[Review] UTOO S2 3000mAh Ultra Thin 8mm Power Bank

Thursday, November 14, 2013

In recent times, smart phone developments are constantly ongoing and despite the all the technology available, battery life have always been an issue (Unless you have a medium sized Arc Reactor, courtesy of Stark Technology), we would always hunt for some power outlet to get the power replenished. Hence comes the savior in the form of the power storage devices or simply known as power bank. This device is portable which will help you recharge your gadgets throughout the day, should you need to withdraw for a little jump start and continue with day activities. The fundamental designs of the power device are more or less similar in variant, aside to its storage capacity. Enter UTOO S2 Ultra Thin power bank, it is very thin with 8mm of thickness that virtually goes unnoticeable in the pocket or carry case.

clip_image002[4]The Power!
Taking a quick look at the outside of the packaging, the front and sides don’t really show you much.
When you remove the item from the packaging, that’s when it starts to get interesting. We’ll get into those features in a bit, but you can find the tech specs about this power bank below.

UTOO S2 3000mAh Specifications

During the unveiling of the content in the box, everything was in there all nice and neat albeit shocked that there wasn’t any cable for charging besides the obvious, short instruction manual on the back of the packaging.

clip_image004[4]The unit comes with the device only

A Closer Look at the UTOO S2 3000mAh Ultra Thin Series Power Bank
The power bank is encased in a white matte plastic that has a slight grip to it though rubberized would be a better choice. Added point is that the finish on the case wouldn’t mess with any of the devices that it comes in contact as I left the power bank charging my phone whilst in my pocket walking around for a couple days.

clip_image005[4]The front
The LED display on the device represents percentage of its gauge which comes in handy to identify when it is running low on charge. Each LED indicates 25% of the total power stored. With a built in internal circuitry that automatically turn on/off during charging and discharging, we won’t worry about finding the on/off button for the device.
clip_image007[4]The LED indicator

The device comes with the USB output for virtually any device with the appropriate cable. It is rated at 1 amp output, which is ideal for quickly charging your device. The device would require a Micro USB port to charge it.

clip_image009[4]The ports

Ideally if you pair it up with any slim devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the recent Note 3, it is definitely notable on how the contours fits along on the palm.

clip_image011[4]Fits right on the hands
UTOO S2 3000mAh Power Bank Testing & Conclusion
Having to charge it to see the full result, plugged the cable into the UTOO S2 Power Bank and it’ll started charging right away. The high-output battery allows for ultrafast charging with its rechargeable 3000mAh lithium polymer battery that could last up to 1000 times of charging cycle inside the UTOO S2 should be able to provide 1-2 full charges on your phone, while the more power hungry Android devices will see lesser charges due to the battery capacity. Tablets are a whole different story, which wasn’t available for testing.

You can actually put the UTOO S2 behind your phone while charging as the power bank is very slim and thin, but this is where the rubberized finish would come into play and be a nice feature. With the matte plastic finish, it tends to slide more than intended. However, holding the power bank and your phone at the same time should be very easy and effortless. Though while talking and texting, holding the power bank behind your phone is something to getting used to.

clip_image012[4]Snowy white device
For the test, I started off by charging battery drained Samsung Galaxy S2, which has a 1650mAh battery, with my Micro USB cable. The charging took about 3 hours to reach full charge. This is surprising with the 1 amp output from the power bank. Subsequently used the remaining charges and recharged my HTC HD2 to about 21% (from battery flat) before the UTOO S2 ran out of charges.

The UTOO S2 is a definite device saver during those moments when your device is running low of battery and while employing innovative design for everyday use, its ultra thin, slim and lightweight would certainly appeal to many users.

The power is strong in this one
The power bank’s design is great and also as the integrated USB port is a nice touch which helps those who uses more several types of devices with different charging port. Similarly the instantaneous charging after plugged in, thanks to its intelligent power control technology enhanced battery performance which would be the huge win in my books!

In overall, the UTOO S2 3000mAh Power Bank is an ultra thin, slim, lightweight, and portable battery that should considered having to be part of your gadget arsenal, regardless of the couple flaws.

You can purchase this at RM 59 at all major IT store nationwide.

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