You Can Now Customized Your Beauty Box with Vanity Trove!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ok I wasn’t really to happy receiving my recent beauty box and below are exactly some of the feeling I felt when I received the box!!! Have you ever felt that before?

Have you ever feel so happy the moment you receive your beauty box but the moment you unboxed you were disappointed because the item is not what you want or something you looking forward to?


Do you hate waiting for the day to come where you will finally be getting your box when subscription of the month is opened?


3 days seem short but when you really waited for it, it take forever!!!

Hate when you get the product that doesn’t suit your skin type/ colour?


Say Bye Bye to all of these worries and disappointment as VanityTrove (VT) is now customizable.

It’s very simple, all you have to do is go and follow the simple steps below!

1. Click Shop!


2. Click Start Now!


3. Sign Up!


4. Answer a few simple Questions!


The thing that make me go WOW is that VT has all the question in from top to toe to get to know your hair, skin and body better so that they can suggest you some of the product that suits your beauty profile.

“I was surprise when they have question like colours of your eyes, lashes length and volume as well as double or single eyelid?? Heck that was awesome detailing!!!!!!!! Good job VT!!”

After that you will be bring to a page where you can see all the beauty sample that has been selected by VT based on the info you given when you answer all the questions earlier.

5. Choose your sample!


There is about 32 items in my list which is quite a lot to choose from. Some of the product are entirely new as in not seen in previous box before and some are seen in previous box before (the product that gotten good feedback will be in the list for those who have missed out the previous box to try out).

Once you done selecting click on the shopping cart on your left and click checkout to make payment.

6. Check Out!


7. Make your Payment!


Voila…your self pick box will be on the way to your doorstep within 7days!!!!!

Wait up, do you want more samples in you box?? I bet you say YES!!! You just need to head on to your profile page by clicking your name on the top right and fill in your wish list to unlock more beauty samples!


Wait no more as your Self Picked Beauty Box can be on your door step within 7days if you make a purchase now! Head to VanityTrove now and select your samples now!!!!!!!

Oh you can also get RM 10 off now buy using  VTMY10FORYOU upon checking out!!! That’s a great deal for limited time only!!!!!!!! Wait no more!!!!!!! Get it now ok?



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