What Travelling Mean to Me?

Friday, October 11, 2013

When I saw my friend FB status update that she is drafting this post and she is out of idea what to write, I commented I have thousand of reasons why travelling is meaningful to me BUT I have no time to write about it simply because I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy with work, work trip and events… Yes if you look at the crazy long ‘o’ I’ve typed you know I am seriously busy. BUT I just have to write about it, my heart tell me I need to share how much travelling meant to me!!!!!!!!!This is why I only able to draft this post at 8.25pm today which is 3.5 hours away from the deadline of submitting this post to Tourism Selangor.

p/s: God bless me I will be able to submit this post on time!!!

If I were to tell you all the meanings of travelling to me I guessed I would missed the deadline…. To begin, I saw Tourism Selangor (TS) post about #TSBreakway and deadlines is tonight. I commented “not enough time” then my friend commented. Read the following conversation:


They make me feel so determined to draft out this post…At that moment I feel like just want to dump my job and drive home to draft this post…The fire in me is burning man!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moment I finish my job I rushed to my car, start the engine, sped all the way to Federal Highway and as usual is so bloody jam! I took the risk and use emergency lane because I am desperate to get home to put my finger on my keyboard to start typing this post!!!!!!! I almost go summon but I managed to go to the middle lane before Mr White caught me….shhhhh don’t tell anyone ya! I don’t want to receive a summon letter later okayy?? Head straight to dinner with a speed of lightning and here I am typing this post now like finally!!!!!!!!! There you go the FIRST answer to the question!!! Travelling mean everything to me, I would do anything to travel including rushing home (by breaking all the rules) to type “What Travelling Mean to Me” so I would get selected to join not just an adventure but a learning journey while travelling to different places guided by well known mentor who will share their personal travel experience. If I get chosen as one of 12 explorer I will be joining a 5D4N trip with some professional mentor who have a remarkable travelling experience as well and marvellous photography, writing and social media skill. During the 5Days, mentor will share with all explorer their experience and knowledge and I am sure a true traveller like me would die to be in this 5D4N trip!!!!!!!!!!! You can read more about #TSBreakaway here or watch this video!

The next answer would be the EXPERIENCE!!!! Travelling gave me ONCE in a LIFETIME EXPERIENCE & MEMORIES that I will never get if I stay in one place!!!!! These memories stay in my brain for a lifetime! Have you ever got splashed by a wave bigger than you and almost got flushed away by the deep ocean?? I had and  thought that I will never see the beautiful world again. This happened when we walk to the edge of the stone to admire the beautiful ocean. Three of us was standing on the tip when the wave hit us and both me and Pui Mun slipped and Thank God my friend managed to grab both our hoodie else I would not be writing about this here!!

DSC09357Can you see the wave is actually building up behind of us?

We did not realize till the wave hit us.. It happened in split second! Well thankfully, I was not hurt but my new mobile phone was left corroded because of the high salt content of the sea water.

Have you tried a river taxi before? I tried those when I was in Amsterdam….There is even people standing at the junction as traffic controller giving body language sign which river taxi (boat) to go first.


You seen huge car parking lot..What about huge bicycle parking lot??? In Holland, people usually travel  using bicycle so instead of car parking lot there is BICYCLE Parking Lot.

imageBicycle Parking Lot in Holland

I went through the most Breath-taking View on a Bus Trip through Mount Alps. I can't put all in pictures maybe video BUT it’s so much different compare to travelling yourself along the road.


I have witness the most stunning Autumn view in Nami Island, Korea.


I sat at the edge of Wahana Cliff in Nusa Lembongan seeing the most stunning wave movement at the closest distance ever. The sound of the wave sure make all your stress go away! 5 minutes is sufficient to release you whole year of work stress….


which during the same trip, my jaw dropped when the wave literally jumped up high above our head at Devil Tears.

imageDevil Tear, look as what is names suggest the devil wave might just drag you away!

