The Happy & Sad Things for my Birthdays this Year!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

p/s: Updates on 8th October, 1.28pm my friend did purchase a gift for me…OMG they message me about it moments ago…..I feel so touched and blessed now…Thanks for remembering me!!!!You know who you are!!!!!!!!!! Thousands of thanks you..and sorry for writing about it earlier as I was really sad and I really thought you all have forgotten about me!!!!!!!!! Now I know so many people care for me including those who leave a comments..I will reply you guys shortly!!!!!

Okay I know, there quite a lot of sponsored blogpost lately, so I decided to take a break from those and I really wish to express my feeling about my birthday this year. I am not sure about you but I love celebrations and that means Valentines, Anniversary and of course my Birthday is really important to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As time pass and most of my friend getting busy with their on life and even my family and even Thomas was busy with work too. For me, I love blowing cakes on my birthday, I really do!!!! Do you love blowing candles like I do??

So days before my birthday my BFF finally able to find time to date me out and we dine at TGI Friday, Curve and chatted the whole night. That night suppose to be my early birthday celebration and they did ask if I want TGI Friday to bring out the cake and sing song to me. I said no it’s alright because first I was shy, I believe that it should come from heart and need not to ask the birthday girl whether she want a cake. I don’t have the thick face to tell all my friend or my family to buy a birthday cake for me even though I really wish they did!!!!! Well that is my thought.

Secondly, why I said know is because we sat quite long after we finished our meal in TGI Friday because we wanted to stay on and continue to chat. The manager and staff keep popping by our table and forcing us to order more food and it felt like they wanna chase us out. I felt uncomfortable and I don’t want them to bring me cake and sing for me. In the end, the manager just throw the bill on our table and expect us to pay. Do note we NEVER call for bill. We spoke to another manager (Malay Guy) he apologize to us and I accept his apology BUT the other manager (Indian Guy) that throw the receipt on our table never bother to come to our table and apologize. So I think it is extremely rude. In my opinion, if you want us to leave you could have just told us and we will be happily to leave. It’s not necessary to force us to order more food or even throwing the bill on our table. After all there is no rule that we are not allowed to dine more that a certain hour. It’s not like we order drink and sit all night long..Three of us order main course and drink as well. Well, probably this will be my last visit to TGI Friday, curve or even will not step in any TGI Friday outlet anymore.

Nevertheless, I would love to thanks my BFF Siew Ping for the birthday gift. The blue shawl is so pretty and I really love the blue colours.

imageBlue Shawl as background by H&M and others Souvenir from Bangkok!

wait the post is just beginning…I got more to share!!!!!!!

Towards my real birthday, I really thought Thomas will bring a cake to celebrate with me BUT it didn’t happen. Honestly, I am really sad because the night before my birthday he told me he want to go yumcha with a friend. I was really sad because he have time to drink with his friend but not meeting me to celebrate my birthday. I don’t expect him to bring me to restaurant for a romantic dinner or so whatever just a piece of cake with a candle and him by my side is really sufficient. But lucky thing is he bought me a super edgy Black & White Checked clutch and pass me days before my birthday. Well I don’t know whether I should be mad at him or not. After all he is really a good man.

imageThe clutch he bought me!

To all friends who wish me on Facebook, sms,what app I really appreciate those wishes.

Then the night before my birthday, my Dad ask if want to celebrate my Birthday and mum without second thought said “Aiya no need to celebrate one…” I was heart broken but I just keep it too myself.

I told my friend Winnie how sad I am, she brought me to eat cake and have a delicious lunch together!!!!!!! Thanks babe for bring me out on my birthday.

imageMe & lovely Winnie!

imageRed Velvet from Just Heavenly..It’s overrated..Taste normal to us though!

Also thanks to my friend for giving me this beautiful Bag of Love too… I am a fan of Bag of Love Love Love it!!!!!!!!


Then with work my birthday just passed just like that. No dinner, no celebration, no blowing cakes, no nothing. Non of my colleagues wishes me…. That night I really feel I am invisible to everyone. or is it I am expecting too much??? I am not too sure about that…

The another sad thing is this year I met a lot of new friends and I actually made arrangement with all 5 of us to share birthday gift for each of everyone during our birthday. I guess everyone got their birthday gift except me. This is rather sad after all I did for them…. Probably I shouldn’t really expect anything from them.

p/s: Updates on 8th October, 1.28pm my friend did purchase a gift for me…OMG they message me about it moments ago…..I feel so touched and blessed now…Thanks for remembering me!!!!You know who you are!!!!!!!!!! Thousands of thanks you..and sorry for writing about it earlier as I was really sad and I really thought you all have forgotten about me!!!!!!!!! Now I know so many people care for me!!!!!

Oh I forgot to mention, Kay actually treat me a super early birthday lunch. Thanks Babe for the yummy lunch. Ermm too bad we did not capture any picture together.

