Two Greatest Fest I attended this Year!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I must say October is still so freaking awesome!!!!!! I mentioned it few time already and you might have been bored reading about awesomeness of October. BUT BUT I must share with you how great these two fest is!!!!!

Okay I gotta admit i love food and beer so this two fest happened to serve two of my favourite thing! Nuffnang first ever food fest, all you need to do filled up your stomach with delicious food is to Tw(EAT) ooops i mean tweet! I would never missed out this even I have a exhausting event the whole still I rushed over to get ensure my tummy is happy!!!!


Didn’t expect there is so many restaurant participating in this fest!!!!!! nom nom nom…

It’s pretty simple, just follow the instruction on the board placed at every stall and you will be able to redeem the food and drink! There is so many people tweeting on that day that the line become so slow…Man I can’t wait for my tweet to publish so I can redeem my foooooooddddddddddd…..


I am too into getting my food that I didn’t take much photos…Sorry the food was too good…Thank god I still have a few photo to share lol!!!!!!

I just have a thing for mini burgers…Once i spotted it i will attracted to it immediately!!!!

C360_2013-10-05-17-08-37-586First one to grab is Ninja Joe Pork Burger!

Nandos, my favourite since high school…So many people queuing up!!

C360_2013-10-05-17-02-12-943Hooray gotten my Mild Peri Peri Drumstick!!! So delicious!

anddd there is coffee booth too!!!!!!!! The swan coffee art is so beautiful isn’t it?


I can’t wait for the next Nuffnang Food Fest already but Churpout is coming up!!!! OMG October is too overwhelming!!!!!!!!!

I think you don’t need further introduction to Oktober Fest!!!!!!! In case you missed out my previous post on Oktoberfest click here. Honestly, this is my first time joining Oktoberfest…All thanks to Kay for inviting me!! I had soooooooooooooo much fun playing all the games, drinking the beer, watching the performance and so much more!!!!!!!!!

Trust me this mug is so beautiful!!! You must get it!!!! This 1 litre ceramic Oktoberfest Mug is filled with your favourite GAB brew. You can choose Tiger, Guinness, Heneiken, Kilkenny, Strongbow or famous Paulaner this entire month from 7th October to 3rd November. Well another thing is you get to refill your first 1 litre beer for FREE!! and off course you can bring this mug home as it’s inclusive in your order!


C360_2013-10-10-20-31-29-605with the Gorgeous ladies..

The beef is surprisingly good..or is it I am too hungry? Well it’s not a solid thick slab of steak instead its like a thick slab of beef patty. One thing I really like the the grilled potato on the side. It’s taste so nice with minimal butter and parmesan cheese on top!!!!

C360_2013-10-10-20-36-55-578German Beef Frikadellan, RM28

This picture is so stunning!!!!!!!!! OMG i wish the hashtag work then we might win the instagram contest!!!! Gosh I didn’t know why that damn hashtag just won’t show our picture!!!!!! nevermind…

C360_2013-10-10-20-42-27-059C360_2013-10-10-20-48-37-365Prince Ludwig & Princess Therese got married!


Amazing performance by Mad Sally & Kelly Sinew. Great great performance!


Then we hop to opposite side of the restaurant to play all the Bavarian Games!

C360_2013-10-10-22-02-19-281Boy I thought I could hit 6 but only managed to hit 3 LOL!

C360_2013-10-10-22-06-42-250Damn, the dart just won’t break the balloon but instead it bounce back towards me!!!!!!!

C360_2013-10-10-22-11-13-684Kay trying to bounce the ping pong ball into the blue flag cup!

After numerous try, we each redeemed a free Oktoberfest T-Shirt. You just need to complete any 3 games to redeem this amazing T-Shirt!!!


Wait no more, visit GAB’s Oktoberfest celebrations at the following locations throughout the month of October: -

· 18th October at Festival Walk (Ipoh) and Laundry Bar, The Curve (Mutiara Damansara)

· 19th October at Upper Penang Road (Penang) and O’s Corner (Kuantan)

· 24th October at Remedy House, Scott’s Garden (KL)

· 25th October at Danga Bay (Johor) and Phat Barrels (Kuantan)

· 26th October at The Museum (Ipoh)

· 31st October at Beer Factory Sunway Giza (KL)

For more information on the GAB Oktoberfest campaign, visit GAB Oktoberfest Malaysia Facebook page at

There you go the two most awesome fest in October and I believe more to come….Churpout & Halloween party is coming up too!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait already!!!!!!!!


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