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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last week I was introduce to yet another organic Beauty Brand. I try a few organic skin care but have not try any mineral makeup yet..So when I got invited to the Antipodes mineral makeup launch I was excited to see how different are those makeup compare to no mineral type….

Antipodes is not new in Malaysia but is new to me and maybe to some of you too.. Let me do a short introduction on this brand before we proceed on the new mineral makeup range.


Little did I know Antipodes is the global scientific beauty brand that aspires to Estee Lauder’s family business values. Knowing that, it gave me assurance that Antipodes’s product are of high quality and standard. Antipodes is owned by Wellingtonian, Elizabeth Barbalich and driven out of New Zealand’s capital city.

Now you asked what is so special about Antipodes?? Antipodes is special because each formula is scientifically validated and the premium ingredients are sourced from New Zealand’s Nature. Wootsss my eyes open wide!! Premium Ingredient…..I’m loving it!!!


Born in 2006 and aged 7 years old Antipodes has developed a range of 26 Skincare products, 5 natural mineral foundations and 6 lipsticks, Antipodes is available in South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Slovenia, France, Australia and New Zealand of course. International retailer include big names such as Whole Foods Market, Selfridges Department Store UK, Sephora, Planet Organic, David Jones, MYER, Fenwick and online retailer ASOS.

I am not going to talk much about their skincare but here are some of the skin care under Antipodes and I heard that the Manuka Honey Mask & Savior Skin Balm are really good!

Antipodes9Antipodes Skin Care Range
Antipodes13Antipodes Savior Skin Balm
I tested on our hand and felt it’s very rich and moist. It will be good for those who have dry skin and stayed under air-conditioned room for long hours..

Stephanie Malcom, Global Brand Manager of Antipodes introduce Antipodes to us and tell us a little more on the brand as well as walk through with us some of the ingredients used in the product before go into details of the mineral makeup.


Some of the ingredient used in their product…I am proud that our National Flower, Hibiscus are one of it too!!!

Antipodes IngredientIngredient used in producing Antipodes product.
Do you know that Antipodes says NO to:
  • animal testing
  • genetically modified (GM) or genetically engineered (GE) ingredients
  • synthetic fillers or silicon derived ingredients
  • artificial colors or artificial fragrances
  • sodium lauryl sulphates
  • mineral oils
  • petrochemicals
  • animal ingredients (except honey and beeswax from living bees)
  • parabens; ethyl-,  methyl-, propyl-, butyl-.
So let’s move on to the mineral makeup shall we???
Basically there are 3 main make up product in Antipodes mineral foundation, mineral finishing powder and mineral lipstick.

Antipodes15From left Kabuki Brush, Foundation & Finishing Powder
The Performance Plus Mineral Foundation with Natural SPF 17, RM 149 come in 4 shades pale pink, light yellow, medium beige & tan. This mineral foundation will help to bestow the healthy, flawless appearance of a soft and dewy second skin. Featuring the revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Performance Plus® which is highly hydrating. Other than that, it helps reduce facial flushing, while earth minerals help balance oil production, rescue blemished skin and provide the most natural of tones. This foundation is light weight and suitable for all skin type including normal, oily, blemish-prone and rosacea.

Performance Plus Skin-Brightening Mineral Finishing Powder, RM 149 is a lightweight, silky mineral finishing powder that glides on easy which helps to achieve flawless skin perfection. This translucent powder helps to prolong the makeup staying power at the same time also help minimize shine and open pores leaving a matte finish. The key ingredient, Vinanza Performance Plus, a revolutionary antioxidant extract from sauvignon blanc grape seeds and the superfruit kiwifruit will ensure your skin looking fresh and bright all day long. Superb for all skin conditions including normal, oily, blemish-prone and rosacea.

The Lipstick to Rock Your World, RM 99 collection comes in three shades Hungry Like a Wolf (Blood Red), April Sun in Cuba (Red Orange) and Hit Me with Your Best Shot (Hot Pink). Rich in avocado oil which promises all-day moisture for lips oh-so-pretty. I tend to eat my lipstick and lip glosses and I’m sure I am not the only one but worry not as Antipodes lipstick are 99% natural and we favor healthy ingredients such as avocado oil. Our color pigments are between 0.1 and 1% in total and are deemed safe for use in cosmetics.
Antipodes says, “Our Lipstick are so healthy, You can almost eat them!”

Their existing Aroha Natural Mineral Lipstick, RM 99 consist of 3 shades too which includes Remarkably Red (Rose Red), Dusky Sound Pink (Vintage Pink) and Boom Rock Bronze (Brown Red).

Below are the lipstick swatches..

Antipodes Lipstick Swatch

1. Remarkably Red (Rose Red)
2. Dusky Sound Pink (Vintage Pink)
3. Boom Rock Bronze (Brown Red)
4. Hungry Like a Wold (Blood Red),
5. Hit Me with Your Best Shot (Hot Pink)
6. April Sun in Cuba (Red Orange)
After the mineral makeup introduction, Stephanie demonstrates how to apply the foundation and the finishing powder.


The model come in a clean and moisturized face. Stephanie start by applying the mineral foundation and followed by mineral finishing powder. Finish the look with a glide of hungry like a wolf lipstick.
Here is the step on how to use Antipodes Mineral Foundation and Finishing Powder.


** Do you know that Antipodes Mineral Foundation can be used as concealer because it will turn cream when touches your skin. So if you want to use it as concealer, jus sprinkle the foundation onto the lid and use you finger to rub it in circular movement to turn it into cream texture and apply as concealer on your face.

The completed simple and natural look on model. I think this is fabulous for busy girl like me….It will be good on busy working day!!! The whole look can be completed in less than 5minutes.

Antipodes4Finished Natural Look

I absolutely love this mineral makeup range and I think this will be very good for those with sensitive skin. Antipodes is available in TNS Skin lab store nationwide. So remember to check them out if you are shopping nearby any TNS skin lab store.

To end this post, here is a picture where I am using Antipodes Finishing Powder & Hungry Like a Wolf lipstick.


*** Full Review & Video Tutorial for this look coming up!!

Performance Plus Mineral Foundation with Natural SPF 17, RM 149 for 11g
Performance Plus Skin-Brightening Mineral Finishing Powder, RM 149 for 11g
Lipstick to Rock Your World, RM 99
Aroha Natural Mineral Lipstick, RM 99

For more info check out TNS skin lab Official Website & Antipodes Official Website.


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