The All New TS BreakAway

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Tourism Selangor is back with a new project called #TSBreakAway which is an extension to #TSDayOut but think of it as a creative retreat.

Here is #TSBreakAway Video Promo which is out -

Here are the details of what is #TSBreakAway

12 Xplorers will go on a 5 days creative adventure around Selangor with mentors as their guidance along the way. You'll get to explore Selangor from a different perspective, digging deep into what you are truly passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you are into photography, travelling, writing, documentary, animation, art because in whatever you love doing, this is your outlet to enhance your skills and sculpt it into the best of your abilities. 

The will be mentors like Dina Zaman (Writing), Steven (Social Empowerment), Vig & Ashraf (Photography) whom will share their experiences about what makes quality work. There'll be an open forum at the end of each session for everyone to share their point of views and throw in ideas. You'll never know what you'll come up with or what inspirations #TSBreakAway will bring you.

Xplorers will also get to do some of the best activities which involved flying and few other things that #TSBreakAway had lined up.

All you have to do is submit your story about what does travelling mean to you by Oct 11, 2013 at You can express your story through video/photo/writing/art/animation basically anything really.

12 names will be selected and announced on Oct 13. #TSBreakAway will kick off from Oct 26-30.

And oh, at the end of the trip, Xplorers will have to tell their 5 days stories in whatever form they wish (It could even be a 5-day comic strip documentary) and the grand prize winner will walk away with a whopping RM10,000.00.

Sounds all fun and easy, right? All psyche up? So wait no further and let’s break away into the creative arts of imagination.

Do visit the official website at for more details.

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