Nestle Drumstick Adventure

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bright sunny weather and clear blue sky is definitely a recipe for an awesome day. Awesome indeed that had wore jeans and snickers instead of casual shorts and had obviously didn’t pay noticed to the heads up on the getting wet part which I was about to find out later. Made my way to the site where the mystery adventure unravels.

clip_image002Tent of Adventure

The heat from the sun was pretty intense by the time I arrived but luckily, Nestle is giving out the Nestle Drumstick by flashing your Line app on that day. Those frozen ice cream is certainly a lifesaver from the scorching heat.

clip_image004Nestle Choc Drumstick, Yums!

Before we get started, a quick brief that spells run like hell as its gonna be all wet and dirty (Gulp!). It was expected to be partially wet, not wet, wet and running like hell? Ya, that posse a question of what on the blazing sun is going inside the tent. Well we will be finding out real soon with some participants get in gear and getting ready for some exhilarating moments.

clip_image006Are you feeling Adventurous? I am for sure!

Blood pumping adrenaline of not knowing what would happen inside and the actions is captured through live feed from the onboard cam attached on the helmet that gives the outside audience a glimpse of what goes on inside. How cool right!!!!!!!!!

clip_image008Get Psyche

It’s all nice and dandy prior entering but becomes a wet mess after exiting from the challenge tent.

clip_image010Say Cheese, you’re on candid.. er.. Nestle Drumstick Challenge.

So knowing what to expect would certainly bridge the gap of not knowing. Anyway the challenge would require participant to grab one Nestle Drumstick from the chiller located at the end of the path which subsequently the participant would need to escape the obstacle path that hamper your escape within 5 seconds to day pass for Sunway Lagoon All park and win cash of RM 50. Sounds fun and easy? Well check out some of the young, brave and adventurous soul whom scored the cash and the All Park passes.

clip_image012Ma Trophy and Prizes

clip_image014All good, brah

Most participant gets floured, slime, splash with ice cube water. Yes, the path is filled with loads of surprises from various places that stayed hidden.

clip_image016The Challenge Crew (Opps, uncovered their mystery tactics)

Ultimately everyone gets a chance to walk away with the Nestle Drumstick and the ticket for Sunway Lagoon All Park. So without further adieu, I got strapped and getting ready to brace the path inside.

clip_image018Get in Gear

Well after several use on the equipment, the residue from the flour, slime, and much more, could be felt on it which makes visual perception of the inside, visibly clear. So let’s get to it, Hoorah.

clip_image020MARCH ON!!

clip_image022YEAH.. Flew out

The path is illuminated by the sunlight from the entrance which quickly collapse into darkness (Now is a really time to have ‘em Riddick eyes, Furyan Style). After grabbing the Nestle Drumstick, it’s run like hell to the entrance which is filled moving obstacle (Like those in Wipeout challenge). Pardon the quick exodus, its either them or whole lot of slime coming your way. Though didn’t manage to score the cash, got to keep the Nestle Drumstick and cool off on the sunny day.

clip_image024I Made It Out

The fun and adventure is definitely memorable (Minus getting slime). So come on over and join Nestle Drumstick’s Most Adventurous Challenge that is happening from 30th Sept to 10 th Nov 2013 and put yourself into the challenge.

clip_image026Group Photo

clip_image028All smiles Smile

clip_image030Try it and push your limits.

I sure did whole lots “FUN” if you know what I mean…Right after the challenge I rush to my hun hun biggest even Fun Sunday Outing. More FUN indeed!!!!!!!! Checkout cindy’s write up on the Fun Sunday Outing later or a brief on previous post!


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