[Review] Bubble Gum VS Strip VS Furless: The Showdown of Brazilian Waxing

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I just went for my third Brazilian waxing last week after reading some good review from all my blogger friend who went for the Bubble Gum Waxing Party few weeks ago by The Butterfly Project. So since I been to three different waxing salon before I decided to do a showdown of what this 3 waxing salon offer and which one win my heart.

Before I go into detail let me explain a little on the difference between soft wax and hard wax.

Soft Wax are not so hot in temperature compare to hard wax but is more stickier and can remove hair more effective compared to hard wax. Soft wax is removed by putting a piece of paper or muslin cloth on top of the wax and peeled off. Soft wax are usually more painful and not suitable for area with thin skin. Soft wax usually use for large part of bogy like leg, hand, chest and stomach. They are usually used for removing fine hair or after shave hair.

Hard Wax are generally hotter in temperature than soft wax and are commonly used for sensitive area like bikini line and for private are where the skin is thinner than other part of the body. For thicker hair, hard wax are more effective. Hard wax will harden as the temperature goes down and thus does not require any cloth to remove the wax. Usually, they just flip the edge and stripped it off. Well off course hard wax is more expensive compared to soft wax.

Bikini vs. Brazilian

Bikini wax remove hair on the front and sides (hair that would be visible in a swimsuit) while Brazilian removes the front, sides, back and everything in between, often only leaving a strip of hair in the front—or none at all. 


This is the first time I did my Brazilian waxing was at The Strip, Curve branch. The shop was rather small and the path toward each room was pretty narrow.


However, that’s not of my concern because I just walk passed and enter the room waiting to be wax. The decoration of the treatment room was very creative with lots of quotes and phrases. The lighting was dimmed and ensure you are in a relaxed mood so that you wont feel too nervous or scared for doing waxing. I honestly like this lighting as it make me fall into semi conscious mode where my brain and body feel relaxed and I will not think too much on the pain.

They uses chocolate hard wax for Brazillian waxing and I love it because it smell like chocolate…..It make me think of Chocolates! The staff wax fast and they claim that they can complete waxing in 15 – 30 minutes and they do live up to the claim. The only dislike is that Curve branch are located in a mall so the toilet was a distance away where I need to wipe of with hygiene wipes by walking all the way to the toilet. The staff was friendly and will keep you entertain throughout the session so that you will not focus your attention to the waxing.  However, when waxing ended the staff will recommend buying their cream for after care which I think quite expensive. Though they are not really pushy but I just feel the product is kinda pricey. Also I heard a few friend complain to me that other Strip branch was not friendly and service were bad..I have no comment on this as the one at Curve was ok.


My second Brazilian waxing was with Furless located at Jaya One.


This waxing salon seem to be more spacious. Salon decoration was clean and simple though. The staff was awesomely friendly and talkative so it does keep me well entertained. They also recommend me using hard wax and their wax was scentless but with few type. I believe some part they are using soft wax but I think they only have one pricing regardless of hard or soft wax. The room lighting was bright but with soothing music.

DSC05324Furless waxing room!

While waxing, they will keep use a antibacterial wipes to wipe the part when hair is removed.. Countless time that I lost count..So hygiene is of top priority here. However, the waxing process seems longer and more painful too. I don’t know why but I don’t quite like this bed..It seem not as comfortable as other. However, I love that the waxing salon is a shop lot where toilet is nearby and it’s so convenient! Unlike Strip, staff never recommend me to buy any after care product but they recommend buying packages…

bubble gum wax

The third waxing salon I went was Bubble Gum Wax at Plaza Damas.


Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether I want to go and try it at first because the location is so far from my house. However, I read good review from my other blogger friends and the fact that they have promo price for first time customer so I drive all the way during last week public holiday. Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting much la. I met the owner Jesslyn and she asked about my pass experience and chit chat a little. I told her so far I like strip and she say well you try our waxing and after let me know how you feel.
The shop located at level 1 of all the shop lots in Plaza Damas and is not as spacious as Furless but definitely bigger than Strip. I couldn’t recall but if not mistaken they have more rooms compared to the other two wax salon.


Again this time because it is shop lot, the toilet is located just beside the treatment room and I love how they decorate the toilet.

imageThe mosaic in the toilet.. Love the simple idea but yet creative

Ahhh the room lighting was dimmed too.. prepare me into relaxation mood…However, during waxing time the light is switched on but not overly bright so it’s still okay..Bed was comfy and I love the picture they use to decorate the room!

image Bubble Gum waxing room!

So this time I am still not ready to wax all off…because the inner ones are the most painful ones..So I told the staff I want to leave a small strip. I remember my last visit to Furless, the staff told me if you are not ready to strip all you can go little by little as in remove more and more hair each visit. However, this time the Bubble Gum’s staff tell me that if I want to remain the strip because I am scared of the pain, she said just stripped all off because the pain will be equal and the price is similar. So I told her ok let try until that area see if I can withstand the pain then strip all off!

This time also special in a way the staff use soft wax (honey wax) for waxing. She first use soft wax to remove some baby hair on the sides and then subsequently I can still withstand the pain so she uses soft wax all the way till the inner are which is more sensitive which soft wax will be darn painful that I will scream M*TH*R F**KER!!! So she use hard wax (caramel wax) for sensitive area and guess what I was charged with soft wax price which is way cheaper. Also I must say her way of calming me down and her waxing skill is good!!! She just work there for one year and have this amazing skill I bet the trainer was good!!! For the first time I was striped all off without feeling too painful! Her way of asking me to breath in and breath out is so effective. I am not sure how she can ensure my breathing timing synchronize with her hand stripping the wax off!! Brilliant job… The whole process was slightly longer than Strip but still faster than Furless. It’s acceptable for me… It takes about an hour!

I felt that Bubble Gum Wax staff are more honest and their suggestion are good. They never push me to buy any after care product nor signing package. The staff advise me to use body lotion or body oil to keep my skin hydrated because waxing and the usage of feminine was will cause skin become more dry. She also advice me to use body scrub which will help the ingrown hair to grow out and then can be removed. I honestly think this is a good suggestion where the product are something I used to use and own that I don’t need spend extra money to purchase them.

The only set back was the waiting time. My appointment was 5pm but my turn is at 5.50pm. Well it did not concern me much because I have a good chat with the people that came from Brazillian Waxing!!




Bubble Gum Wax definitely win my heart!!! I personally recommend you visit Bubble Gum Wax especially if it’s your first time because the staff skill is really amazing. She will ensure the whole process is of less painful!!!! For first time customer Bubble Gum is offering Brazilian Wax at RM 28 for Soft Wax & RM 46 for Hard Wax. Which is very good deal.

In case you would like to try The Strip, first timer get 30% off.

While for Furless, first timer get 50% off!

So far for First Timer Deal, Bubble Gum Wax is still the cheapest!!

For More Info Check Out their official website:

The Strip located at Curve, Bangsar, Lot 10, Sunway, Solaris, Gurney Paragon.

Furless Wax located at Jaya One.

Bubble Gum Wax located at Plaza Damas.

So I hope my review helps you decide which waxing salon to go for Brazillian Waxing. Do let me know if you have try other like Honeyspot or Benefit. Tell me about your experience too kay?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review. I pay for all above waxing services. Above review are of my honest opinions.


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