Allianz 1942 Halloween Party: Meet the Vampires & Zombies!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Honestly, I am not sure since when I developed interest in making own costume. I think since the the YouTube and blogging become a trend where everybody sharing tips on how to make own costume made me wanna try making one myself too.. Also, I thought DIY might save me some money but I found out I was wrong!! Mind you, after making a few costume myself I realize it may not be cheaper by making your own costume BUT the only differences is that your masterpiece will be unique and you will not clashed with other costume! After my first tutu making ever since I got hooked of making my own costume…

Just Last week, Allianz organized a Halloween Party for bloggers and consumers too.. The party was held at Renoma Gallery which is no stranger to me as I used to passed by every morning I go to work!


I was overly excited that I start planning my costume and makeup a month ahead. Looking for the best option with the lowest cost possible since I will only wear that costume not more than twice!! So it will be a waste if I spend too much money on it.

That aside, on that day I spend almost 3 hour doing my hair and my face painting!!!!!!! I was really late that night but glad that I am still on time for the opening speech!!!!!!! Super glad I made it right on time! It was so rush and it was awkward that the parking at Renoma Gallery is by jockey so once I arrive at main entrance I have to come down the car to change my sandal to my heels and my head gear was not on yet….. I actually looked on the dark glass on the main entrance to put on my head gear!!!!!! LOL so funny and awkward…

p/s that night before I went home, I realize while I am changing my sandal actually there is a car waiting behind my car!!!!!!!!OMG so embarrassing!! If you are reading this I am sorry for keep you waiting!

My look for that night was a Sugar Skull Bride (I still haven gotten a proper name yet). ! I actually did a video tutorial for this look. Since it was my first time doing this flower eye look, it was pretty messy and some steps are not in correct order so I think need to do another video if you girls really wanna see the tutorial. I am super lazy to redo because it takes half a day from painting my face to removing and washing all brushes. You still can see a brief Halloween tutorial on this look I did last week! Though it’s not exactly similar though but you still can roughly get the idea!! if any of you wanna see the tutorial do drop me a comment kay?


Whole costume was made by myself. The only thing I bought was flowers,glove,white bustier, tulle and ribbons! My total damage from buying all materials and painting was about RM100++

That aside let’s get back to the Halloween Party! When I enter the main entrance I have to play the first game, Protect Your Home from Zombie!! We are required to kill at least two Zombie to advanced to next game.

image_thumb22Protect Your Home from Zombie

This show us the importance to protect our home and all things that matter. Whether you live in your own house or renting a room or an apartment, every day many houses are broken into and many other homes experience fire or various forms of natural disaster, causing huge amount of loss that takes time and money to replace. Now with Allianz Home Shield, you can rest assured that your home contents are protected against loss. Also, you gain a friend who could assist you in times of need.

**We need to complete all four game in order to participate in the lucky draw!

Next game was Drive Safe Always. Where we need to drive the toy car in a maze to safely arrive the end point.

image_thumb23Drive Safe Always

Besides covering the driver and passenger with Personal Accident, The Allianz Road Warrior also provides a 24-Hour Car Assistance Program with free towing up to 450km, car rental assistance, arrangement for hotel accommodation, referral to car service centres, referrals to doctors and hospital, legal assistance and emergency message transmission in case of any breakdown or accident. In addition, it can offer a replacement car free-of-charge in the event of own damage, total loss or theft claim

Then we have to find a card in a safety box! This game is called Avoid Travel Jitters!

image_thumb24Avoid Travel Jitters

You’ll have a worry free holiday as you know that if something happens, Allianz Travel Care will be there to take care of you and your family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

The final one is pretty simple, just snap a picture and you will get a pass!!!!!!!!

Allianz Halloween1_thumbSnap a picture with Fotobox!

Allianz ATM Shield provides you with a 24-Hour cover in the event of snatch theft, attempted robbery. This also covers a situation where your personal belongings are grabbed or attempted to be, from your moving vehicle. ATM Shield also provides compensation for cash lost due to snatch theft occurring within twenty four (24) hours of an ATM withdrawal.

Dinner buffet by Renoma Café & Gallery is served all night long!! Poor me, because I cannot eat much because of the lip drawing I have drawn…So I can only eat food that are is small cube or cutletsCrying faceCrying face

image_thumb25Zombies & Vampires hunting their food!!!!!!!!
In fact I am surprise many people had actually put effort to dress up that night. This my first time seeing so many vampires, zombies, ghost, animals and coprse bride!! I think everyone is eyeing on best dressed award!!!!!!!!

image_thumb12Physician Doctor & Swee San as a Adorable Deer

Allianz-Halloween19_thumb1With Gorgeous Red Riding Hood Megan Tan!
Allianz-Halloween2_thumb1Greek Princess
Allianz-Halloween3_thumb1Twin Bride? with Emily, the Coprse bride!!!!
Allianz-Halloween4_thumb1With Arissa not sure what she portraying but her makeup is so cool!!
Allianz-Halloween6_thumb1This two is so cute..The look like pretty Chucky version!!
Allianz-Halloween7_thumb1cute Claudine catwoman!
Allianz-Halloween8_thumb1Gorgeous Vivien busy working so she did not wear costume..poor girl!
Allianz-Halloween9_thumb1This picture look scary!!!!!
Allianz-Halloween11_thumbwith Chency babe…uhhhh so scary the look!
Allianz-Halloween12_thumb1Japanese Ghost Doll Angeline!!
Allianz-Halloween13_thumb1Carolyn the sexy Red Riding Hood! Nose bleed…
Allianz-Halloween14_thumbGroup Picture!!
Allianz-Halloween15_thumb1Lilo & Stich and Terrorist?
Allianz-Halloween18_thumb1Pretty Spanish Girl!! Asian Version!
Allianz-Halloween20_thumb1Frankie My Groom!
Allianz-Halloween21_thumb1Edazz the Creepy zombie!
Allianz Halloween23_thumb[1]
Michelle the Casino Girl and a witch beside me!
Allianz-Halloween22_thumbFairy, Bride & Ghost! Good Combination no?
So which one is your favorite costume?? So here are the finalist for Best Dressed!!

image_thumb51Female Best Dressed Finalist!
image_thumb49Male Best Dressed Finalist!
Wootsss I am one of the finalist but sadly I did not win..well better luck next time!!!!!!!
No doubt the ladies costume are much more interesting but I was surprise the guy paint their face and put on some creepy and cool costume too! One of the guy told me that he and his bunch of friends hire make up artist to do their face painting!! Wow amazing!

image_thumb47Cindy Tan as The Table won the Best Dressed! Congrats Girl!!
image_thumb45Mr Samurai won the best dressed for Male Categories!!!
There are lucky draw and also Q&A session!!!

image_thumb43Frankie won Ipad Mini in a Lucky Draw
image_thumb41Elwyn won RM3k travel package (the grand prize)
I have no luck in winning any of these BUT I won Best picture!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooo…

It was really unexpected!!I never thought I could win this!! I am too happy that I forgotten to do a scary smile….

This is the picture I took from Fotobox that won me a new Samsung Galaxy Camera!!

I feel super lucky that night!!!!! OMG thanks Allianz & Fotobox for inviting us for this event!!!
To all other who make effort to dressed, good job to all of you!!!!!

This is how I spent my Halloween, where I spend another hour removing makeup and taking shower!!! How did you spend your Halloween? Did you dressed up for Halloween too? Share with me what you dressed as okay??


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