[Review] Hermo: Get Your Beauty Supplies with Just ONE Click!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You know girls go crazy about mask and I can leave a week without putting mask on!!!!!!!I enjoy putting a mask on whenever I feel stress mostly after a long working day. Back then there is not so many mask available in Malaysia, only a few brand and some are quite expensive and need to purchase in a pack of similar function or type. Mehhhh I feel bored using similar scent and type…I love to try new things and I got to know that Hermo.my offered a Hermo Mask Combination Box where you get to mix 10 of your desired mask in Hermo’s special designed box.


You will be able to select 10 different type of mask and no longer bound to getting a pack of similar mask!

Hermo Hermo Mask Combination Box

When I gotten invitation to review Hermo.my I was so happy as I get to select mask again. Is like a feeling of selecting cloths online!!!!! Just pick and check out!!!!!!!! I also selected some other mask which is on promo!


I also selected two other items from Hermo.my which I will show it to you later!!!
Honestly, I am quite shock because when I unboxed the pink Hermo box, I saw so many mask wrap in bubble wrap!!!!!!!!!!!

imageSuper huge pink Hermo Box!
photo credit to smallnhot.com

imageAll item is wrapped in bubble wrap!! Love how they handle the packaging!
photo credit to smallnhot.com

OMFG I have never had sooooooooooooo many mask in my life before!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in my life I had so many mask in one go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Hermo!!!!!!!!!!

Hermo Mask heaven

I can enjoy mask every twice a week for three months!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO that’s awesome!!!!!!!

Ok calm down first, hooohaaahooohaaa… Let me introduce Hermo.my to you properly first ya!!!!!!!
Hermo.my is a online beauty store which sell varieties of beauty product from all over the world. With just one click you beauty supplies will arrived at your door steps!

Why Buy from HERMO???

This is a simple question!!!! 4 Top Reason that solve most girls problem of having no time to Be Pretty!!!!!!!!!

No more excuse saying you don’t know how to become beautiful because Cindy’s Planet will always bring you tips and review of latest beauty product….WTH I’m talking crap!! Ignore me..I am just in perasan mode… Actually there is a beauty wall in Hermo where you can read reviews of all beauty product by other girls who have tried the product.

and with Hermo, purchasing your much loved product can be just one click doesn’t matter where you are and item will be deliver to your door step within 1-3days!!! Save time, petrol, parking and energy too! I received mine in 2days!

Oh I know…everything is so expensive especially with the increased of petrol prices and sugar prices. No worries because Hermo always give you the lowest price and great deals.Their prices can be lower than market price sometime because they do not have much expenses on shop rental, overhead and also utilities fees! So the savings is pass to the consumer!!!!!!! that's us!!!!!!

imageSome of the daily promo!

You don’t have to worry if the product purchased is not what you want or like, because you can get a refund within 14 days and NO QUESTION will be asked!!!!!

You know it turn me off when ever I checkout form online shopping and I see super expensive shipping fee!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad that in Hermo, I get free shipping in Peninsular Malaysia if I purchase 2 item and more and for East Malaysia free shipping for purchase below RM 150!!!!!! Even if I purchase less than 2 item it only cost RM6.80 to ship in peninsular Malaysia via pos laju and RM 12 for east Malaysia for purchase below RM 150.

What Mask did I choose?

I choose a mixture of them under Mask Combination Box (10 pieces) and another Beauty Clinic Mediheal Mask under promotion.

Hermo5_副本Panda Eye Mask, I cannot resist this cute mask!!!!!!!!!

Hermo7I tried the Beauty Diary 2 step mask before so I choosing them again!! Other were because they look so pretty and the lavender & rose scent is definite love!!!!

Hermo8Another Lavender & Oceanic Mask!

Hermo6The first one is chosen by me and the remaining 4 mask was selected by Hermo!!!!!!!
and the following are all chosen by Hermo!!!!!!!
Hermo2Hwa Chim TCA Mediental Clinic Mask, have not try any of them yet!

I never encounter a powder mask before and a mask where the serum is separated!! The mask sheet comes in a powder form (dry) and later on will be soak on serum just right before you apply on your face. Watch the video here.

Hermo3Overlab Power Mask

Hana Chu Chu Lip Scrub

Remember I mentioned I selected another 2 more product? My favorite is the Hanaka Chu Chu Lip Scrub!!!!! I love how sweet it taste (sugarly strawberry flavor)….mmmph I feel like licking it when I am scrubbing my lips every day! The scrub particle is not too coarse so it does not hurt my lip! The best feature is that is so moisturizing to my lip…It contains a layer of oil like lip balm texture but less sticky and it keeps my lip hydrated for whole day!! I love to use it before I apply lipstick as it help to ensure the lipstick glides through nicely. It also eliminates all the dead skin on my lips! No more chapped lips!!!
Hanaka Chu Chu Lip Scrub, RM 39.90

The very affordable price is definitely a steal!!!!!!! I will definitely repurchase!!!!!!

Hermo11_副本Kiss goodbye to chapped lips!!!!!!!!

hanaka chu chu lip scrub review

Pure Heals Centella 80 Eye Cream
The final item that I have selected is this Pure Heals Centella 80 Eye Cream….Well it’s more like a eye gel! I used it for about a week and I can see my dark circle become slightly lighter but not too much. The gel is not watery but very thick and concentrated yet not sticky at all!!!!!!! Sadly I don’t quite like the strong herbal scent.

p/s I will do a full review later after I used it for a month!

Hermo13Pure Heals Centella 80 Eye Cream, RM 65.90 (50%off) for 15ml

What to Buy??

I guess I don’t need to teach you how to make purchases as I believe all of you are smart online shoppers!!!!! If you need any help just leave a comment and I will be glad to help out ya! So, I picked some of the item that I think worth buying. You may wanna grab them now as they are on flash sale now!!!!

Hermo WishList
1. Beauty Clinic - Mediheal Overlab Real Powder Mask 5pcs, RM 49.50 RM 39.60
2. Kose Sekkisei Star Product Set, RM 167 RM 129.00
3. 3 Concept Eyes [ 3CE ] - Lip Pigment 11g, RM 78 RM 55
4. Too Cool For School - Angel Foot Mist 80ml, RM 32.70 RM 24.90
5. Nature Republic - Aqua Super Aqua Max Deep Moisture Sleeping Pack 100ml, RM 52 RM 39.00
6. Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack 50ml, RM 139 RM 112.20

I wanted to recommend you to buy the Hanaka Lip Scrub but sadly is out of stock now! The overlab masknis a must try! I love the smooth mask texture and the scent is so natural! The 3CE need no introduction! Most girl is joining the bandwagon already and you should too! The Too Cool fo School mist i think is cute and so affordable! I have not try yet but its on my wish list! As for sleeping pack if you have budget go for Laneige else go for Nature Republic! They both ensure your skin hydrated and radiant the next morning you wakeup!

Beside all this great offer you will get 10% off (Code: tryhermola) on top of your purchases if you’re a first time buyer in Hermo OR if you are not a first time buyer you still get 5% (Code: cindy5) off as one of my loyal reader!!!!!!!

So enjoy shopping and be pretty kay!!!!!!!!!! Remember to share this with your family and friends too!!!!! Christmas is around the corner so it’s the perfect time for you to get some gift for your loved ones!!!!!!!!! Enjoy shopping girls!!!


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