Oh well enough of the sad things on my birthday and now we shall moved to more happy things!!!!!!!!!

So October is really my big month. My blog is organizing a super huge giveaway & event “Fun Sunday Outing with Cindy’s Planet & Small n Hot”.


Days before the actual event day I was really nervous that no one came even though there is a lot of people RSVP and my friend said they will come.

imageme first time being MC. I am really shy!!!!!!!!! LOL

To all readers and friends who came, my sincere thank you to all of you. Especially to Lizzie, Liyana, Siew Cheng, Billy, Pancake, kevin, Cindy Tan, Erra, Nikki, Iqa Yana, kelly, Vera and Jun Chong. Not too sure if I missed out anyone. If I do my apology, I have bad memories…

To all who could not make it and dropped me a msg thank you I know you would come if you able to… BUT I am really sad as some of my friend said they will come but they never showed up nor informing me. I felt like you are just saying YES to entertain me. In fact you never really bother to come. Thank you for making me realize who are the true friends…

I would also like to give a huge thank you to Winnie (VanityTrove), Adrian (Big Chomp), Danny (Seqoci), Cecelia (Loreal) and off course Sarah for making Fun Sunday Outing a Successful one!!!!!!!!!

p/s I will do a separate post for the Fun Sunday Outing!

Also thanks to Thomas and Winnie for being a great helper and photographer for the outing!!!!

I am so happy that the Fun Sunday Outing is a successful one!!!!!!! Again thank you everyone who made this such a FUN outing and I hope each and everyone had fun chomping the burger, learning styling tips by Seqoci, trying out the amazing Loreal Mythic Oil and Exploring all the latest product in town provided by VanityTrove Malaysia.

I off course enjoy the Fun Sunday Outing to the max. A HUGE Thank You to Adrian and Pastry Chef of Big Chomp for making this Crazy Huge Burger Cake for me. This is the biggest burger in History!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!

imageIts freaking heavy to a point it required 4 of us to carry it!!!

well finally the FIRST Cake I get to blow this year.. The burger is so huge that it had be share to everyone in the restaurant!!!!!!!

Another surprise I got was from lovely Sarah. She bought another Cake (The Music Box) to celebrate with me. I was really surprise..The cake is so yummy and the teddy bear she gave me accompany me to zzzz the whole night! Slept really well!!!!!!! Thanks Sarah for all you the thing did for me. Loveeeee you…..


Okay the post is about to end just a little bit more…..Please read on!!!!!!

October was really busy month for me!!!!! So I decided to reward myself, after all is my birthday!!!!!!!!! So here is my shopping haul from Beauty Expo & Sephora!

So when i visit Beauty Expo, I saw this shampoo and hair mask brand Angel from Paris and based on what the staff info, it is made of all natural ingredient, 100% organic. It was on 50% sale and I just can’t resist good offer and the shampoo is in Lavender  scent, oh smell so good. After discount it cost about RM 52 for 800ml. As for the mask is orange scent for colour protection, priced at RM 49.50 after discount. I am not sure how effective it is..will definitely do a review about it later. Stocking up my hair mask!!!!! Also bought some face painting for Halloween makeup and some cuticle softener and oil too…


And then I went to Sephora to see if I can collect my birthday gift already. I also have not collect my welcome gift. I was a bit disappointed with the birthday gift, I thought it will be some make up product but it is out of stock and they gave me shower gel (green tea lemon) and my welcome gift was also a shower cream (Orange blossom). Sighhh….Anyway in October, Sephora is having double point for any purchases to all Sephora Member so it’s kinda worth it to make purchases lah…. if you are not a member yet, head to any Sephora outlet and sign up now!!!!!!! It’s free!!!!!!! Oh do you know you can request for a box to put your product in as a gift to your friends?

DSC06512 My Sephora Haul for my birthday!!

I saw this Too faced Limited Edition Pretty Rebel Palette, I fell in love with it!!!!!!! The colour is just too pretty and so pigmented!!!!!!!!!!!!!

imageToo Faced Limited Edition Pretty Rebel Palette, RM 149

picture courtesy of

imageToo Faced Limited Edition Pretty Rebel Palette Swatches

picture courtesy of

Can you see how pigmented is the colour??? Love the 6 shade on the right which is very unique!!!! While the four colour on the left is for daily use!!!!! I will definitely do a full review later!!!! Also buy two funky colour eyeliner to be used for Halloween Look later on!!!!!!!! So am I dressing up as Cat Woman or something else??? Come to Halloween Party this October 31st at Renoma Gallery KL and you shall discover the look I am going to do for the Halloween party. More details of the Halloween Party click here.

So this is the end of my post. Sorry for such lengthy post but I felt really great after expressing my happy and sad moment of my birthday this month!!!!!!! Lastly thank you for reading!!!!!! Have a great day ahead!!!!!!


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