[Review] Etude House Nail Filer & Buffer

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello lovelies, so sorry for late update today… Today I am going to share with you this awesome nail filer & Buffer I bought from Etude House. Initially, I bought this because it is on buy 1 free 1 promo and I needed to combine with another stuff I want to buy from Etude but apparently I forget what is it already. LOL I know so forgetful right…duh getting old…even now I have insomnia where I used to laugh at my parent because they can’t fall asleep when they want to.

So back to the nail filer & buffer was unexpectedly good. Firstly is the outlook, it look so sweet and girly. You will want to own it the moment you saw it. It’s not like the usual plain color nail file…duh so boring..but this is so cute with the polka dot and nail illustration….Ahhh mad love! It also has a round edge that is easy to hold when doing buffing.

Etude House Nail File5

Each step is illustrated with cute nail picture to help me understand what is that step for.

Etude House Nail File Illustration

I also love it because of it’s a super complete nail filing & buffing step. Usual nail file that I bought with maximum of 5 steps but this includes 7 steps. It includes both filing and buffing all in one. It is good that they have from coarse to very fine filing and then the smooth surface for extra shine.
The first side are more for shaping my nails…

Etude House Nail File 1

Then to even out coarse nails after shaping.

Etude House Nail File 2

This step onwards are for buffing and shine!

Etude House Nail File3

Final step to for shining and glowing nails!

Etude House Nail File4

My nails look so shiny and it does really help even out my nails perfectly.

Etude House Nail File6

Hope you enjoy this short review ya… Got get one in Etude House Stores too!


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