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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Good morning lovelies…Today is my birthday…For certain reason I have been waiting for this day for weeks also the upcoming event this Sunday at Big Chomp. Who is coming?raise up your hands!! Well that aside today gonna share with you this box I got from Mivva last month.

I was a little shock when I receive this box few weeks ago because I never expect Mivva to send me one. When I unbox it, I saw the little card with this blonde girl as front cover I totally fell in love with it. This box featuring product that will make you skin glow and stay radiant. I Love how they place the flower on the model hair as well as on the side on the card. I just love this month theme…. It gives me a feeling like I was in a field of beautiful flowers with wind blowing…So relaxing…

Mivva Glow Gizmo1

1. SOMANG Ecopure Perfect White Sun Cream, RM 89.90 for 50ml

Promise to reduced uneven pigmentation cause by prolong exposure to sun. It also creates barrier that defends the skin from wrinkles and sun-induced age spots. This sun cream packed with SPF50+/PA+++ of UVA & UVB protection. This cream is in fluid texture that is very light help skin to absorb the product easily without the feeling of tackiness and it felt weightless which can be wear under makeup.

2. SOMANG Air-Bliss BB, RM 94.90 for 50ml

I have not try this product yet, don’t blame me I have way too much of item on my store now…and when I am sick or busy I just want to stick to my basic product. I will get back on track trying all new product real soon.

On the card, it’s said that this BB cream is light and smooth like dessert. It gives a natural healthy finishing tone on your skin ensuring your skin able to breath.

3. ASIENCE Therapy (Pink) Shampoo & Conditioner (RM 14.90 for 220ml & RM 26.90 for 530ml)and ASIENCE Nature Smooth (Green) Shampoo & Conditioner (RM 14.90 for 220ml & RM 26.90 for 530ml)

When I look into the card it say we will only get either one range but I am getting two and that’s a bonus I guess. Heard my friend say it was good but currently I am reviewing another brand so I can’t try this yet. Well that aside, the Therapy range formula penetrates into inner fibres to repair, strengthen and protect damaged hair while replenishing lost moisture and nutrients, keeping it bouncy and shinny from root to tip.

The Nature Smooth therapy on the other hand refreshes and soften dull and lifeless hair, while balancing the scalp’s moisture, thus keeping your hair light and bouncy from the root.

4. BeautyMate Purifying & Brightening Nano Mask, RM 39.90 for 7pcs

I think many people would use sheet mask but for me I have tonnes of it so I am not expecting any more addition of sheet mask. For some reason I felt bored over Beauty Mate brand in Mivva box. They always appear in Mivva and probably I am not a big fan of this brand…Not that the product it not good but I hope to see other brands la..

This brightening mask contains lutea root, kiwi, coconut and aloe vera together with whitening & hydrating factors from black pearly powder. I thought the ingredient is interesting whereby they are all my favourite ingredient in skin care. Probably I should try them real soon!!!!!!! The mask is said to help lock in moisture, nourishes and improve skin tone with brighter skin tone.

5. SOMANG Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Toner (RM 174.90 for 160ml) & Emulsion (RM 174.90 for 160ml)

The packaging is really pretty and it will be good as a basic skin care when I am travelling. This Korea based brand said that this toner and emulsion will helps your skin regain it’s original power back with the harmony of yin and yang. Toner provide anti wrinkle at the same time soften the skin. The emulsion beside providing anti wrinkle it also improve essences’s functionality and maintains water-containing effect and skin flexibility.

6. IGel Lenses Magic Gold, RM 60 per pair

Okay, first I don’t wear contact lens so this is pretty useless for me! For those who like to wear contact lens to enhance their iris, this magic gold lens has uv protection and ensure your iris is well moisturized.

7. ARTY PROFESSIONAL Mania Face colour, RM 45 each

This face colour can be used on face and also eyes. For darker tone can even used as bronzer I think. I love the sheer and glowing finish it gave on my face. It contains apple and peach extracts for healthier skin and avocado as natural moisturizer with cranberry extracts rich in anti-oxidants to help neutralise free radicals. In below picture I am using the face color as blusher. I try to look for the code of the face color I got but I can’t find the code so I can’t tell you which shade I got.


On my first thought, like I mentioned earlier the card was so beautiful but this box felt much lighter and it seem like the product sizes are much smaller than other box I got but the variety of item is pretty good. This month I don’t see much bottled item most probably because this month full size item are mask, contact lens and blusher which are relatively small compare to skincare. As usual, I am a cosmetic person so I really love the fact that there is a blusher included in this box. That little mirror was really cute but when I put it into deep thought about it, it was pretty much useless…As I have many mirror lying on my table….Generally it was an okay box for me would prefer more deluxe size item rather than sachets.

Till my next review..tata…. Enjoy the rest of your week…



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