting that we are exposed to.

1. INVISIBLE INFRARED LIGHT: infrared light is fully biocompatible and
penetrates deep down. It opens the pores of the fat cells and takes
action on the lymphatic network to remove fat. It also stimulates
collagen production and promotes smooth fascia.

2. VISIBLE LIGHT at WAVELENGTH 630: produces an anti-inflammatory
action. Combined with infrared light, it stimulates collagen production
and regenerates the skin. It firms skin and acts against the orange skin

for a micro-massaging, draining and anti-oedema action. The power of
ultrasound vibrations breaks down fat cells and reduces toxins!
In addition, ultrasound helps Talika Shaping Serum’s (sold separately)
active ingredients to penetrate much deeper, helping reducing even
more fat cells

Talika Light Shaping Device: Features

Talika Body Shaping4Small like a mouse (again not mickey mouse ya)!

Talika Body Shaping5At the base is a smooth transparent glass like material covering round steel and in the center a round steel which I believe it to be the sensor which sense the body temperature and activate the device from standby mode to vibrating mode. 

Talika Body Shaping6The button to switch the device to standby mode. There is also a silver lining around the device which make it look so sleek!

Talika Body Shaping8
When in contact with skin it lighten up and start vibrating!

Talika Light Body Shaping Device: Actions

In the nut shell it is said that it will help:
  • Breaks up fat depostis
  • Boosts micro-circulation
  • Improves the skin tone
  • Helps against anti-orange skin

Talika Light Shaping Device: How to Use

Talika Shaping Serum + Talika Light Shaping Device: My Thoughts

The fact that the serum helps to smoothen my skin is really good. I don’t need to apply lotion since this serum act like lotion and at the same time help to slow down the storage of fat cell and transform fat cell to cellular energy. It also said that it help to reduce cellulite but I cannot comment because I target it on my belly and arm where I do not have cellulite at that area.

When I am using it alone the effect is alright, I can see my tummy is slightly flat and some of my body fit dress is looser. Unfortunately the effect on my arm is not so visible. Not sure if it’s because arm has more stubborn fats.

Second week I am actually using it with the light shaping device and the effect is much more effective. The device is extremely easy to use and I am amazed by the battery because it last me for more than a week for every night usage without being required to charge!!!!!!!! However if you wanna apply it on your arm you will need to hold it with your hand so you can’t do work unlike other part of the body! I like this device because at times it help to massage my tummy too just like a mini massager!! I like to put it while I am lying on my bed waiting to fall asleep! LOL The only think I do not like is the vibrating sound!!!!! It’s slightly louder than mobile phone vibrating sound..

One thing that I really love is that this device can be use when you are watching tv, working on you laptop or even reading books. Just switch it on and put on the targeted area and I can continue with my other work. It will automatically switch on when in contact with skin and start vibrating. It will not vibrate if there is no contact with skin. It’s painless and there is no side effect on me so far.The device does cause a slight heat to my skin but not too heaty just warm I say. It’s like putting a warm towel on. It’s good that the device will actually alert you when it pass a minute where it will will vibrate slightly longer to alert you so you will not forget to move it to other area.

With this device definitely the effectiveness improved compare to using the serum alone but the difference was not that massive.Though it does give the slimming effect on my tummy but honestly I feel the Talika Bust Phyto Serum give more desirable effect than this serum. Also I don’t quite like the scent of this serum as it has more chemical alike scent compare to the Talika Bust Phyto Serum & 3D Backup Serum.
So here is the picture of me of the total of two week…

Before using Talika Shaping Serum

image1st Week, Tummy is slightly flatter! My arm definitely look smaller too!

Talika Body Shaping10Second Week, the orange top look looser…

imageFinally I can fit in this dress and I can breath easily even after having big meal…Before this I can’t really sit down with this dress!

Well at least I can say goodbye to super flabby tummy and enjoy my slightly flatter tummy for sometime! So if you are looking for fast and easy solution for slimming this serum maybe the one you looking for. If you couple the application of this serum and the device along with regular exercises I believe the result will be more visible. That’s all from me today. Hope you enjoy reading my review. XOXO

*Disclaimer: Product are provided for review purposes


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