17th Asia Pacific Hair & Make-Up Olympics Competition

Friday, October 11, 2013

Last week while I was at Beauty Expo, saw this huge competition on going! My eyes goes wide open and jaw dropped when I see all the stunning makeup and all the elegant gown…Owhhhh so lovely…ehem I wish to wear those gown already..My friend is getting married one by one LOL!!!!!! Everyday my parents is asking bout the big Question but honestly I’m not ready yet! I am still enjoying my wild and free life..well much tame now compare to three year ago…Yesterday is my our 3rd year Anniversary, gasp time flies….

Ooops out of topic already, back to beauty expo okay? The 17th Asia Pacific Hair & Make-Up Olympics Competition is running on 7th October 2013.


This is an annual event held by APHCA in different countries around Asia Pacific which includes the following country:

  1. Australia
  2. Cambodia
  3. Hong Kong
  4. China
  5. Indonesia
  6. Japan
  7. Korea
  8. Malaysia
  9. Mongolia
  10. Philippines
  11. Singapore
  12. Sri Lanka
  13. Taiwan
  14. Thailand

Objective of this competition is to exhibit share new knowledge, creativity and ideas with each other.

There is total of eight (8) intense round of competition throughout 7 October, from 10am till 6pm. All contestant need to go through the following category:

· Ladies Designer Hair Cut

· Men’s Avant-Garde Hair Cut

· Evening Elegant Hair Cut

· Bridal Hair

· Ladies Designer Make-Up

· Evening Elegant Make-Up

· Bridal Make-Up

· Fantasy Make-Up

OMG I don’t know how they can complete that…Doing one is almost like dying! Good Job to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me show you some of the stunning look that evening!!!!

APHC1That elegant head gear!!!!!!!!!!!


APHC5Move, move, move I’m passing through…

APHC3Aww she look like barbie!!!!!!!!

APHC4This like going into space!

APHC6So classic!!!!!!

Can’t be too sure on the winner but I support Barbie Doll!!!!!!! Well that’s all from me today!!!!!!! Happy TGIF ya!


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