I never try feeding animal up close in all the zoo I visited so far until I visited Wildlife Park in Langkawi! I fed the birds in the cage NOT outside the cage! I get to play with the rabbit inside the garden and I fed milk to fishes!

clip_image001[4]Feeding the colourful birds up-close at Wildlife Park, Langkawi

clip_image001[8]Playing with the rabbits and feeding them!

Actually there are more experience that I wish to share but that will be freaking long….Nevertheless I would love to tell you what travelling with Tourism Selangor means to me. Off all the travelling I went, it is with Tourism Selangor that I met with lots of crazy friends like Kanmani, Bella, Melvin, Suresh, Sharon, Ju Li, Jenny, Tian Chad, Dian, Lily, Adam and the list goes on and on…. These people are crazy and they are not afraid of adventure…We had try everything without being fear and to that another new experience to be proud or another awesome memory to remember.


The another thing that I must say Tourism Selangor make me do things I never imagine I would do in my life!!!!!!!! Okay I admit I am not a sport person and I will never go on a challenge trail like SKYTREX. Thanks to TS, I managed to complete the whole challenge with my DSLR hang around my body where i took amazing pictures and won the Photography Contest!!! What a shock!! I couldn’t believed I completed in until today.

imageMission Accomplished!

Well, I never thought I would undergo Laser Treatment. To me is a very scary process but not now as I have gone through it because TS has organized one!!!!! It’s painless and can be done within an hour!!! and you know what??? I had won the blogging contest and thus entitled for a complimentary laser treatment worth RM4000…..Wooohooooo Smooth & Fair Skin here I come…


Oh not only that.. Like what Tian Chad mentioned in his post, three of us ride a bike in Krabi because we are in rush of time!!!!! It’s so scary….. If the bike had fall, it would be super embarrassing! Honestly I’ve never rode an motorbike in my life because my dad won’t allow me as he think it is too dangerous! Also we party like wild animal in Krabi!!!!!! We dance, we jump, we shake… Ahhh whatever move that we could think off with the alcohol running in our head!!!!!!!!!

Image 2013-08-13

All woman love shopping and travelling means I can shop till drop with unlimited selection of unique and quirky pieces all over the world!!!!!!!!

imageShop! Shop! Shop!

p/s: Sorry there is no picture of me shopping ya because when I shop I don’t take picture!!!!! All I do is choose and pay!!!!!!!

Travelling is my hobby and also addiction so does Photography!!!!!! Travelling means more photos of stunning view, beautiful people, yummy food, memorable memories!!!!!!!!! Most of the pictures here are my masterpieces!!!!!!!!

The next answer is the yummy part!!!!! The super Delicious Food you get to try in different country!!!!!!!!

imageFlaky Croissant in Paris!

imageMulti Coloured Ravioli in Italy (Pasta Dumpling)

imageQuail Egg in Floating Market, Thailand

imageDining with Big Apron like a BIG BABY!

TS (215)Super Cute Dessert that mimic mangosteen look but taste like savoury lavender!

imageBBQ, Steam Boat & Local Snack in Korea!


The view where we had our Sunset Dinner in Sandy Bay, Nusa Lembongan.

clip_image001Australian Fillet Steak topped with Gorgonzola Cheese and Sandy Bay Sautéed Potatoes at Sandy Bay

imageAlaskan Crab Buffet in Todai, Singapore!

imageThe Huge Snow Crab Claw!

Well well…the food can go on nonstop but I have to stop because is almost 1130pm now and I left 30 minute to conclude this post!!!

Lastly, TRAVELING means HOLIDAY & BREAKAWAY. It’s the only time where I can leave work at home and shop, eat, walk all day long. That is WHY I want to be a part of this #TSBreakaway as I think I have been working so hard and my stress level had reached the limit!!!!Time to release the stress and breakaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till then wish all of you a Happy Weekend!!!!!!!


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