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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Many would probably be wondering, what is the Blacklist? A list of people or product viewed under great suspicion or even disapproval. Well that is just for formality which in simple terms, you do not want to be part of the list, period. So after watching the video of "The Blacklist" which reminds akin to the Matrix where the part of following the white rabbit except in red instead green.

So with guesses running wild and imagination drawn vividly, we get strapped on for the next big thing on, "The Blacklist".

"The Blacklist" sees a criminal named Red Reddington (Played by James Spader), being one of the FBI's most wanted list whom surrenders at FBI Headquarters after managed to eluded capture in the last decades. The FBI still puzzled by his sudden surrender.

clip_image004[4]                                         Criminal Mastermind, Red Reddington

Though his intention and motives is still unclear, Reddington claims under the pretext that he is back to help FBI while suspicion still lingers. Whilst Reddington would co-operate but under the condition that he will only speak to Elizabeth Keen (Played by Megan Boone). Though they seemingly have no connection, Keen who is a rookie FBI profiler questions Reddington's sudden interest in her and her only despite being claimed that she is very special. 

clip_image006[4]                                                   Keen, Red, Dynamic Duo?

It was further revealed that in the last two decades, he had compile a list of criminals and terrorists which he believed to matter the most, a list that even the FBI doesn't know it exists. Reddington simply calls it "The Blacklist". A list of criminals, A criminal mastermind with ulterior motive and hidden agenda, Red is a well of secrets which still keep things close to the vest and there is no telling what other secrets lies hidden. 

Now on AXN Asia, Red is offering the power to be in control and to manipulate the powerful, akin to the FBI. Why would he want to do that? Simple, he wants the world to “see the bigger picture”. In order to do so, you would need to surrender to him and be on his list. Once he is in control, there is an incredible world of privilege and unrestricted access shown through him.

However, in keeping up with a man who keeps everything close, it was disclosed that he has hidden access to this list ‘behind’ AXN’s official website www.axn-asia.com

Type in the word BLACKLIST on AXN Asia homepage now to see the list for yourself.

This is all part of AXN’s launch of 2013’s most anticipated show, "The Blacklist".  While Red plays the run around with FBI's, this launch campaign is unafraid to do that same with their audience. Even so, keep in mind that all of this information is highly sensitive. It must and should only be shared with people whom you can entrust to.


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