Kiss Me Amazing Race @ Sunway Lagoon

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A great race by a sweet and lovely brand KISS ME is the main reason I woke up at 6am in the morning even though I slept at 2 am the night before! In fact, I was so excited for that day event as I didn’t know what to expect and I all do is bring extra cloths as I know we will be undergoing a series of challenge that would definitely get myself wet. After, all this Amazing Race is to showcase their impressive Water Proof Eyeliner & Mascara and The Great Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus with SPF50+ PA++++! If you asked me, I am super excited to get into water to test out these amazing waterproof product!!

Being super excited I was a few that arrived at the registration counter early!


OOTD For the day:

Sheer Top by Uniqlo

Hot Jeans by Voir

Black + Gold Heart Bikini by random shop in Jakarta

While waiting for other to arrive we went for a quick breakie…That day was very packed in Sunway Lagoon because apparently there is two more company doing family day on that day!!!!!!!! Imagine going down the escalator sardine style!

imageTraffic Jam at escalator

We gather after registration and we were brought to Locker to keep all our valuables safely. I don’t want to see my phone swimming in the pool! LOL…

image Everyone is Super Energetic to get started with the Amazing Race!!!!!!

Ok can you guest what the next thing we do??? Getting change?? WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

We going to put on Kiss Me waterproof mascara and eyeliner on! We still need to look pretty during Amazing Race ya!!!!


We are using Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara, Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner and Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Gel Eyeliner.

imageAnne & Her BFF applying mascara!

I must say I love the mascara a lot! I have one myself too…It make my lash look much longer and curler!!!! The good thing is it does not clump my lashes when combing my lashes!!!!! Good Comb!

Everyone group together for a briefing on all the task that we need to complete and the time race ends.


Can you see it’s freaking hot that morning? The sun is flaming man!!!!!!!!! So our first task is to jump into the pool to search for the Sunkiller Sunscreen to protect our smooth and fair skin! Thank God only captain need to jump in!!!!!! Thank You Sarah for getting wet!

imageCan you see I'm cheering for Sarah?

The first captain who get the sunscreen and hug kissme’s staff (sorry I forget her name) will get additional 10points!

Though we did not get the additional points but we did not gave up!!!! I am in the look for map and managed to grab one! It’s a great start!!!!!

After we got our sunscreen, everyone is applying on their body and some helping team member to apply!


Love how light the sunscreen is and it’s non greasy at all!!!!!! Most importantly the 50SPF protect my skin from harmful UV Ray.

Oh by the way here is my team member! We are team 4 and Sarah named it Clown Fish!!!!!!!!!!! I remember the Marshall laugh so long when he heard our name!!!!!!! Too cute and too funny i guess!

The entire race, Erra is our Google map in Sunway Lagoon!!!!!!! Wah…. she know every corner in Sunway Lagoon!

Here is all the task that we need to complete and we will get a stamp after we completed!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously we only managed to complete 7 out of 8 tasks!!!!!! Did we win? Continue to read till the end of this post to find out whether we won!


#1 Davy Jones Vessel Jump In: Pirate Revenge (360deg rotating ship)


Glad we did not take heavy breakfast!!!!!! Not for those who scared of height! We are proud of you Erra for completing this ride!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS!

#2 Scariest Place on Earth: Scream Park (Haunted House)

This was easy peasy for me…I am not afraid of Hauted House so I lead my Team Member when we walk pass the path. Surprisingly the ghost only attack the one behind!!!! LOL

imageHahaha I am not frightened at all!!!!!!!!!

#3 Creepy Crawler: Find the words in a Container fill with Huge Cockroach (Whatever creepy caller)

I do feel disgusting looking at the insect but in my heart I only think I want to win!!!So I just dig for the wordings….

imageTelling Winnie where are the wording!

#4 Native Weapon Find it & Solve it : Tomahawk (360 deg rotating over & over again)

OH gawd…I feel like puking after this ride!!!!!!!!!!! GASP!!!!!!!

imageOur war cries! Clown Fish, Clown Fish, Clown Fish, We shall Win!!!!!

