Weekend Recap: Singapore & Malacca Trip

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I am still sick but i just want to post up some updates on my blog…Well I thought I'll do a casual ones…

So last week was crazy..My boss just gave a call for a training in Singapore!!Honestly I hate going Singapore for training.. Why? because I have to wake up damn early because I stay one hour away from the office and they start at 7.45am….Gosh!!!!!!

Anyway this is my room in Ibis, Bencoolen Street, Singapore. I love that it’s very near to MRT and access to all yummy food around….But the room is pretty small and compact…. I love my room with bath tub though hahhaha this only with shower. One thing is the shower is DAMN GOOD!!!!!water pressure and heat is amazingly great!!!!!!! During F1 season it cost SGD260 which is pretty decent in Singapore i think…

SG Malacca 17


The breakfast was one of the best!! Even though not much choices but I love that everything is still hot and the pastry omg so crispy..not like the usual I had which is hard like a rock!

SG Malacca 20

When I’m in Singapore, I finally met Cynthia my blogger friend in Singapore and she suggested to have a dinner at Paris Baguette Cafe. Oh Lord the breads and pastry are so yummy but sorry the service sucks big time….

the croissant is so deliciously flaky and the filling are just yummy!!!!

SG Malacca 18Mini Croissant, SGD 7.00

This seafood chowder are so creamy and the prawns are so fresh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it!!

SG Malacca 19Seafood Chowder, SGD 6.00

Erm the cheese omelette was not that good!! It can be creamier and more cheesy though..

SG Malacca 28Cheese Omelette SGD 18.00

Sinking our tooth in this crispy waffle along with vanilla and strawberry ice –cream felt like we are in heaven!! it’s so good that we finished it despite being so full!!!!!!!!

SG Malacca 29 Sweet Alaska Waffle, SGD 16.00

The chicken calzone is so yummy too… Didn’t know how to describe how they cut the chicken but it makes the whole texture so great!!

SG Malacca 30Chicken Calzone, SGD 3.00

On weekend Ling came over to Singapore and we celebrate our early anniversary at Todai Alaskan Crab Buffet!!!!!! That is so delicious….Fuhhhh the crab meat so sweet…..It’s only RM200 per pax! It’s worth every penny!!!!!!


The huge claw…


Pardon the photo quality..I am using my poor S2 phone….hahaha…

Oh I did some shopping in SG too..but dare not buy so much cos I am really broke!!LOL All this cost SGD 40 only…So cheap!!!!!!!!!! hahaha…


Then we went to Johor for my friend wedding dinner!! This is my OOTD for the night.


Dress from Platinum Mall BKK

Heel from ALDO

Necklace from Lovisa

Then after that the next day we went to Malacca for a food trip off course!!!!!!!!!! haha eat all the way..and I think this is one of the reason why I had such high fever now…LOL… off course the midnight work rushing the main contributor…even later i will need to check the email even im on mc..gosh!!!!

My first stop was Halia Inc…Didn’t get to try their food in my last visit!!So this time I make a first stop here!!!!!!!!! Man they are good so does the coffeee!!!!!!!!!!!

SG Malacca 21My Flat White

SG Malacca 22Spaghetti Carbonara with Yolk, Beef Bacon, Egg Yolk & Truffle oil

The ambient in the restaurant is so relaxing with some retro and modern design..Few different section…

SG Malacca 32

SG Malacca 31

Then while walking along jonker street we bumped into this amazing Super Heroes store…Wow I just love the decorations here!!!!!!

SG Malacca 23

SG Malacca 25

SG Malacca 26

We then went for a laksa and cendol at Jonker 88..The usual spot…

imageCendol with Gula Melaka

imageSeafood Baba Nyonya Laksa

Then as usual I would never miss Satay Celup. I only go to Capitol Satay Celup but due to my last experience queuing for 3 hours I gave up!! So I went to Village Satay Celup in Jalan Ong Kim Wee and I was surprise..It taste as good and it’s cheaper too…It’s RM 0.70 per stick her while Capitol is RM 0.80 per stick! Good thing is we can refill the peanut as much as we want and off course no queue at all..But the selection is not as much as Capitol…I will come here instead of Capitol the next Malacca trip!!

SG Malacca 27


Well that’s pretty summed up my last weekend…I hope I can do one more update tomorrow okay??? I feel so sick still…. Gonna take a nap…

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