POLICE, Charmant Blue Label, PORSCHE & BALLY 2013/2013 Fall/Winter Eyewear Collection Sneak Preview

Thursday, October 03, 2013

If you ask me what make up a great night I would say, good food, stunning eyewear fashion show, awesome background music, very entertaining emcee and the fun blogger and media friends that come all together at the same time will make my night end up feeling freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!

This is one of the best Fashion Show and Gala Dinner I attended so far…All the combination from the food, products, fashion show, music and the theme for each brand make up a great event.

Before that, let me show you my OOTD for the night featuring the new checked clutch I got as birthday present from darling!!!!

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection15

Toga Dress from Times Square

Checked Clutch from Mirocle, Tropicana Mall

Heel from New Look, Jakarta

I think you seen me wearing this toga dress a few time already because I just love how easy it match with events and other accessories…The fact that I don’t need iron it also the reason why I love wearing them!

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection49

Clutch is in rectangle shape almost a size of an Ipad! The checked pattern is not printed but is quilted from black and white strips of PU leather. It come with a wrist strap and also a long sling strap. Super convenient and this size allow me to dump in my long wallet too!

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection16

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection51My hair for the night, side braid look!

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection17The elegant black heel!

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection47makeup for the night, light green with dark shimmer green tone!

We begin by a short tour and introduction to this season latest collection from brands like POLICE, Charmant Blue Label, Porsche and BALLY.

POLICE speaks the language of all world’s cities. Although 100% Italian, it has become an ideal brand for markets all over the world. The successful combination of it’s blue mirrored lenses has become POLICE trademark over the year!!!!!!’

POLICE 2013 2014 collectionPOLICE Fall/Winter 2013/2014 Collections

POLICE 2013 2014 collection 1I freaking like the blue mirrored lens!!!!!!!!!They look so stylo right?

Charmant Blue Label has a new executive collection which are more affordable, specifically designed to suit young working adult. This Japan brand are experts in Titanium frame where they are known for their light and sleek appearance using the Titanium material. There is three collection available which is Sleek Titan, Pressure Mount and Combination Collection.

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection7Charmant Blue Label Frames

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection8too formal for my liking!

Who don’t like a PORSCHE sport car? I am sure you will love their eyewear collection too! They focus technically inspired products which stands for functional, timeless and purist design, characterised by their technical innovation. Their engineered luxury means combination of first class design, innovative technical functionality, perfect craftsmanship and the highest quality materials with the goal of creating companions for life.

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection2PORSCHE Sunglasses with Interchangeable lens

I fancy it’s added feature where I can change the lens colour whenever I felt bored with it. Each sunglasses come with 2 type of lenses and this is PORSCHE limited edition which will only available this December or early of next year in all retail outlet.

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection3How do I look in this PORSCHE?? I guess I need the sport car to match my look!!

The B, BALLY brand well known for it’s leather craftsmanship has just launch their first eyewear collection. This first man collection featuring a classic aviator design featuring a bridge nosepiece and temples lined in leather. As for the ladies, a sophisticated feminine style highlighted by a key oval, acetate frame which temples are enhanced by intertwined leather and metal rings that mirror the elegance of the chain on a Bally handbag. The collection is available is all BALLY outlet and will be available in other optical retail store by early next year.

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection4The BALLY Sunglasses!

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection6I find the transition of dark to light colour tone of lens very attractive!

We then adjourned for a scrumptious dinner accompanied by Fashion show of the new 2013/2014 Fall/Winter collection for this eyewear.

Chui Ling is the emcee for the night and boy she is so good in emcee ‘ing’… Her clear and entertaining tone was really great!! I truly enjoyed the night!!!

Mr Winston Chong, Country Director of Sin Kwang Optical was invited to give an opening speech. Sin Kwang Optical is a reputable distributor of leading international eyewear brands in Singapore with presence in Indonesia & Malaysia. Sin Kwang now has one of the largest portfolios of renowned brands under its wings. You can find brands range from Luxury lines, Premium lines, Fashion Lines and mass-market lines to cater to all types of market demands.

I am not going to review the food in this post else it will be so damn long for you to read!Each dish is so delicious..Gosh that make me go fattttttttt… Though I am very tired last night but I decided to start using my Talika Body Shaping cream because I had too much good food!!

Sin Kwang Gala Dinner

In between these good food we were entertained by violin performance by Ms Grace and also the beautiful model showcasing the new eyewear collection.

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection35Stunning Violin performance!

Each brand has a different theme for their fashion show. So creative!!


EyeWear Fall WinterCollection29Charmant Blue Label Executive Theme!


BALLYBALLY Couture Theme

p/s: Sorry for the blur picture..So lazy to bring my bulky DSLR. All pic is taken using SONY NEX 5R with ISO 32000 without flash. I think the quality is consider very good as this is without flash and zoom in from far!

Last night was really amazing….Feeling so wonderful! Gonna end this post with a cool door gift I received and also a picture with some of the bloggers I met last night!

imageWho wants this USB drive??

EyeWear Fall WinterCollection46with Gorgeous Anne & Handsome Max!!

Have a great Thursday!! Friday is around the corner and this Sunday is my blog big day!!!!!!! Are coming this Sunday?



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