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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Sweet & Lovely packaging always capture my attention and that is exactly what happened when I step into Muse Watson store. The black round petals of Mary Quant Daisy flower logo is so adorable and yet elegantly beautiful… The logo is simple but captivating to many!

Mary Quant17

Even the paper bag is so beautifully done! This black Daisy tend to give lots of ideas to the founder, Mary Quant whenever she scribbles the daisy on her rough sketch. This is how daisy has become the symbol of Mary Quant that symbolizes the freedom of women brought about by Mary Quant, who continuously crating new concepts of beauty by defying stereotypes.

Mary Quant7

That afternoon a bunch of us girls were invited to be the first few to explore the new UK cosmetic brand in town.

Mary Quant4Some of the cosmetics from Mary Quant

Mary Quant, a fashion designer initially conquered the globe with the launch of the miniskirt, which would have been unthinkable before that time. For Mary, cosmetics are part of fashion,with unrestricted combinations to enhance female beauty. The aim? To allow women to express their true selves and enjoy life.

“Be free, be yourself. This spirit is part of our brand, and it will never change.”

Mary Quant8Me & Diana took a picture when we arrived at Muse Watson!

I was drew to the colourful eye shadows that opened up my eyes… The vast varieties of colour selections is just great, from matte to the shimmery type all available at the counter. Just pick the one you love and combine them into the lovely casing. Me and Diana just go swatch all the colours on our arm while waiting for the make up demonstration to begin! Each single eye shadow is priced at RM 49.

Mary Quant16The light blue, green and grey tone

Mary Quant11The blue hue and earth tone

Mary Quant12The sweet pink & purples hues

Mary Quant14Purple, yellow, orange and green tones

Mary Quant15Shimmer tone for night out

The Cheek Blush was sweet too…The poster where the blusher is arranged to portray a rose is sooo beautiful!

DSC05470Beautiful Rose Blush Baby (RM 75)!

Consist of 14 colours from main colours to contouring colours. It give a velvety finish on my cheek! Loving it!

DSC05455Me trying out the contouring powder!

Mary Quant5The Special Recipe Skin Care Series made from the purest ingredients such as chamomile, daisy, rosemary, wild thyme and honey.

Mary Quant13The Obedient Finish (RM 135), a oil free finish foundation that spread smoothly & adheres to my skin well!

Oil Zap, a oil control makeup base that provides dry and flawless matte finish. Moisture Zap ensure skin is hydrated at the same time helps makeup last longer. It creates a soft tautness and gives a good coverage. Eye gloss is something new to me! This delicate foundation is specifically for eye-area. It helps to covers dark circles and dullness and enhance the eye shadow colours applied on your eyes.

DSC05403Oil Zap (RM119), Moisture Zap (RM 129) & Eye Gloss (RM 79)

Mary Quant21The 20 shades of lipstick (RM 108) that grant every woman wish to find the colours that best suits her without being affected by fashion trend.

Mary Quant20Colourshine (RM 99) adhere securely on your lips! It add lustre & volume to your lips!

The mascara’s two sided coil & chip brush is very unique as I have not seen one yet from other brands. It features short raised bristles on one side and the Oil Gel formula that gives the mascara it’s elasticity, together create the sharp, spectacular long lashes. One more super awesome function is the anti colour fading & waterproof!

Mary Quant18The unique Action Lashings lengthening Mascara (RM 109)

Mary Quant23The 19 shades of colour pencil (RM 59) can be used to line eyes or lips! It’s smooth and easy to glide on.

Just right after we finish exploring, the makeup demonstration begin! Ms Nabuko Tataki, makeup artist all the way from Japan show us how to achieve outstanding natural look with a dash of red tone!

Mary Quant10

Look at those perking up red lashes!!! Stunning!

Mary Quant

We also get to try out the product ourself!

Mary Quant26Trying out the eyeliner

Mary Quant27My eyes is super enlarged after line with the eyeliners…

imageHaha busy beautifying myself but when Joana is shooting I will sure take a break for some photo taking!

picture courtesy of


imageMy crazy shopping buddies after the event!! The merdeka sales that day is crazy!!!!!

picture courtesy of

Mary Quant29Me with beautiful Miss Tataki

Mary Quant31Lovely goodies bag from Mary Quant! I love them sooo much!

Do you want to have a peek what’s inside the goodies bag?


The cupcake is super adorable!!!!!!!!! and taste soooo yummy too… Their packaging is so beautiful and very sturdy that it has stopper to avoid the eye shadow or blusher from moving in the plastic packaging. The black daisy palette casing is so elegant too (it look very alike to Anna Sui packaging but honestly I love daisy more). The lipstick look like a nail polish before the cap is removed!!!!! Loving the sleek finish!

To end the day, we took a big group picture.

imageGroup Picture with the ladies

picture courtesy of

Please head to MUSE by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid to get yourself these cute cosmetic kay???

Oh do check out for more info on the brand and product alright?

Till then bye bye….

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