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Monday, November 11, 2013

I been wanting to write about this Beauty Swap long time agooooooooooooooo….Finally today I have time to edit the video and draft this post. Well I must warn you, this is an addiction. Once you start you will get addicted and trust me it is not a cheap hobby BUT the outcome will be very satisfying and the surprise and experience is one of kind!!!FANSTATIC!!!

What is a Beauty Swap?

Beauty Swap is where you swap any beauty product with your swap partner. Well not restricted to beauty product, you can swap anything from candies, chocolates, snacks, stationery, fashion piece or anything as long as it is agreeable between both party. You can swap with anyone you like, in my case I love to swap with someone not in my country as I would love to try product from their country and meet some new friends!

How Beauty Swap work?

You first have to find a partner. You can ask your friend to be your swap partner OR if you do not have much friend from oversea that you want to swap with you can join this FB Group Be a Beauty Correspondent and this is where I get to know so many new girl friend from various country and my first Beauty Swap was with Mandy from Canada via this group too. If you interested to start a beauty swap you can request to join the group and the admin will send you a message on the Terms & Condition. If you agreed to the the T&C then you will be added into the group. Just fill up the form I am looking for swap and if there is any girl interested to swap with you they will message you or if you see anyone in the list that you interested to swap with just message them.

Once you gotten a swap partner, you will then need to decide the swap value and when you will like the box to arrived your door step. Usually the value range from USD50 and above depends on how big you want your swap to be. After which, you can start discussion with your partner on the swap mechanism. Usually we will fill up a form to let our partner get to know our self more.

imageExample of Get to Know form (there is more question like fav color and etc)

There are a few things you need to decide on with your swap partner:
  • Do you want your box to be entirely mystery means you will not request any specific product where you swap partner will decide for you?
  • You may request type of product. i.e I want a waterproof black eyeliner and your swap partner will decide which brand for you.
  • You can also specify a specific brand and product type to be include in your swap
  • You also can specify the range of price you looking for a particular product
It really depend on you and your partner how you want your swap to be. Once you decide on the product you can start shopping for the item your partner looking for! This is one of the fun part I enjoy!!!!!!! I love shopping who doesn’t?? Right after that you can wrap your box creatively so your partner will be very happy when received it and she will sure do the same for you. I love to wrap gift with ribbons and bow….
**Notes: Do put bubble wrap and wrap another layer of plain wrapping paper on top of your beautiful wrapping paper so you can write the recipient address on it. Also for Malaysia shipment, do leave a small space to stick the stamp! Also check with your partner if there is any product that is restricted from entering their country. i.e Nail Polish is not allowed in UK.
Here is some of the wrapping I did for the swap with Mandy.

Beauty Swap2Individual Wrapping with ribbons!

Beauty Swap1Bubble wrap and lots of padding!

Beauty Swap3Final wrapping with hot pink wrapper and ribbon!

Beauty Swap4Brown wrapper as final wrapping to write on address and stick stamp!

Shipping from Malaysia

I usually use sea shipping via registered post from Pos Malaysia. I strongly advise you to use register post because there is tracking. I am sure you do not want your box lost somewhere!! Sea Shipping usually takes 3-4weeks if you ship to USA or UK, depends on the location too. Shipping can cost RM 50 and above for 1kg and less box, the heavier and the further the destination the more expensive it goes. I think Pos Malaysia is the most economical shipping option.

C360_2013-11-05-15-22-53-386Pos Malaysia Surface Parcel Rate (By sea & Ground)

C360_2013-11-05-15-23-11-899Pos Malaysia Surface Parcel Zone

p/s for Air Parcel rate you can visit Pos Malaysia Official Website or drop by any post office near you.

Unboxing Beauty Swap Box

Watch this unboxing video to find out what I received from Mandy!

The unboxing moment is very much similar with unboxing Beauty Box that we buy BUT the difference is, the item is one of a kind which is not available in your own country or maybe same product but at a cheaper value upon your request. Sometime you might already know what is inside the box because you can request what you want specifically from your swap partner or you know what type of product you will be receiving but you may not know the exact brand or item. If you looking for full surprise you will then receive a box of mystery item, it really depend on your preference.

Another difference with beauty box swap is in this group most girl will wrap every single item which makes unboxing more fun as we will unwrap every single product. It’s like a box full of gifts!!!! The anticipation, surprise and excitement unboxing is so so so fun that I am addicted to you!! I have 3 upcoming swap in the next few months!!

I get to know many girl from various country through this beauty swap and also learn a lot of things from different people in the group!! It’s a very nice community and the girls there are so friendly and nice!!
Here is the picture of my first swap from Mandy, Canada!

Beauty Swap5Unboxed, every item is wrapped except some treats and samples are not wrapped!

Beauty Swap6Unwrapped each item!
My Favorites from this swap is:

1. Sephora Shower gel, they smell sooooooooooo good!!! I must buy them once I finished mine!
2. Balea mask, I have tried the detoxifying mask it cleanse my face thoroughly and my face feel lifted up!
3. Rimmel Kate Nude Lipstick, my current love that I wear it almost every outing. It’s so easy to glide through my lips and does not dry my lip at all!! It ‘s either this or another red lipstick if I want more color to my lips!
4. Physician Formula Dual Dark Eye Circle concealer. This come in yellow and light tone helps cover my dark circle perfectly!!!

So I guess that’s all what I want to share today!! Hope you enjoy reading and don’t blame me if you get addicted with this hobby!! Oh yes enjoy swapping everyone!!



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