Wind Chimes in a Bakery Finale

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seriously I don’t know what to expect when I first arrived at GSC. I thought it will be a normal screening of all the previous episode and final episode will be release on Youtube.

Wind Chime9

When i arrived I was blow away with the lovely pastry and bun inside the GSC Hall… They setup the whole area with racks of pastry, buns and cakes…

woahh this is the best Breakfast spread ever!!!!

Wind Chime2

Wind Chime11Yum Yum this taste so yummy..

Wind Chime4

Wind Chime5

Wind Chime6

Wind Chime8Awww the red bean bun from the drama!! So cute la..OMG

Wind Chime10

Do you know why I am in GSC? It’s the Grand Finale screening of touching love story inspired bye Korean drama. If you have not seen any of the episode in Youtube, I suggest t you do it now. This drama series has hit 3.5million and above views via Youtube.

This series features Adam & Sue’s love story, a boy with nothing but dream and a girl with everything but love. Throughout the series we see what would one do when they lost someone they love.

Samsung has gotten a very positive feedback from this Youtube drama series. Many had take this as their weekly companion and I myself waiting excitedly every week for the released of new episode.

The love bird in the drama series look really cute together in real….awwww

Wind Chime16

They really really cute..especially their smile…Sue’s dimples is so sweeett..

Wind Chime14Koe Yeet (Sue) & Me

Wind Chime15Ahmad Nabil (Adam) & Me

Before we begin, Dennis Lau is set to play the soundtrack of Wind Chime in a bakery with his uber cool violin in the cinema.

His performance is spectacular!!!!!!

If you love the soundtrack you can download them via Google Play Store. Click Here!

The cinema was decorated nicely with all the Wind Chimes in a Bakery poster..

Wind Chime17

Woohoo…Enjoying my drama with yum yum popcorn..

Wind Chime18

It was great that I get to watch the final episode in GSC before anyone else!!!!! Well I’m not gonna tell you how sad it was but it was really touching…I cry watching all the episode in the cinema!The tiny detail that the creative team put in the movie really brings the drama series to life. Every expression of all the cast, the object placement and the music background all together make a good combination.

The final episode will be releasing today! I’m not sure if it out already!!!!!! You will have to stalk my Instagram. I’ll post the link on my Instagram once it is out!!!!!!!

Ohh all guest was given a goodie bag…It awesomely cute leh!

Wind Chime19

For more information on Wind Chimes in a Bakery, please visit Samsung Malaysia's YouTube channel at and do follow their Facebook page at for latest updates.

The full webseries and pictures as well as ringtones is available to download via the mobile app at this link

Till then see ya in coming updates…


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