#5 What is the Paddle used for?? : Kayaking

This require two team member to kayak in a ‘8’ shape direction….WTH my arm is so sore after that! Thanks to Sarah she lead the Kayaking really well!!

imageThe canoe seat is so hot okay?

#6 Wheel Adventure : ATV

This is like a bonus challenge as we don’t need to participate BUT we need to shout out our war cries in front of the crowd!!!!!!


#6 Uhh….Wow…Yes… (5D Motion Cinema)

This is the most epic one! WHY?? Because we cannot get priority to go in first and the queue is so long!!!!!! So i tried for asking people to let us pass all the way to the front until we reach half of the queue there was this lady she scolded me real fierce.

Miss A: Why do you need to pass through

Me: Because we are in a contest and we need to win this and we have less than 20min time…

Miss A: If i say NO?? What would you do?

Me: Then I will stay here lor..

Miss A: Okay..then you stay here!!

uhhhhh so embarrassing actually..I know we weren’t suppose to cut queue but I think she don’t need to be so fierce as we ask politely..She could just say no…

But I must say this is the best challenge ever!!!!!!!! No difficulties..Just sit back, watch the video and count total of mermaids in the video!!!!!!

imageWhile waiting to go into the cinema!

Well after this we don’t have time to go to Vuvuzuela already. In fact were late for 9 minutes because they changed the meeting point!!!!!!! I think we did well for being able to complete 7 tasks out of 8 tasks! Good Job everyone!

Every other girl went to grab food and some shower and changed…. Me and Winnie went to surf beach to chill a little!


Love the big splash of water on our head! It’s so refreshing!If you are in sunway lagoon must try this for once at least!!!!! Trust me you will love it!

imageThough you can’t see clearly but the mascara and eyeliner still intact!!!!!!!

Showered and grab food to eat..I’m starving!!!!!! Well you know when I’m hungry I won’t take picture ya!!!!!!! Here are the girls having their buffet lunch!


Oh this is my OOTD after I changed…I really love this scarf I bought from Malacca. It can be wear in multi-way!!!!!!!


Scarf from Puri Padi, Malacca

Bikini from Ripcurl

FlipFlop from Havaianas


C360_2013-10-05-15-51-02-334I really love this picture..Can you see my perky butt? Thanks to Talika 3D Backup Serum!

Do you know, we all were treated with a makeover???Wahhhhhh I am so happy when they told me!!!!!!! We get hair makeover, makeup and manicure too!!!!!!!!!!!!

The pink nails the manicurist did for me!!


there is also Photo Booth where we can take pictures with all the props..

imageLove all these pictures..

and more camwhore pic as usual..Muahahaha…

C360_2013-10-05-16-31-02-849with Michelle

C360_2013-10-05-15-56-14-132with Yuh Juin

C360_2013-10-05-15-56-58-347with Jing Wen, newly met girlfriend!

C360_2013-10-05-16-10-11-407me enjoying Ice Cream..Love the natural Makeup they did for me!!and the curls so lovely!!!!

C360_2013-10-05-16-13-30-731with the Twins!

C360_2013-10-05-16-21-30-181with Siew Cheng

C360_2013-10-05-16-27-52-704with all the gorgeous lady!

Wokay it’s time for Prize Presentation Ceremony… Sad lah didn’t win!!!!!!!!!

hehehehe we didn’t win Grand Prize BUT we won Consolation Prize!!!!!!!! Good Job to all our team member!


Wooo so many Kiss Me goodiesss….. 6 month cosmetic supplies!!!!!LOL

imageDistributing Kiss Me gift among us!

Thanks to Manoah & Kiss Me for this awesome event! Me and my team member had so much fun running around completing task, meeting new girlfriends, snapping pictures and the makeover is simply amazing!!!! Can’t wait for more event like this!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading folks..Enjoy your weekend ya!!!!!!!


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