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Monday, October 14, 2013

Yesterday I met up with Kay & Shasha for Halloween costume shopping. Man it was so tiring…We walk from Lot 10 to Sg Wang and then to Times Square.  My god, we kept saying how sore our leg is…Thank god me & Shasha found what I needed but sadly Kay did not.. Pray that Kay will found her soon!!!!! Well I know you don’t want to read about all these crap right? You only want to know the free makeup lesson right??

I got to know about this from Paris B from My Woman Stuff ( So after done shopping for Halloween costume I drag myself to Bobbi Brown Pavilion. How you can get a FREE Makeup Lesson from Bobbi Brown? For assurance, it’s best you make call to book an appointment with Bobbi Brown. You may also walk in and if the staff is not busy during that time then they will give you a 20 minutes make up lesson. I strongly suggest you to make appointment especially during weekends.

I was lucky yesterday because I walk in and I was able to get a make up artist to teach me a Sparkling Smokey Eyes.. Actually, you can choose whether you want to learn to do classic makeup, Smokey eyes, everything brow or learning the secret to perfect skin. Both lesson take about 20 minutes and it’s entirely free and no purchase is required. The shorter session of make up lesson (20 minutes) are brief lesson concentrated on certain part of you face and it’s complimentary. For example, I opt for Smokey eye look, the makeup artist will only teach how to achieve the Smokey eyes where he will not touch on face make up.

imageBobbi Brown Make Up Lesson Menu

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One can actually take up try all lesson but not at one go. WHY? Because you may not be able to remember so many thing at one time. Bobbi Brown also offer intensive make up lesson or Bridal Makeover ( where you don’t need to learn but jus ti back and relax and you will see a whole new look of yours). The intensive lesson is priced at RM300 where the RM 300 is fully redeemable against Bobbi Brown product. OMGGGG so worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the Michael is the make up artist that teach me Sparkling Smokey Eyes yesterday. Omg so pretty…Sorry I did not bring my camera, we were suppose to shop so no time to snap photo lah…


I am really happy to have visited Bobbi Brown even though my leg almost break at that moment!!!!!!!! I learn that Smokey eyes can be pretty by applying a sparkling eye shadow over black eyeliner (the eyeliner need to be smudge and blend evenly over the eyelid). It’s not a makeover it’s a makeup lesson….So you will have to learn to do the makeup yourself kay?



C360_2013-10-13-19-21-03-739Gold Sparkle Smokey Eyes.

Can’t really see the Gold Sparkles here…Trust me it’s so beautiful!! I will recreate this and show it to you in my upcoming post ya!

So grab your phone and make an appointment with Bobbi Brown and learn some new makeup skill. Signing off..Happy Monday guys!


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